Horror Channel announces 7 premieres this January!

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Horror Channel are set to kick off 2017 in horrific style, with seven fearful film premieres in January alone! Premieres that include the UK TV premiere of Ted Geoghegan’s terrifyingly taut ghost story We Are Still Here, starring horror icon Barbara Crampton. There are also network premieres for Roman Polanski’s supernatural biblical puzzler The Ninth Gate, starring Johnny Depp and Daniel Stamm’s possession nightmare The Last Exorcism, produced by Eli Roth.

Horror Channel are also giving a UK TV premiere to Daniel Stamm’s intriguing remake of 13 Beloved, 13 Sins, starring Ron Perlman. Other UK TV firsts include Quilez’s Colombia-shot supernatural suspenser Out of the Dark; and Steve Wolsh’s monster mayhem thriller Muck. Lluis David Brooks’ siege thriller Atm also debuts on Horror, receiving its Network premiere on January 20th.

Fri 8 Jan @ 22:55 – Muck (2015) * UK TV Premiere*

After escaping from a possessed ancient burial ground underneath the Cape Cod marshes,

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Movies & TV

The Ninth Gate (1999)
The Last Exorcism (2010)
Out of the Dark (2014)
Muck (2015)
Atm (2012)
Jan (2012)
Friday the 13th (1980)
The House (1984)
Cheap Thrills (2013)


Ted Geoghegan
Barbara Crampton
Roman Polanski
Johnny Depp
Daniel Stamm
Eli Roth
Ron Perlman
Steve Wolsh
David Brooks
Lauren Francesca
Kane Hodder
Frank Langella
Emmanuelle Seigner
Mark Webber
Lucio Fulci
Pupi Avati
Brian Geraghty
Alice Eve
Josh Peck
Julia Stiles
Scott Speedman
Pixie Davies
Stephen Rea