Justice League Is the Shortest Dceu Movie Yet

29 days ago | MovieWeb

Dceu and Justice League fans rejoice. It has been confirmed that the runtime for Justice League will clock in at a mere 121 minutes. Many fans have held the fear that the upcoming movie was going to have a ridiculously long runtime (some saying nearly 3-hours) to cram everything in about all of the characters they can, but that, thankfully, will not be the case this time around. The news comes after many news outlets began to report that the movie was going to be nearly 3-hours long, which was proven false by Zack Snyder.

After a long production process, the Dceu's Justice League will hit theaters on November 17th clocking in at a minute over 2 hours. A number of theater chains, including Regal Cinemas, and AMC Theaters, have confirmed the runtime of the movie, making it the shortest movie in the unofficially titled DC Extended Universe thus far. Director Zack Snyder

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