Bob Iger on Shanghai Disney, Parting With His Chosen Successor, and His Pursuit of Perfection

362 days ago | Variety - TV News

Nothing about Bob Iger’s middle-class upbringing in New York, or his years as a television and radio major at Ithaca College, or his long run up the corporate media ladder at ABC and Disney, suggests that he would find a muse in a Tokyo subway station.

But it is there, in a tiny sushi bar, that the chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Co. finds inspiration, in a wizened nonagenarian who spends most of his waking hours sculpting fine slices of blue fin and eel and combining them with rice that is grown exclusively for the restaurateur.

What captivates Iger about 91-year-old Jiro Ono, reputedly the world’s finest sushi chef, is his unflinching commitment: Never stop striving to improve yourself and your work. The Japanese call such master craftsmen shokunin, and a generation of top Disney executives has now been introduced to the shokunin spirit by Iger. The

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