Ted Drew: Mother says I'm a throwback to my great-grandfather. He was a pirate.

Regi: Honest?

Ted Drew: No, a pirate.

Ted Drew: You're almost as good at this as my mother was.

Regi: Was there anything else your mother did?

Ted Drew: Mm-hmm... Before she turned out the lights, she always used to kiss me good night.

Regi: I'm only *almost* as good as your mother was.

[Ted suggests temporarily becoming Regi's platonic roommate]

Regi: Well, I'm not *that* unconventional.

Ted Drew: Aw, don't be old-fashioned. What are conventions anyway? Just a bunch of salesmen sitting around and telling stories.

Regi: It was lovely of you, but taking taxis when you haven't any money is a little foolish, isn't it?

Ted Drew: Foolish? Why, I had to take a taxi. I couldn't go out in this pouring rain and get my only suit all wet, could I?

Regi: Where's your overcoat?

Ted Drew: Ohhh, spending a little time in the pawnshop...

Regi: Well, why did you pawn your overcoat?

Ted Drew: Why, to pay for the taxi, of course. Dope!

Regi: We're exactly alike.

Ted Drew: No, ha ha, oh no, your hair is much prettier than...

Regi: We are! We're both trying to do the same thing: marry for money.

Ted Drew: Is that what you want to do?

Regi: Mm-hmm.

Ted Drew: Oh, no, you're too nice for that.

Regi: Well, I don't want to spend the rest of my life working in a barber shop.

Ted Drew: Well, but to go out in cold blood and deliberately marry somebody for money, that's no good.

Regi: Well, what are you doing?

Ted Drew: Well... Well, it's different for me: I'm a heel!

Regi: Well, did I ever say I wasn't one?

Ted Drew: Oh, father's living abroad. He has an amazing ability for borrowing money from practically total strangers. Unfortunately, that ability isn't hereditary.

Regi: How could the Drews be broke?

Ted Drew: Well, do you remember that thing called the Crash?

Regi: Yes.

Ted Drew: Well, that was us.

Laura: Yeah, and maybe here's that ten million dollars you've been dreaming about.

Regi: The way I feel today, I'd settle for a million.

Regi: You must have a lot of friends that could give you a job.

Ted Drew: That'd be a fine friend who'd give you a job. No friend of mine had better try anything like that on me.

Allen Macklyn: When a man's in love with a woman, he shouldn't keep it a secret.

Regi: Do you dream?

Ted Drew: No.

Regi: You should - you'd meet a better class of people.

Ted Drew: [Bumps into Regi while playing hopscotch] I'm sorry. I didn't know the lights were against me.

Regi: It's alright.

[looks at him puzzled]

Ted Drew: Hopscotch.

Regi: Hopscotch?

Ted Drew: Mhmm. Indoor Hopscotch. Not up to field and turf hopscotch, but hopscotch never the less.

[hops more]

Ted Drew: Get the idea?

Regi: Yes, I get the idea.

Ted Drew: Want to play?

Regi: No thanks.

[walks toward elevator]

Ted Drew: Well, every man to his own sport.

[keeps hopping, then stops and walks back toward the elevator too]

Ted Drew: You'll be sorry when I am champion!

Ted Drew: Stabbed in the cuticle; what a way to die.

Regi: I'm gunna tell my mother on you!

Ted Drew: Go on; I'll tell my father on you!

Regi: I wonder what the poor people are doing on a day like this.

Regi: You can't blame me for wanting the things I do. Every woman wants them. Only I say I do.

Ted Drew: You know, you'd be very beautiful with blonde hair.

Regi: I have blonde hair.