Poll: Movie villains you'd like to have a beer with?

By definition villains are evil but what they lack in moral values, sometimes they (almost) make up for in being very charming company. So which villain would you like to have a beer with, if they promised not to hurt you? Rules: 1. It has to be a movie villain that most people would remember. So for example, the Joker from The Dark Knight is iconic enough, but the bad guy from Mission Impossible II isn't, even if he is both evil and good company. 2. You have to have the beer in a normal bar, not in the villain's movie surroundings. This is to make sure that the charm is in the villains themselves. Let's say everybody in the bar has agreed not to act surprised if their new fellow beer drinker doesn't fit in. 3. The villain you choose isn't allowed to bring any friends or henchmen from the movie, for the same reason as in (2). Discuss here. The original list is here.