‘Zama’ Review: Lucretia Martel’s Long-Awaited Epic Is a Serious Achievement That Will Keep You Guessing

50 days ago | Indiewire

Credit where it’s due: Few films have done more to unite the international film community than “Zama.” The minutes-long opening titles list over 20 different production companies and regional supports. The nominally Argentinian film is a joint venture between nine other countries as well, and the end credits name figures as diverse as Danny Glover, Pedro Almodóvar, and Gael Garcia Bernal among the many other who jumped on to help this project through a troubled, many year production. Finally complete, Lucrecia Martel’s film promises to be significantly more divisive.

Technically an adaptation of Antonio Di Benedetto acclaimed modernist novel, “Zama” reads just as much like an open declaration of war against the line that separates form and content. The source text told the story of an 18th century magistrate driven to madness while waiting for his next post; the film forces the viewer to go mad right there with him.

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Zama (2017)
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Danny Glover
Pedro Almodóvar
Gael Garcia Bernal
Lucrecia Martel
Antonio Di Benedetto
Daniel Giménez Cacho
Lola Dueñas
Guido Berenblum
Gerardo Kalmar
Annette Bening