‘Chinatown’ as Greek Tragedy, Roger Deakins’ Favorite Docs, ‘Raging Bull’ Opening, and More

786 days ago | The Film Stage

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After reading our in-depth interview, see Roger Deakins share his 15 favorite documentaries at Nonfics:

Few artists in the history of the medium have done more to create this synergy than Roger Deakins. A man of sublime taste in the projects he chooses and impeccable craft in the visions he provides, the 12-time Oscar-nominated director of photography has granted audiences images as indelible as any in film history. From his longstanding work with the Coen brothers through to his most recent work with Denis Villeneuve, Deakins has pushed the boundaries of both analogue and digital photography in ways both pioneering and poetic. He’s a giant in his field,

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Blue Suede Shoes (1980)
Raging Bull (1980)
The Walk (2015)
The Forbidden Room (2015)


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