Hasselhoff Wants a Dark, Logan-Style Knight Rider Reboot

91 days ago | MovieWeb

We live in an era when seemingly nothing is sacred and Hollywood is doing their best to reboot everything that ever existed. David Hasselhoff is doing his best to capitalize on that, as he has been trying to get a Knight Rider reboot going that will see him return as Michael Knight once again. Now, the actor has revealed that he pitched the idea to director Robert Rodriguez and that he wants this new Knight Rider to be for him what Logan was for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine.

David Hasselhoff revealed his pitch to Cinema Blend recently and seems very determined to get things going. Even though NBC tried to reboot the show in 2008 with very little success, Hollywood seems to like the idea of bringing this show back from the dead. This proposed Knight Rider revival does seem like the kind of thing that could happen and, if we're being honest,

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