Brother Can You Spare a Dime

120 days ago | Trailers from Hell

It’s 1930s America as seen in the movies, through music, and the evasions of newsreels. Franklin Delano Roosevelt preaches prosperity while James Cagney slugs out the decade as a smart-tongued everyman — in a dozen different roles. Director Philippe Mora investigates what was then a new kind of revisionist info-tainment formula: applying old film footage to new purposes.

Brother Can You Spare a Dime


The Sprocket Vault

1975 / B&W / 1:33 flat full frame / 106 min. / Street Date ?, 2017 / available through The Sprocket Vault / 14.99 (also available in Blu-ray)

Film Editor: Jeremy Thomas

Research by Michael Barlow, Jennifer E. Ryan, Susan Winslow

Produced by Sanford Lieberson, David Puttnam

Directed by Philippe Mora


Years before he was briefly sidetracked into sequels for The Howling, Philippe Mora was an accomplished artist and documentary filmmaker. Backed by producers Sanford Lieberson and David Puttnam, his 1974 documentary Swastika pulled a controversial switch on the usual historical fare about

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt
James Cagney
Philippe Mora
Jeremy Thomas
Michael Barlow
Jennifer E. Ryan
Susan Winslow
Sanford Lieberson
David Puttnam
Eva Braun
Raoul Walsh
Busby Berkeley
Frank Capra
William Wellman
James Stewart
Ginger Rogers
Rudy Vallee
Bing Crosby
Ruth Etting
Harry McClintock
Bessie Smith
Glenn Erickson