Poll: Movie Redheads

A poll by pere-25366

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Most Award Worthy Movie Voice Acting

Each award season, notable voice only performances raise the issue of recognizing outstanding voice acting performances. Voice actors compete with live-action actors in the four traditional acting categories, as no major award organization has a distinct voice performance award. A Best Voice Performance category could encompass both live and animated films and would recognized the valuable contribution voice actors make to film. Which single movie performance is the most worthy of a major award recognition for best voice only performance? Discuss the topic here.

Characters in Denim

Which is your favourite character wearing denim? Discuss here.

Best Rivalry in a Comedy Movie

Which set of individuals or groups that were up against each other is your favorite (I'm excluding sports comedies)? Discuss Here

Defective Detectives

These detectives may be brilliant, or at least get the job done, but at the same time they suffer from personal issues or shortcomings. Despite it all, which one is your favorite?

Best Opposites Attract Movie Couples

These couples may have vastly different personalities, upbringings and/or appearances from one another, but that didn't seem to keep them apart from each other. Now that's true love. Which of these opposite attract movie couples most surprised you, considering their differences? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

When you add '-ing' to movie titles...

... which one do you find the funniest? *inspired by 9gag After voting, you may discuss the pollING here.

Animation Characters That Should Be In Prison

I Didn't counted villains, it's too obvious. Who of the following is most worthy to go to jail? Discuss Here

If one cinematic skill could improve my life ...

Let's face it, even when everything's perfect, we're never totally satisfied : there is always more to do, always one or several aspects of our lives asking for some serious revisions. Now, if you were given the chance of getting one cinematic skill (because we're in a movie website after all) to improve your life in a literal or symbolical way, which one would you pick? Discuss here

Rolling Stones' Top 20 Most Annoying Songs

Many pop songs are unforgettable... although they're not exactly as artistically significant as, say, "Hey Jude", "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "Smells Like Teens Spirit". Their secret? They're just annoyingly catchy, or just plain annoying, or just catchy but then you belong to the minority, anyway, these are songs we just love to hate and sometimes, hate to love. In 2007, magazine Rolling Stones came up with the list of the 20 most annoying songs ever, among these 20 titles, which one do you think deserves it the most? (shouldn't even be considered a guilty pleasure and should have been ranked higher, if it was possible)? Discuss here

Which Cartoon Characters Can Replace Human Characters?

All the actors from the list are geniuses, but if we have no choice and we must replace one of them, who from this list of Animation characters is the most suitable for replace a human actor? All the characters are from movies. Discuss Here

What Do You Miss the Most Without the IMDb Message Boards?

As the era of the IMDb Message Boards has come to a close, what do you miss most? Discuss at GetSatisfaction

35 Hottest Jessicas

Among these 35 hottest Jessicas, who do you think is hot enough to play a real-life version of Jessica Rabbit? Discuss the poll here

I want those red shoes!

Which of the following red shoes would you wear if you found them in your size? Get your feet measured and fitted here [;-)]: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/nest/234653549

2014 Film Black List

Every December, The Black List surveys over 600 production company and film financier executives about their most liked screenplays and aggregate the responses for the industry and the public. These are the 35 favorite screen plays for 2014. Which screen play would you most want to see made into a film? Discuss here.

Stewie asks Hannibal Lecter for tips: What animated character would you like to enter what movie?

If you could cast any animated character, from TV or film, into another movie, which of the following pairings, would you choose to see? After voting, feel free to discuss here

SHUT UP! And Take This Poll!

Which movie character yelled the most memorable SHUT UP! ? After voting,Speak Up Here!

Best Fictional School / College in A Movie

Which of these fictional movie schools / colleges would you like to attend? Enroll in Your Class Here *school for ordinary people only Fictional School for Non-Ordinary People: VOTE HERE

Which Breakfast Club Character Did You Most Identify With In School?

Of all of the characters in "The Breakfast Club," which one most identified your high school experience? Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/flat/222490018

Why are you in detention?

Discuss the list here

Disney Animated Females

Which animated Disney female do you think is the prettiest? Discuss here.