Bugs Bunny: [Nervously] Eh, what's up doc?

Giant: Duh, caught ya choppin' up my victory garden, huh?, Well don't try nuttin' funny cuz I got ya covered!

[Pulls out a gun]

Bugs Bunny: [to the Giant] Hey come here Gulliver!, I want to tell you something, come here!

[Giant leans over towards him]

Giant: [Bugs takes off his glove and slaps him with it] Duh, duh now why did you wanna go and do that for huh?

Bugs Bunny: You want to fight fair don't you? That means that I challenge you to a duel!

Giant: Duh, duel? uh, oh yeah!, okay!

Giant: Trying to pull a fast one on me, eh? Well he can't outsmart me, because I'm a moron.

Bugs Bunny: So long, jerky! Send me a postcard from Albuquerque! You know, I'm so smart sometimes it almost frightens me.

Bugs Bunny: [On top of the giant's head; the giant puts on his hat] What is this, a blackout? I didn't hear no sireen.

Giant: You think you're pretty C-A-T smart, don't ya?

[last lines]

Giant: Look out for that first step. It's a lulu.