The Dark Crystal : Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity

1/10 A gelfling is pleasantly seen nude bathing at a river while playing his flute. Nothing is shown.

Violence & Gore

5/10 In one scene, the Skeksis are eating at a feast. They bite heads and parts off of their food, some of seem to still be moving. Lots of gross sounds. The king of the Skeksis is seen resting, deathly ill. His skin is unpleasant looking and his voice may scare younger viewers. He then dies of natural causes after which his face is shown to crumble and collapse in on itself like rubble. Two Skeksis duel, trying to bash each other and a stone with weapons. The loser's robes are ripped off violently, and he is banished. The Garthim are seen fighting with and killing Landstriders (no blood, but it can be upsetting to some). One pair falls over a cliffside. A girl is stabbed but she is later seen to be alive

Frightening/Intense Scenes

5/10 Parents should be warned; there are scenes of torture against a podling and a gelfling by the Skeksis that might be frightening for young children. The Skeksis are scary-looking creatures that seem to be a mix of a dinosaur and a vulture. There is a scene towards the beginning when the emperor Skeksis dies and their face crumbles off. This may seem scary to some young children. The Garthim are very creepy and menacing over-sized bugs that may scare younger viewers. Some goodhearted people may feel sorry for the cute little puppets are attacked and then later become the Skeksis' slaves, or the Skeksis take the youth from them and then they get old. According to the info above: Suggested MPAA Rating: 'PG' for sequences of fantasy action, brief violence and some scary images. Should be okay with children 10 and up.