Here’s When Deathstroke Will Return To Arrow

92 days ago | We Got This Covered

Thanks to the first trailer for Arrow season 6 that dropped last month at San Diego Comic-Con, we’ve been given a lot to look forward to when we rejoin the series this fall. One thing in particular that you may agree with me in saying is among the greatest selling points is that of seeing Manu Bennett returning as Deathstroke for a number of episodes.

In fact, one could say that the return of Slade Wilson is doubly exciting, not only because he’s once again siding with Oliver Queen now that the Mirakuru has burned out of his system, but also because we’ll get to see this iteration of the character be fleshed out thanks to flashbacks set to be explored in a two-episode arc.

Now, we don’t know exactly when said two-episode arc will arrive, but considering that Oliver helping Slade with finding his son will

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