Harvey Weinstein Produced One of My Favorite Movies. Now What? (Column)

38 days ago | Variety - Film News

One of my favorite films is 2002’s “The Hours.” It is a melodramatic film in some ways, and hugely depressing, too. But at the age of 17 it was absolutely lyrical for me, and that sensibility has not faded for me in the nearly two decades since. But “The Hours” was crucial for other reasons, too. It’s not just a film I loved at a young age; it’s a film that prompted my entrée to critical thinking and awards-season reporting, as I tracked the movie’s progress from one dusty theater in my 24-screen multiplex to the Academy Awards. I was 17 years old when I first read the name Harvey Weinstein in the pages of my religiously perused Entertainment Weekly. I did not realize then, as I know now, that Weinstein was involved in four out of the five nominated Best Picture movies that awards season — “Gangs of New York,” his personal favorite,

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Paris Is Burning (1990)
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