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  • Aaron137512 November 2001
    Ator fights evil in all forms including puppets.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Cave Dwellers is actually a sequel and its original title was something along the lines of Ator: The Blade Master. However, this film was done by the same people who did various other films back in the day so they changed the title, changed the credits and added footage from another film in the credits! They have to be the same people who did Pod People too, and what else do this and Pod People have in common? They were both riffed mercilessly on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Not sure why they added the footage from another film as it kind of confuses things, it certainly did with Pod People as the alien in the credit sequence looked nothing like the creature in the film. Here you have a completely looking film all together! The title is rather stupid too. Not the Ator one, but rather the Cave Dweller one as there are Cave Dwellers in the film, but they make up such an insignificant plot point that one wonders what the people at this company were thinking. Heck, the flashback sequence detailing the first film was almost as long as the cave dweller portion of this film! So this company just may have been run by people who liked to edit stuff as a hobby, maybe?

    The story, a bad guy goes to a castle to get some sort of new weapon or something from some old man who prattles on and on. The old man's daughter must go to the ends of the earth and there she will find Ator and his mute sidekick Thong. Ator is a man of legend who has killed a spider puppet already and he has also mastered the sword and getting buff and greasy! He joins up with the daughter as they set off on a quest to save her father, but for some reason the way back to the castle is much longer than the way to Ator's place. They must fight invisible soldiers, cavemen, wicker wearing warriors, a snake puppet and finally make their way to the final confrontation where the old man will implore Ator not to kill the evil doer so he can be, Ator has been killing left and right, why stop him now?

    This made for a great episode of MST3K as it is one of my favorite Joel episodes. I prefer Mike, but here, Joel is on fire as he was in Pod People too. This company may edit a film to the point of lunacy, but the end result is a film worthy of some riffing. Not a film though that I would want to track down and see unedited from said company and Joel and the bots as I just do not see it vastly improving at all. The only way I'd want to see it, is if the female lead got topless or something and I do not get that vibe from this one.

    So, a bad film indeed. There is better action in the flashbacks than in most of the film and too often there is just way to much lead up until something actually does happen. Case in point, the whole snake sacrifice scene. We get to watch the bad guys send multiple damsels into a hole while the hero's sidekick takes his sweet time making his way to the hero. By the end of the sequence, all the damsels were dead! Not very heroic and it took way to long! Suffice to say Conan the Barbarian would kill Ator in a fight. Heck, this guy is not even as good as Yor: The Hunter from the Future. Now that guy was bad to the bone, he didn't make no hang glider, he flipping used a pterodactyl! That is hardcore Ator! You are not!
  • Gislef28 December 1998
    Hey, those ain't Ator's Opening Credits!
    The credits come from the Sandy Frank stitching job that was made to turn this movie into Cave Dwellers for re-release. Now that that's cleared up...oh! Excruciating, eye-gouging pain. Blade Master leaps shamelessly on the sword & sorcery bandwagon started by the Conan flicks...except the bandwagon never left the garage anyway. As such, this Italian flick is a dud trying to rip-off a box office dud, with predictable results. However, this would give too little credit to the director and writers, who make no effort whatsoever to maintain a coherent plot, continuity, any semblance of era-accurate continuity. Miles O'Keefe is no leading man, now or forever (Tarzan The Ape Man proved that, if Ator didn't). Just an unlikeable picture and a chore to watch.
  • Diana3 May 2004
    Heh-Dude looks like a Lady!
    Warning: Spoilers
    (spoilers) Horrifyingly enough, I have actually SEEN the film that this horrid film was a sequel to. It was called Ator the Fighting Eagle, and I saw it when I was just 8 years old. It made such an awful impression on me that i never forgot it. I've been an MST3K fan for a long time, so when Cavedwellers came out on tape I bought it. I was horrified to realize that it was a sequel to the wretched Ator movie that i'd seen so long ago! Ator's costume has, somehow, gotten ever skimpier than the last time i saw him. How can he wear that tiny little bikini? Doesn't he care that it shows off the fact that he has no...errr...package? And poor Thong...he gets no lines and no girl, and has to follow that frizzy haired girly doofus Ator around all the time. Has anyone else noticed that Miles O'Keefe walks like a woman? No wonder he's not interested in the pretty if somewhat lackluster Meela. The evil but prancy bad guy Zor is more to his taste, I'm sure. I loved Zor's cardboard spray painted swan helmet, and the way he spent all his time trying to touch some part of Ator. The fight scenes are so badly choreographed that its a wonder that the swords ever manage to connect. The dull old guy spends all of his time standing around looking depressed. Ator drinks from a cup given to him by a guy who hates him, and then looks surprised that they drugged him. He must be pretty smart though-he invented a hang glider in the space pf five minutes ,then flew it into a rift in the space/time continuum so that he travelled briefly into 17th century Bulgaria. That was after he stabbed the giant snake puppet, of course, and saved the post coital Meela while she sat around doing absolutely nothing. The real hero of the movie was Thong, who saved Ator several times from his boundless stupiditiy, and killed the evil Zor in the bargain. Kudos to Thong, the only competent person in the whole film.
  • Pucki20 February 2000
    Something you just have to love Cinecitta for...
    I mean, you just have to love the Italian film industry. Someone came up with a post-doomsday action movie ("Road Warrior") and the Italians were busy for years doing one rip-off after another. Then some other one came up with a successful barbarian movie ("Conan") and the Italians were busy... eh, see above.

    Besides countless other variations of the theme (one of my favorites is Umberto Lenzi's "The Barbarians" starring the Paul twins) the Ator series was created. And this, the second one, is probably the worst (or best, depending on your point of view).

    Ator is called back into action by his old teacher, who has discovered some kind of nuclear power that, of course, has to be protected so it won't get into wrong hands. The old man sends his daughter to Ator, and after a few complications Ator, his sidekick Tong and the girl set back to the castle, which meanwhile has fallen to some evildoer (of course, an old "class mate" of Ator). Somewhere along the way the heroic trio forgets about the plot and eradicates some giant snake-worshipping cult for the fun of it (not before some virgins are sacrificed). Just in time before the madman finally loses his temper and kills the wise teacher our heroes remember their duties, invent hanggliding and grenades and save the day.

    Included: terrible acting by all participants (especially O'Keeffe), incredibly hilarious "special effects" (you just have to adore the snake fight scene, which must be sort of a hommage to "Bride of the Monster"), badly staged fight scenes, numerous continuity errors (Ator flies two different hanggliders during the climatic battle, watch for it, just an example) and an overall non-understanding of the concept of history (cavemen, "civilized" barbarians, castle-builders, all thrown in one film).

    If you're, like me, devoted to bad movies, this is the one of the series to see, you'll probably end up ROTFL. For the records: the Malta-filmed third part is actually quite watchable.

    Considering Joe D'Amato's other efforts this is probably his most entertaining movie, as he certainly has failed to deliver watchable horror or erotic movies. But I strongly have the opinion that this was completely by accident.
  • GeneralB31 October 1999
    Also called Cave Dwellers or REALLY BAD ITALIAN FILM
    A bad low budget flick, it is a real pain to watch. The scenes shown in the credits appear to have nothing to do with the rest of the film. For some reason this movie, set in the Middle Ages, features grenades, a hanglider, and an atomic explosion. The main character, Ator, is supposed to be hero because he can defeat puppet snakes and spiders. For some reason the writers decided to name his sidekick "Thong"(or is it "Fong"?). This movie was just another reason to change the channel until MST3K came along, and, as always, made it very enjoyable. At the end, they give a hilarious review of all the film's continuity problems. The film is titled Cave Dwellers when shown in MST.
  • HaemovoreRex12 June 2005
    A non stop laugh fest
    Warning: Spoilers
    Miles O'Keeffe once again assumes the role of the mighty Ator in this the first sequel to the original film.

    What can I say? - This pretty much represents B-Movie Nirvana!

    The plot is ludicrous, the script is terrible, the acting is hammy throughout, the special effects....well let's not even go there! - all in all this movie is a veritable delight!

    Highlights of the film include Ator and Thong (his mute companion, not his undergarments) being attacked by invisible assailants in a cave (certainly saved on the fx budget there!), Ator battling what has to be the most unconvincing giant snake ever committed to celluloid, and of course, the infamous hangliding scene!

    There's one question I have the end of the movie we see a huge atomic explosion when Ator supposedly destroys the Geometric Nucleus (as the narrator tells us) in the hell did Ator destroy it and manage get out alive?! Did he fashion some form of primitive timer/detonator or something?

    Oh well, such an illogical ending really only adds to the movies overall charm - they just don't make them like this anymore!
  • Shannon30 June 2002
    Great MST3K fodder!
    It wasn't until the end of the MST3K episode did I note that there was a guy in a fight scene wearing glasses and tire marks where Ator was riding his horse.

    This movie stunk like yesterday's gym socks (at least it wasn't bad as 'Manos'). The only things that were good about it were the hunky, Conan dude, Ator, and the riffings from Joel and the bots.

    What I can't understand is how the shots of the white guy and the black guy (in the beginning and the end of the film) have anything to do with the movie? It looks like they were extras off of the film of "Ben Hur" or something.
  • kilgore23455 March 2004
    A poor movie from a badly treated genre
    There are plenty of reviews that describe this movie as the worst ever made. For sure there are plenty of mistakes: lackluster acting, rather boring and cliched and at times paradoxical script, and the stock B-movie sound and "special" effects. As noted, there are plenty of glosses of plot, making _Cave Dwellers_ a tissue of fantasy film, especially in comparison with the Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, this movie is not the worst movie ever. Most, if not all, (including this review) of these reviews are written by fans of MSTK3. Therefore, many of these reviews are pretty much summaries of the MSTK3 episode of _Cave Dwellers_.

    In the episode, Joel, Tom Servo, and Crow remark to the Mad Scientists that this is the worst movie ever sent to them. Of course, loyal fans have taken this quote and ran with it. I have found this movie endearing-not in a way that one finds _Forrest Gump_ endearing-but in the effort put into this movie by some the cast. Also, this movie is laughable without its MSTK3 treatment. That is because _Cave Dwellers_ does not take itself seriously, and it is not trying to import into its viewers some sort of righteous theme. For all of the monster puppets, medieval hang gliding, and continuity lapses-this movie does not advertise to be any more that what it is, a shallow depiction of a rather shallow genre.

    Likewise, I can't bring myself to hate Miles O'Keeffe or Lisa Foster. Instead this hatred is for Coleman Francis, Tony Cardoza, Jennifer Lopez, Arch Hall, Jr., and so on.
  • wishkah79 June 2000
    Watch the MST3K version of this movie!
    As a fan of Grade Z movies myself I'll say this as a word of kindly advice: don't watch this movie as it is!!! You've been warned! This movie has tons of continuity problems and the special effects are unbelievably horrible!!!

    Cave Dwellers or The Blade Master (or whatever you like to call it) is set in the Middle Ages, right? Ator and his friends set out to fight some evildoer who sacrifices young girls to an anaconda, and along the way they fight cavemen, invisible swordsmen, an anaconda puppet, and get this, they have to protect the earth from a bomb called a "Geometric Neucleus" that posesses nuclear power!

    MST3K had every right to make fun of the hidiously terrible movie. Since when was there hang gliders, hand grenades, and nuclear power back in the Middle Ages?! Other bloopers that were mentioned were the hang gliding scene, and as anyone can see, Ator was flying over a modern city, and a caveman wearing sunglasses? And who can forget the infamous 'tire tracks' in the background at the end of the movie? Heck, even Joel and the 'bots were complaining about this literally bad movie!

    If you're a fan of bad movies and you want to check this one out, it's only worth watching on MST3K! Another thing I can't believe is that these Ator flicks even had a prequel and some sequels! You would probably feel sorry for Miles O'Keefe for even participating in such stupidity of this type of entertainment. But the movie is funny, and the MST3K version is even funnier.
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