Venice Film Review: ‘Love and Bullets’

77 days ago | Variety - Film News

If over-the-top “Gomorra” types who could comfortably inhabit Little Italy as much as the neighborhoods around Vesuvius are an endless source of mirth-making, then the Manetti brothers’ loud and brash musical about a Camorra boss and his henchmen could be an entertaining diversion. For others, this over-long, self-indulgent romp through every mafia stereotype in the book offers moments of amusement in between tiresome set pieces and musical numbers most noteworthy for their stridency. Because “Love and Bullets” feels different from the majority of Italian screen fare apart from the Manettis’ previous musical “Song ‘e Napule,” reaction at home will likely be positive.  Offshore however, the most that can be expected is scattered European distribution and Italian showcases.

A semi-bleached drone shot of the Bay of Naples settles on the funeral of don Vincenzo Strozzalone (Carlo Buccirosso) and the sobs of his cheaply made-up, flamboyantly grief-stricken widow Maria (Claudia Gerini). Don Vincenzo was the underworld’s Fish King

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Love and Bullets (1979)
You Only Live Twice (1967)


Carlo Buccirosso
Claudia Gerini
Serena Rossi
Giampaolo Morelli
Gennaro Della Volpe
Baz Luhrmann