Poll: Favorite TV Eccentric Genius

There is sort of a trope for brilliant minds who are 'cloudcuckoolanders'--characters who are heads and shoulders above everybody in their particular sphere of knowledge or work. But when it comes to everyday life, social skills, or 'common sense', they can be quite oblivious, weird or even crazy. Often there's a certain charm about them because of this, especially among characters who've known them long enough--and because they're so good in the fields where they're needed, their associates will put up with their eccentricities even if they might be in some cases very off-putting normally. They'll humor them, or in cases of 'cloudcuckoolanders', sort of be their 'minder'. Which of these from TV is your favorite? Link to discussion: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/231368968