Emily Blunt Will Be A Con Artist In Barton & Charlie & Checco & Bill

1104 days ago | EmpireOnline

The young marrieds from Young Victoria are back together in a director/star capacity with news from Deadline that Rupert Friend is tapping his old pal Emily Blunt for a role in Barton & Charlie & Checco & Bill.The film, which marks Friend’s first directorial effort, would see Blunt playing a budding confidence trickster educated in the ways of the trade by Friend’s “down-on-his-luck con-artist” until she turns the game on her mentor, Grifters-style. From there they embark on a long road trip involving a ten year-old Mexican boy and a newspaper mogul. A far cry from Albert and Victoria, then.As this interview shows, the pair have lots of chemistry on and off-screen. It’ll be good to see them in a Henry Fonda-and-Barbara Stanwyck adversarial/romantic dynamic in what sounds like a nicely old-fashioned storyline.Friend oversaw a segment of portmanteau film Stars In Shorts in

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