‘Thor: Ragnarok’: The One Thing Marvel Head Kevin Feige Needed From Taika Waititi’s Sequel

28 days ago | Indiewire

When it came time to build a third standalone “Thor” feature, Marvel brass had a few different elements that they felt were necessary for inclusion, all the better to bolster the superhero’s solo power after the relative disappointment of “Thor: The Dark World.” Mostly, there needed to be more humor, the kind that could capitalize on star Chris Hemsworth’s growing acclaim as a comedian, but not feel out of place in the McU as a whole. And perhaps the big guy needed a buddy, too, a fellow superhero also capable of teasing out both humor and pathos.

As Marvel president Kevin Feige explains, the franchise found an unlikely connection between those aims and a favorite piece of comic book lore. First up, though, “Thor: Ragnarok” needed to be its own thing, and get away from a predecessor that didn’t quite tap into what makes the Asgardian god

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