Poll: 2015 Critics' Choice Awards - Best Actor

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Critics' Choice Movie Awards first-timers club!

The Critics' Choice Movie Awards have been bestowed annually by the Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) to honor the finest in cinematic achievement since 1996. This year the categories are filled with actors and directors new to these awards. The following are all nominated for their first Critic's Choice Award this year. Which you do most hope will win? Discuss the list here

Both Oscar And Razzie Winners

These actors won both in their career; the greatest award there is for acting (an Academy Award) and the most embarrassing prize (the Golden Raspberry Award). Who showed the biggest difference between good acting and bad acting? You may discuss the poll here

Carnage Casting for 'Venom' (2018)

Carnage is the alien symbiote offspring of Venom who has Cletus Kasady, an insane serial killer, as a host. Which actor should star with Tom Hardy as Carnage, the main villain in Venom (2018)? Discuss the list here More Comic Character Casting Polls Here

Which Golden Globe winner do you think is the most likely for an Oscar?

All of these people won Golden Globes at the 2015 ceremony, which do you think is most likely to win the EQUIVALENT AWARD come the Oscar ceremony? Discuss Here

Doctor Doom Casting

20th Century Fox announced Noah Hawley will be directing Doctor Doom (????). This will be 20th Century Fox's first comic book movie about a villain. It is rumored that Dan Stevens will be playing Victor Von Doom. Who do you think should play Doctor Doom? Discuss and Vote Here More Comic Character Casting Polls Here

Oscars 2015: Favorite Winner

Which of the winners at the 2015 Oscar were you most happy about? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. Favorite Winner >> Oscars 2016

Oscars 2015: First-Time Acting Nominees

All of these actors have earned their first ever acting Oscar nomination this year. Who do you most hope will win ? Discuss here

Favorite 2015 BAFTA Winner

Which of the winners at the 2015 BAFTAs were you most happy about? Discuss it here

Golden Globes rookies!

Which of these first-time Golden Globes nominees did you most hope would win this year? Discuss the list here

SAG Awards 2016: Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role

Who should win the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role at the SAG Awards 2016? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Oscars 2017 - Best Costume Design

Which Oscar nominee for the 2017 Best Costume Design in a Motion Picture Academy Award do you think should win? Joanna Johnston or Colleen Atwood or Consolata Boyle or Mary Zophres or Madeline Fontaine Discuss the topic here.

Who Should Be the Next Doctor Who?

Peter Capaldi revealed that the upcoming 10th season of "Doctor Who (2005)" is set to be his last as the Time Lord. Which of these potential replacements chosen by IMDb Staff and IMDb Poll Board members would you most like to see play the next Doctor Who? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

GQ Britain's Best Dressed Men, 2015

Of these TV- or movie-related guys who made the list, who do you feel is best dressed? Discuss the list here

There's Method in the Madness

Method acting is a technique of acting in which an actor aspires to have complete emotional identification with a part. It has been called mad and pretentious by some, and yet inspiring and necessary by others. Which of the following actors, renowned for extreme measures they takes in preparing for film roles, do you feel to be the best method actor? Discuss the list here See also: Daniel Day Lewis' Insane Method Acting See also: Robert De Niro's Insane Method Acting

Best Actor in a Leading Role, Oscars 2015

Which of these nominees most deserves to win the Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in the Academy Awards 2015? Discuss here

Riddle Me This: Casting for Edward Nygma

Batman's iconic villain was missed in Warner Brothers last franchise directed by Christopher Nolan. Rumors suggest Riddler will be showing up in upcoming DC Cinematic Universe films. Here are some favorite choices of actors from various superhero forums and articles for the Riddler. Who is your top choice? Discuss the list here More Comic Character Casting Polls Here

Oscars 2016: Best Actor in a Leading Role

Who should win the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Oscars Awards 2016? Discuss the list here

68th BAFTA Awards 2015: Best Actor in a Leading Role

Which actor do you think will win the BAFTA award for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the 68th BAFTA Awards 2015? Discuss it here

People Magazine sexiest man alive 2014

People magazine just revealed their list of the sexiest men alive. from their picks who do you find the sexiest ? Discuss the poll/list here

Face-Off: Stephen Hawking vs. Alan Turing

The Theory of Everything (2014) and The Imitation Game (2014) debuted at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). These films are respectively about Stephen Hawking and Alan Turing. Which of these films about English genius scientists and mathematicians are you most interested in seeing? Please discuss here.