Conservative Group, Filmmakers at Odds Over Movie Ratings in France

603 days ago | Variety - Film News

For decades, France has given the world iconic films that deal frankly with sexual themes: “And God Created Woman,” “Belle de Jour,” “Betty Blue” and “Blue Is the Warmest Color.” But as in more puritanical nations, like the U.S., France is seeing the rise of socially conservative groups that are challenging the country’s traditionally permissive view on sex in movies, leading to an uproar in the film community while the government explores revamping its film ratings system.

Activist group Promouvoir, led by Andre Bonnet, who is affiliated with far-right politicians, has clashed repeatedly with France’s classification board, a government body regulated by the National Film Board (Cnc). The board comprises guild representatives, parents, psychologists and various organizations dedicated to protecting families and children. It recommends certificates for films in four categories: all audiences; -12, which prohibits a film to viewers under 12 years of age; -16; and -

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Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)
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