How It Connects to Other Stephen King Stories

73 days ago | MovieWeb

Most Stephen King fans already know that the man has created a sprawling universe, with many of his most popular stories interconnected. He has his own shared universe, which is only now starting to be explored on the big screen. The latest adaptation of his work It hit theaters this weekend and is proving to be a blockbuster. It contains plenty of Easter eggs. Perhaps not as many as this past summer's Dark Tower movie, which featured it's own It shoutout. But you might be surprised how It connects to a lot of King's past novels.

Entertainment Weekly has a pretty comprehensive break down of all the Easter eggs and connections It contains to other Stephen King works of fiction. The book was originally released in 1986, and then turned into a two-part miniseries in the 90s. Characters and places from It have been known to pop up a lot in his work.

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