Poll: Most Deserving Honorary Oscar

A poll by ur44797245

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Things Scotland

Which of these is the first to come to mind at the mention of Scotland? Note: This is not a list of Scottish films. Discuss here

Walk the Walk... and Sing the Song

In Cinema, there's more in walking than going from a point A to a point B, it's less about the destination of the characters, than the mindset or the state of mind that inhabits them during that short, long or recurring walk. And what better than a song to convey the emotional resonance of their feelings, whether it's sung by them or played in the background. From young and cocky Tony Manero swaggering down the street under the Bee Gees' tempo to Dorothy and her friends off to see the wizard or Will Kane wandering the deserted streets of Hadleyville, hoping not to be forsaken... it seems like there's no great walking scene without a song to define it. So, which of these walking and singing or walking WHILE singing movie moments is your favorite? Discuss here Only one song per movie... and only songs, no marches or wordless scores, which means, no "Colonel Bogey March" or "Surf Rider".

Iconic Movie Objects

Which of these famous objects/things from the movies holds the most cinematic value to you? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. Also Vote >> More Iconic Movie Objects

Top Hat!

We've had the hats. How do you top that? Top hats! Not everybody can wear the style. Who of these people pulls it off the best? Discuss here

If you published a book about Cinema ...

... and could pick only ONE picture for the cover, which of these 35 iconic shots, would you choose as the most defining of all the values (magic, innovation, escapism, truth, universality, entertainment, technology ...) Cinema stands for ? Discuss here

Just Duet!

Which of these movie duets is the best? Discuss the list here

Out in the Rain

November is coming, and with it the wet season (at least in the Northern hemisphere). But hey, you're not the only one who has to go out in wet weather. With which of these people would you most like to be out braving the rain? Discuss here

Decade Defining Actors — The 1950s

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Top 250 Friendships

"The proper office of a friend is to side with you when you are in the wrong. Nearly anybody will side with you when you are in the right." This comes from the legendary Mark Twain and I think his vision of friendship comes the closest to one everyone would fully agree with... and that most movies seem to have proved right or relevant. It would be impossible to list all the movies that deal with friendship but there are enough in IMDb Top 250 to cover a wide range of selection of memorable friendships (excluding mentoring, father-and-son or any relationship based on protection or a specific learning and/or teaching) So, which of these enduring (and endearing) friendships from a Top 250 movie (or series) best defines your personal idea of 'friendship'? (and does it really have to be from your favorite movie?) Discuss friendly the list here

Face-Off: Kelly vs. Astaire

Who was the better dancer? Do you prefer quiet elegance or boisterous athleticism? Discuss the list here

Your Mother's Favorite Actor

Who is (or was) your mother's favorite actor? Apologies to your mother if her favorite is not on the list. Add your write-in here Also vote for your father's favorite actress!

Movie Characters' Off-Screen Poses

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Iconic Shots in Movies

These are some of the most famous and iconic movie shots of all-time. Which of these iconic shots is your personal favourite? Discuss here.

Film directors who direct themselves.

It's been said that the hardest thing to do is to direct yourself in a film because you are being pulled in so many directions. But some filmmakers make a habit of it. Which of these directors does the best job of directing themselves (in large roles, not just cameos; 5 roles minimum)? Discuss the list here

Best Directed AFI's Top 10 film ...

These are the Top 10 Movies according to the American Film Institute, so famous and iconic that you probably saw most, if not all of them. I'm not asking which one is your favorite, but simply which one is the best DIRECTED in your opinion? Discuss here

You're Stuck in the Middle Ages

Good for you. You got out of the Old West and managed to escape the Modern West. Along the way you were able to get more duct tape and replace the broken parts of your time machine. Unfortunately, once again, it broke down as soon as you tried to use it. Now you're stuck in the chaotic plague-ridden world of Medieval Europe. If you're going to have any chance of survival you're going to need to find some allies fast, so who do you want watching your back now? Choose wisely, my friend. Your very life may depend on it. This is a sequel to my polls You're Stuck in the Old West and You're Stuck in the Modern West. You can discuss the poll here.

C'mon Vogue

Let your body move to the music, hey hey hey... Who is your favourite of all the stars Madonna paid homage to? Come and Discuss Here

American Guy meets European Girl

Which of these romantic character parings of a guy from the U.S. and a girl from Europe makes the most memorable love story? Discuss the universal language HERE

Most Iconic New York City Scene

Ah, the city that never sleeps... It's hard not to associate NYC with the movies. Many of which, and more specifically many scenes, are responsible for instilling this idea in our head that it is the perfect city, filled with dreams and allure. These scenes delved deep into our collective consciousness and reinforced the magic that we feel when we think of The Big Apple. Which of these iconic New York movie scenes do you consider to be the greatest? (Please Note: Since the majority of most of these films take place in New York, I have tried to pick the most iconic scene from each that most memorably depicts the city.) After voting, you may wake up in a city that never sleeps here.