’78/52′ Trailer: Riveting ‘Psycho’ Documentary Deconstructs Alfred Hitchcock’s Shower Scene — Watch

51 days ago | Indiewire

The scene that changed cinema forever is getting the ultimate honor: A film devoted entirely to its brilliance. “78/52,” a documentary about Janet Leigh’s infamous shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” takes its opaque title from the number of shots and cuts in the three minute sequence (78 camera set-ups, 52 edits). Directed by Alexandre O. Philippe, the film features interviews with the crème de la crème of cinephiles: Jamie Lee Curtis, Guillermo del Toro, Elijah Wood, Danny Elfman, Bret Easton Ellis, Peter Bogdanovich, Karyn Kusama, and more lend their insights into the scene’s lasting legacy.

“78/52” was regarded warmly by critics following its Sundance premiere, and recently released a trailer in anticipation of its theatrical run. The trailer opens with Hitchcock’s unmistakable baritone in voiceover: “I once made a movie. It was intended to cause people to scream and yell, but I was horrified that some people took it seriously.

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