Poll: Movie Redheads

A poll by pere-25366

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Most Award Worthy Movie Voice Acting

Each award season, notable voice only performances raise the issue of recognizing outstanding voice acting performances. Voice actors compete with live-action actors in the four traditional acting categories, as no major award organization has a distinct voice performance award. A Best Voice Performance category could encompass both live and animated films and would recognized the valuable contribution voice actors make to film. Which single movie performance is the most worthy of a major award recognition for best voice only performance? Discuss the topic here.

Ladies in Leather

Out of these movie stars who do you think is the most attractive in leather? Discuss here.

Gay Best Friends

Which of these gay friends would you choose as your own? Discuss the list or add your favorite here

Quick, Robin! To the Batcave!

Let’s face it, Superheroes and Villains have pretty cool hangouts and lairs. If you could spend a relaxing day at any of these spots depicted in movies, which would you choose? Discuss the Hangouts here

Troubled Teens

Which of these troubled teenagers is most in the need of some URGENT help? Book an appointment with the school guidance counsellor here!

Super Heroes In Love

These Girls Make Marvel And DC Super Heroes Sigh, Which One Makes You? discuss this here

Yellow Background

Which one of these " YELLOW POSTERS " do you think is the best? Discuss Here You can also vote for other poster polls : +Reflective Glasses +Rolling out the Red Carpet +The blindfolded hero

Favorite Recent Dramatic Performance by a Comedic Actor?

In 2006, you were asked which comedic actor has turned in the best dramatic performances, and you selected Tom Hanks as the big winner. (See previous poll results) But since then even more comedic actors have tried their hands at dramatic roles. What is your favorite dramatic performance by a comedic actor from the last 7 years? Limited to 2 performances per actor. Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/223094305

Best Rivalry in a Comedy Movie

Which set of individuals or groups that were up against each other is your favorite (I'm excluding sports comedies)? Discuss Here

Best of Bryce

Bryce Dallas Howard received IMDb's STARmeter Award as a breakout fan favorite after her box office success in Jurassic World (2015). From this top ten, what's your favorite performance? Discuss your pick here

Movie Still That Best Captures the Romance

Admit it, there are movies with scenes that are just so romantic that you feel weak in the knees. Sometimes it's the way the characters embrace, other times it's the way the characters look at each other, or just simply refuse to look at each other. And sometimes, these moments are perfectly captured in a still shot from that scene. Which of these famous movie images best captures the romance of the scene? Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/224242569

Favorite Romantic Relationship in Marvel/DC Movies

Which relationship do you root for while you are watching these superhero movies? Discuss Here Vote on your favorite TV relationship HERE

African by American

Which of these film performances by an American actor playing a character hailing from a country in Africa is your favorite? *All live-action performances from post-2000 films Discuss HERE

Walk the Walk... and Sing the Song

In Cinema, there's more in walking than going from a point A to a point B, it's less about the destination of the characters, than the mindset or the state of mind that inhabits them during that short, long or recurring walk. And what better than a song to convey the emotional resonance of their feelings, whether it's sung by them or played in the background. From young and cocky Tony Manero swaggering down the street under the Bee Gees' tempo to Dorothy and her friends off to see the wizard or Will Kane wandering the deserted streets of Hadleyville, hoping not to be forsaken... it seems like there's no great walking scene without a song to define it. So, which of these walking and singing or walking WHILE singing movie moments is your favorite? Discuss here Only one song per movie... and only songs, no marches or wordless scores, which means, no "Colonel Bogey March" or "Surf Rider".

When Cinema changes the light bulb...

This is a little list I made up (except for three or four options, slightly rewritten) of "Light bulb" jokes, all based on movie-related characters or professions. Which one do you find the most amusing? Discuss here

Sexiest Female movie characters

which of these movie female characters from the modern era (1980s till today ) do you find the sexiest ? Discuss the poll here

Best looking Emo/Gothic Girl Character

Which emo/gothic girl character looks best? Discuss here

Greatest dance scene in a non-musical? Part II

Discuss the list here Vote on part I here

Best Fictional School / College in A Movie

Which of these fictional movie schools / colleges would you like to attend? Enroll in Your Class Here *school for ordinary people only Fictional School for Non-Ordinary People: VOTE HERE

Who will be your Santa?

Which of these Santas would you like to have calling at your house this Christmas? Contact the Santa agency here