‘Blade Runner 2049’ Box Office Carnage: Sony and Ryan Gosling Stand to Lose, but Roger Deakins Still Stands to Win

9 days ago | Indiewire

It could have been worse: The final domestic weekend totals for “Blade Runner 2049” came to $32.7 million, about $1.25 million better than initial pre-Sunday estimates. That could mean all is not lost for Warner Bros. — but with production, marketing, and distribution around $300 million, it’s still a dreadful result. Who stands to suffer the most? Here are some losers — and, some possible winners.

Alcon Entertainment and Sony

Alcon, the 20 year-old production company founded by FedEx’s Fred Smith, has produced 31 films, with one big moneymaker (“The Blind Side”), some smaller successes (“Dude, Where’s My Car?,” “P.S. I Love You,” “Insomnia”) and several higher-budget flops (“Transcendence,” “Point Break”).

Its total investment in “Blade Runner 2049” isn’t totally clear. Sony is reported to have contributed $90 million for international rights, with its share of marketing expenses uncertain. So Alcon will neither bear the entire expense nor keep all the revenues, but it

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