Bedtime Stories and Parties with Mel Brooks: Martin Landau's Daughter Remembers Life with Her Legendary Dad

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Martin Landau’s daughter Susie Landau Finch tells People growing up with the Hollywood star made for a very exciting childhood.

“No one day was the same. He was full of excitement and would tell me amazing bedtime stories and was always making funny voices – so much that he scared my little sister,” she says.

The actor, who won an Academy Award in 1994 for the Tim Burton-directed Ed Wood, came to fame playing a villain in Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest and later in the original Mission: Impossible TV show on CBS. He died at UCLA Medical Center

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Movies & TV

Ed Wood (1994)
North by Northwest (1959)
Mission: Impossible (1966)
Space: 1999 (1975)


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