Kevin Smith shares his thoughts on the current state of the DC Extended Universe

37 days ago | Flickeringmyth

If there is any man who could be considered the ultimate authority on comic books, it would be Kevin Smith. It was Smith, you may recall, that got the very first look at Ben Affleck as Batman from Zack Snyder himself. For a while, Smith’s description of the suit was all we had to go by. Clearly the man’s opinion has some weight to it when it comes to anyone wearing tights, and a cape.

So what does Smith think of the current state of the DC Extended Universe (or as they prefer to be called: ‘DC Films’)? Speaking to Screen Rant, the Clerks director seems optimistic about the future:

“I’m a forty-seven-year-old man, so I grew up in an era where there were no comic book movies. And then every once in awhile you’d get one, and it was like water in a desert. You

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