Review: ‘Flatliners’ Is an Agonizingly Boring Remake of a Movie About the Dangers of Bringing Things Back from the Dead

53 days ago | Indiewire

If only its irony were the most painful thing about “Flatliners,” an artless and agonizingly boring remake of a semi-forgotten movie about the dangers of bringing things back from the dead. Lazily recycling the ’90s schlocky Joel Schumacher thriller of the same name (once a staple of video store shelves everywhere), this lifeless new version hits all the same beats as the original, but does so without a speck of the baroque style that made it such a fun thing to rent on a Friday night. At a time when making a movie — any movie — can feel like experimenting with life after death, there’s really no reason to belabor the point.

The story begins in the present day, nine years after Courtney (Ellen Page) accidentally killed her little sister in a car crash. Now an exhausted med student at a prestigious teaching hospital that seems to accept people based

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