‘Time Trap’ Trailer: Space and Time Rip Apart at Seams in First Look at Mind-Bending New Sci-Fi Adventure — Watch

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You know that old chestnut: don’t go into a big, creepy cave you’re not familiar with in search of a missing person who, incidentally enough, also went into that same cave in search of a family that’s been missing for decades.

Mark Dennis and Ben Foster’s latest film, “Time Trap,” throws that (extremely solid) advice right out the proverbial window in service to an innovative new sci-fi adventure that rips apart both space and time at its very seams. Featuring a cast that includes Cassidy Gifford, Reiley McClendon, Brianne Howey, Olivia DraguicevichMax Wright, and Andrew Wilson, “Time Trap” takes an already scary premise and bolsters it with some truly twisted riffs on time travel. Again, maybe don’t go in the weird cave.

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Per its official synopsis: “A sci-fi time travel adventure,

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