Parks and Recreation Recap: Everyone Wins

2022 days ago | Vulture

If Parks and Recreation doesn't get renewed, "Win, Lose, or Draw" will be its series finale. Showrunner Mike Schur said he approached it as such, and that sense of happy-ending finality percolates through the entire episode. Don't you just love it? When everything goes right? "Win" introduces Chekov's recount in the first seconds of the episode, enumerating the circumstances that would trigger a recount or other possible election outcomes. "In the event of an exact tie, the seat is awarded to the male candidate, and the female candidate is put in jail," said the election official, in yet another of Pawnee's hilariously obscure and woman-hating laws. (Recall that in Pawnee, any woman caught laughing is a witch.) In addition to the esoteric election bylaws, the Knope campaign was also facing Sweetums-sponsored voting machines, complete with vouchers for Sweetums bars for those who voted for Bobby Newport. Knope voters were treated

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