Tyrese Calls The Rock Selfish as Fast and Furious Feud Intensifies

11 days ago | MovieWeb

More proverbial shots were fired in the Fast and Furious Spin-Off feud between Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne Johnson today, with Tyrese Gibson revealing that he thinks The Rock is being "selfish," because this spin-off was moved forward while Universal pushed the Fast & Furious 9 release date by a full year to 2020, to make room for the spin-off. Here's what Tyrese Gibson had to say, clarifying that he's not mad The Rock actually got a spin-off, but because it caused the Fast & Furious 9 release date to be pushed.

"I don't know what they're doing. Everybody's coming at me, like I'm hating on Dwayne for his spin-off. I'm not. I just wish he was releasing it at a different time. It's not a conflict, but Fast & Furious is like a holiday. Fast & Furious family, the fans, the tribe, the people who have been rocking with us for 16 years... you know, pushing our release date back,

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