• c_dimakakos3 February 2018
    Still waiting for some plot to kick in.
    I watched the whole movie to see if it is as bad as it starts. After 50 minutes still sucked. Then it sucked more after 2 hours. Then it came back and sucked again till the end. No. This is not art. This is a waste of time. This is a " i cant write a Godfather so i will do something like it hoping that my Hollywood friends and the Jews will give me good reviews". Even the music is trying to be like the Godfather's. 8.4 ???? Seriously?If it wasnt for De Niro ...
  • donaldricco20 January 2018
    Pick up the damn phone!!
    The unending ringing of the telephone at the beginning really put me off, and I never recovered. While it is a good looking film, it is also boring and drawn out. And some of the actors are just terrible.
  • smiledentalcarecentrefbd23 December 2017
    Perfect and suitable title. superb movie. I rare watch hollywood movies. but when i saw this movie i like this.
  • bfczcipe3 December 2017
    People Like This Film?
    Look I sat through four hours of this just because I started it and frankly did not have anything else to watch, but this film surely proves that the reviewers on this website are dolts.

    One can appreciate the corrupt pig, the sexy girl and the doggy sex, but beyond that there is so little to watch. I don't know if a subplot of Jews was added so the director can get funding in Hollywood, but the characters were so boring and the film so slow moving it really made me wonder.

    A mafioso grows up and out of New York and then reappears having lived n the area in hiding.
  • Richie-67-4858526 November 2017
    Once Upon A Time in your life
    Bravo! Everyone connected with this movie should take a long well-deserved bow. Most excellent entertainment across the board bar none. All my favorite actors are at their peak plus the supporting players came through as well. If that is not enough, treat yourself to one of the best scores you will ever hear too. The music when applied to certain scenes just tugs and pulls on you until you give in and you are glad that you did too. There are different versions out there to experience. I found the blue-ray 251 minute version which Leone had a hand in and it made good sense. I have seen the other versions and I couldn't quite figure out what was going on even after I was captivated. Imagine that if it held you when chopped up it will spellbind you when complete. It does! Let us not forget that the story itself of gangsters, murders, robberies prostitution etc. can never be glorified and encouraged as a way of life in real life. Quite the opposite. It is a life misspent even it is exciting and dangerous to live in a perverted way. It reminds me of The Godfather movie where we fall in love with Don Corleone but lets be clear he was a bad man. What comes through here in this movie is the magic of growing up, having friends, doing things together, first loves and adventures. What hurts is seeing all those things fail or not complete themselves. This movie gives you both and then some. You have to stop and think about what Tuco said in the Good, Bad & Ugly to his brother. In this town, in order to survive, one becomes a priest or a bandit. Same with this movie only minus the priest part. These kids growing up on the streets have nothing worthwhile to look forward to accept trouble that brings excitement or jail. In between they hope for money, food, a better life and that it gets easier not harder. Street life is like that. You get to glimpse very well this no where type of existence courtesy of expert directing here. It would take someone who knew about this type of growing up to present correctly and more importantly with deep feeling and genuineness. This movies delivers that and more. Haunting, reflective, deep, pain, sorrow and mystery rolled up altogether using peoples lives to make the points. That's why the viewer can relate so well. It could have been and in many cases was...your life too. Recommend a meal while watching with a tasty drink and a decent snack. Make sure you have enough for three plus hours. I have seen this at least three times. I am not through either.....
  • Davalon-Davalon18 October 2017
    An inexcusable insult to all women and to filmmaking in general
    Warning: Spoilers
    Why am I seeing 10 stars for this film? They must be from men (and I am one) who have no respect for women. This insane POS does not offer one positive interaction with a person of the female sex. They are all reduced to sex objects, willing or otherwise. I am trying to wrap my mind around how Elizabeth McGovern (later of "Downton Abbey" fame) could have allowed herself to participate in a virtual on-screen rape by Robert DeNiro. And I love Bobby, but I lost all respect for him after this. Yes, it was the "character" -- but didn't Bobby pull back and say... uh... wait a minute, guys, we're not making torture porn here, are we?

    Other women were prostitutes or nymphs. Even the woman who gave birth to Danny Aiello's child was treated like a sex slave. She gives birth to a boy and all of the sudden she, and her young daughters, are supposed to kowtow to Danny and the new boy king in his arms.

    And Tuesday Weld!!! She allowed herself to be brutally raped on screen... for whose benefit? Was this going to advance her career?

    I watched with my mouth open for the whole thing. I was disgusted, appalled, nauseated. The four pigs at the center of this should have been subjected to the same sickening, vicious, cruel treatment they subjected every woman in this film to.

    I feel sorriest for Ennio Morricone, whose beautiful music was wasted on this sub-par "soft" torture porn trash heap.

    Did working on this film give anybody a sense of joy? Did people burst into applause when they saw it in a theater? Did the women just laugh to themselves and say, "Well, all in a day's work?" Or did they cry themselves to sleep because they needed the money and this was a chance to further their careers?

    I have no doubt that the horrible excuses for men portrayed in this film did exactly what they did. But... of what benefit was it to the viewing audience? In what way did this cruel insult offer an edifying experience? Or even an enjoyable one?

    What a tragic comment on our beloved entertainment industry.
  • aramis-112-80488010 October 2017
    Kiddie Porn
    Warning: Spoilers
    Sergio Leone's "Dollars" trilogies are possibly the greatest "westerns" ever made (his lyrical "Once Upon a Time in the West" has great stuff but doesn't quite match the earlier versions because of the clichés). And Ennio Morricone's music for all four movies were instant classics.

    Leone's movie raised a question: after "The Godfather" (I & II) what more needed to be said? Well, being Italian, Leone found a source to use Jewish gangsters. That's a switch.

    His powerhouse case included James Woods, Robert DeNiro, Elizabeth McGovern and . . . oh, way down on the list, a very pretty young Jennifer Connelly. I saw the shortened version of this flick long before she was a major star. She looks great.

    Major spoiler ahead.

    And that's the problem. In one scene she moons the camera (it's probably a body double, but may inspire perverts everywhere); in another scene, when a man changes the diapers for his son, he finds out his "son" was switched for a daughter. The camera sees everything. It's disgusting, showing naked babies.

    Lest you think my objects to "Once Upon a Time in America" are merely prurient, I also found the longer version of the movie dull, despite its resorting to violence.

    Though I'm a voracious reader, I usually eschew biographies as they deal so much up front with the subjects' childhood. "So?" you might say. But the first third (it feels like a century) of "Once Upon a Time in America" is taken up with the story of Woods, DeNiro and the other little creeps as children, and it seems to go on forever! Leone is a good enough director to give us lots of visual tricks that keep us mostly happy, but I found the entire section with children dull and think it might have been integrated even better.

    Leone deals with "heroes" only in the technical sense. The "heroic" antics of Eastwood and Bronson in his earlier movies do not necessarily make them the good guys, despite the ironic title "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" (one of the best titles ever, btw). The leads in "Once Upon a Time in America" are even more flawed, being rapists as well as robbers and murderers.

    In fact, given the prevalence of prostitution, rape, child exploitation and the rest, sex as a normal and loving act never seems to enter anyone's heads. Perhaps Leone and his writing team don't want his depraved thugs to have any positive characteristics at all.

    Jennifer Connelly as the little girl who tries to put the kid playing the younger DeNiro comes off best, as well as the almost clownish version of the 1920 song "Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy)" that may be slightly anachronistic by a few years in its first context, but which brings a smile every time it's played.
  • said-buet105 October 2017
    One of the best crime dramas
    This movie is huge. I've seen the massive 229 min cut. And surprisingly it did not feel that boring! The pace was slow but for this story it was absolutely necessary. Otherwise the story wouldn't fell the way it felt. I was tired but also satisfied when this ended.

    The acting was fitting. The child actors did an amazing job. In some cases I think even better than their adult counterparts.

    One might get confused at the way this movie is shown. The constant switching between present time and the past might seem weird but its a massive buildup for the last segment. Once a person sees it all, he/she would understand why it was shown that way and would for sure appreciate the making.

    The long shots and the enthralling musical score that shows and makes sure channels all the emotions into the viewers was expected from Sergio Leone. I always enjoyed his work and this didn't underperformed at all. It's sad that this was his last movie.

    This was an epic tale and one of the best crime dramas I've seen so far. Too bad that it was a commercial mess due to a trimmed version being released in theater. I would recommend the whole 229 min version to anyone anytime.
  • Dehka326 September 2017
    Ican say.. The Great Movie Ever
    Warning: Spoilers
    Leone's Once Upon a Time in America, has a five-star cast in Robert De Nero, James Woods, Elizabeth Mc Govern, Treat Williams, Tuesday Weld, William Forsyth, James Hayden, & Richard Bright, create simply another world.

    I whole-heartily agree, that cutting this masterpiece is a CRIME, and that cutting this masterpiece is like having a jigsaw puzzle, with only half of the pieces.

    This film evokes all emotions, making you laugh, cry, feel simply astounded, and wanting this film not to end.

    I simply urge people, to go and see this film, be patient, stock-up on goodies, and prepare to be enriched by this masterpiece.

    If you don't see this film you are missing out on one of the 20th Centuary's Masterpieces of Cinema. 10/10

    Ican say.. The Great Movie Ever
  • chrisholtmarg-0441518 September 2017
    *Warning: English is not my first language*

    Probably the best movie of all time in my book.

    Sergio Leone is a genius, no doubt. He has a fury, a heart, a dramatic view of the world that many directors, even great directors (like Coppola, Kubrick, etc) really lack.

    Acting is excellent. In my opinion, this is the best De Niro acting of all time. No movie before or after this one has such a powerful message, brought by such a powerful actor.

    Ennio Morricone wrote the original score: beautiful. Deborah's Theme is one of the most resounding and sensible themes of the story of Cinema.

    Watch it and re-watch it. It is worth it.
  • l-7060726 August 2017
    There are only two worthwhile scenes in 4 hours of crap
    Warning: Spoilers
    This seems to be a praised film, but why? The same boring and pompous story type has been done many types and much better than this here film. Watch The godfather films if you must.

    Otherwise this drab and boring film contains slow moving non-action about a gang of boys no one cares about and a bunch of tough Jewish kids, which is as implausible as saying fast moving turtles. Everyone knows Jewish people are weak and non-athletic.

    So what do you have left? The sex at the restaurant with a young Jennifer Connelly and the good old in and out by the cop. not only it depicts the abusive cops correctly but also sex is natural and fun.

    That is it? Yes, this film is four hours too long.
  • raikkox10 August 2017
    A truly masterpiece
    Warning: Spoilers
    I don't write this too often, but this is a truly masterpiece. A way of a telling a story that kept me all the time in front of the screen. Friendship, love, betrayal, gangsters, murder: it all becomes one. I thought I wouldn't bear 3hs 49 minutes in one sitting, but I did, because the film attracts you to it, in an incredible way.

    The story: so many sum it up, and better than I will ever do. But here it comes: a group of kids -jewish kids- live of thievery and con. But they also have a life: they try to get their first sexual experience, they try to survive in the street against the adults. I'd like to highlight specially the scene where Patsy eats the dessert instead of giving it to Penny: it reminded me that children sometimes remain that way until they have to grow. In this case, a yummy and sweet food was more likable to the kid, than a sexual experience.

    The kids grow, they become men. Powerful men. But one of them will only be that way when he gets out from jail.

    The men will finally lose everything, and the men will have to make a choice: life, or friends, what is it gonna be? The end is astonishing and left me thinking. If you can, don't miss it. 4 hours well spent.
  • arandonnelly25 July 2017
    Once Upon a Time in America (1984) - A Review by Aran Donnelly
    Once Upon a Time in America is easily to me, the third greatest movie of all time, only behind The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II. Everything about it from Sergio Leone, Robert De Niro, James Woods, Ennio Morricone, the story, the characters, the shots/visuals, and the score alone makes me want to become a filmmaker. The Critics Consensus on Rotten Tomatoes says it all about this movie. Most definitely deserves a higher rating than 8.4/10 on IMDb, and 88% on Rotten Tomatoes!
  • doug-5459 June 2017
    Vacuous spaghetti eastern
    This film has its visually beautiful moments, poignant scenes, and revealing dialogue -- very few, scattered one per ten minutes of viewing. It also has mindless gore, unrealistic rape, and laughable motivation -- lots of them. Read another review for details.

    So, why was this film made rather than a much better one?

    In "High Noon," the tenuous social institutions can't stand up to a few bad guys; the institutions are weak, though not evil. Ditto for "Who Shot Liberty Valence." We resort to individual violence as a last resort against evil.

    That's not the case here. Institutions are strong, just evil. Cops are on the take, protect scabs, ignore crime, while bosses hire gangsters to machine-gun union organizers, politicians organize business and union fronts for crime. It's everyone for themselves. There is no morality, just the strong and the weak. The time in "Once Upon a Time in America" runs from the start of Prohibition to end of the sixties, so this is most of 20th century America, including a period where they had some of the strongest, most responsive institutions in world history.

    It is not America itself that is of interest here -- 35 years of history are skipped over without a mention and another 12 years get only passing reference. There is a perception of something about America, something about those American westerns and gangster movies of someone's childhood otherwise spent under oppressive European institutions, something freeing about amorality and lack of social control, something justifying disobedience and adolescent rebellion. I am reminded of "Love Actually" and the character certain that if he gets to America girls will love his British accent and fall into bed with him. In the film, they do. And in this film, America is supposed to swoon over the Italian schoolboy daydreaming his American Gangster life.
  • Sid26 April 2017
    I feel this movie is better than Godfather
    Warning: Spoilers
    Only Sergio Leone can make violence poetic. The movie is sparse on dialogues and mostly counts on visual cues and music.

    This movie seems like a cross between Coppola's Godfather and Kubrick's 2001. It beautifully tells the tales of young Jewish men who take up crime in early 20th century.

    Every scene in the movie seems carefully crafted. Each eye movement seems intent based. Definitely recommended.
  • krocheav17 April 2017
    Once Upon A Time In America, There Was This Bomb...
    There seems perhaps something peculiar to certain Italian movie makers - as if there's a fault in their genes. Many tend to be attracted to themes over-saturated with cruelty and immorality of the vilest kind. Is it perhaps from their Roman heritage - or the dregs from too many wars? Sergio Leone, is just one example – he joins the list of Pasolini, Bertolucci, etc....

    I grew up thinking 'Once Upon A Time In The West' (and his other aptly named 'spaghetti 'westerns) were OK, until I revisited Leone's work years later – only then realizing how foolishly written and overblown they all were! "Once Upon A Time In America" is more of the same, simply without the horses, different styles of guns, and a pan pipe replacing the harmonica! (and we're supposed to believe this toy would sound like Gheorghe Zampfir!!) You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. No matter what ridiculous sums of money you poor into a sloppy patch-work of a script in attempts to make it visually impressive - it still remains foolish. Seems most audiences are not so easily fooled as some critics and Hollywood types – this 30 million dollar splurge returned a measly $5 million. So, it's beginning to look like many of the 'rave' reviews may have been posted by some of those who lost 'BIG' money and just might be attempting to mark up some losses. After all, this is the picture that almost ruined the Ladd Company.

    The lush symphonic music all seems to have come from another film (in 'Once in America's' case it did! and sounds like it's still looking for the other movie!) Along with sumptuous photography it's all just a further attempt to dress up a ridiculous convoluted script - written by nine different writers! - then given a confusing shape to hide plot holes and poor development of character. Here is a movie overflowing with just about every type of perversion: repugnant brutality, extreme sexual immorality with violence, drugs, glorification of criminals and the gun - it simply drags on ad nauseous for more than 3 hrs of over-the-top ugliness. They say you must see this long version but the short Vera (still too long at near 2 1/2hrs) might have helped. The performers have done these characters in numerous other movies, so nothing new is being brought to this tiresome mess.

    If you're easily pleased and have lots of time to idle away you might last the distance - if not, stay away.
  • snorlax31119844 April 2017
    Pros And Cons Of The Unabridged Version of Once Upon A Time In America
    Warning: Spoilers
    Pros: 1. This is one of those movies that you need to see more than once. The first viewing may confuse you with the shifts in time but the more you see it and the more closely you pay attention , you see the movie is well-constructed and it doesn't jump through time just to be artsy.

    2. Bad child actors are at least twice as annoying as bad adult actors, so it's a relief that all the child actors are good, even if the boys didn't grow up to be Oscar-Winners like Jennifer Connelly. They can be believable as criminals while maintaining a certain level of innocence. On tough streets like that you had to do what you needed to survive.

    3. De Niro And Pesci prove they don't need Scorsese to make a good movie, having Scorsese just really really helps (let's not forget that James Woods would work with De Niro, Pesci and Scorsese in "Casino"). It's a shame Pesci wasn't in the movie as much as Sergio Leone originally intended but the work Pesci does in this movie is great.

    4. Very glad Burt Young found time in between Rocky III and Rocky IV to be in this movie. His story about insurance is hilarious and definitely sounds like something Paulie would say in an R-Rated Rocky movie. Like Pesci, it's shame Burt Young is in the movie so briefly but at least Burt Young has a definite end and doesn't just disappear from the movie like Pesci.

    5. The music is phenomenal. Certain musical themes are consistently reused and they never get old. The instrumental version of Yesterday is sadly appropriate for a movie in which the good times were clearly in the past. It helps that the scenes with Elderly noodles are in 1968 when the Beatles were still active though well on their way to breaking up.

    6. Like The Corleone Family in The Godfather, I always get a kick out of seeing the main characters get the better of their opponents, whether it's a corrupt cop, a hoodlum who would kill a child or a strike-busting cop. I especially love how they use the strike-busting cop's newborn son to get the cop under their thumbs in a way without putting the baby in danger.

    7. For the most part, this film does a great job of avoiding any accusations of being a Godfather rip-off. There's just a few moments that vaguely remind of The Godfather. For instance, the kids blackmailing a cop (who was often very hard on them) for having sex with a minor reminds me of the condescending senator in Godfather Part II who ended up under the Corleone's thumb after finding himself in bed with a dead prostitute.

    8. I liked the scene where the kid chooses a Charlotte Russe with whipped cream over sex with Peggy. A woman's much sweeter than wine but not as sweet as good candy.

    9. Despite nearly running 4 hours, this film is never boring and scenes never feel unnecessary.

    10. Best Line: Dominick: Noodles, I slipped

    Cons: 1. Rape is never a pro. The worst thing is that Noodles never really gets a comeuppance or apologizes for his actions. Though perhaps he went to the train station the next day attempting to apologize to Deborah. Carol seems delighted to meet her attackers again. While Deborah isn't happy to meet Noodles again, she doesn't tell him to get out of her sight or even mention the rape (perhaps she just put it behind her after 30 years).

    2. I would have liked to see more of the Eve character. We don't even see her meeting Noodles, she's just there in Florida all of a sudden. It's never really indicated whether Noodles really cared about her of if she was just a substitute for Deborah. Would Noodles cheat on Eve with Deborah if he could? It seems Eve's only true purpose in the movie is to be killed so we can see how badly the bad guys want Noodles. Even if the story had been told chronologically and she didn't die in her first scene, I doubt her death would have much impact.

    3. The relationship between Noodles and Deborah as kids is a tad confusing. She's usually very rude to him (not that you could blame her for being rude to a peeping tom) then this one moment she's tender before she does back to being rude.

    4. Elderly Noodles tells Max he's crazy and Max responds "You said that to me once before". Noodles actually said it twice before: at the Florida beach and in New York shortly after Noodles makes the phone call that (he thinks) betrays Max.

    5. In the poster for Deborah's Cleopatra play, it mentions that age could not wither her beauty. How could age affect Cleopatra? She committed suicide at age 39. Cleopatra didn't give age a chance to affect her beauty
  • Allan Zych18 March 2017
    Most over-rated film ever
    I think this movie is a jumble... The first 60 minutes are way too long. The subsequent 40 minutes would have been more like the main conflict, but they are not. The action is weak (so-so choreography and awful colors), and the film is bristling with clichés and so predictable. The film was original but that is about it. It's the directors fault, nice actors, but no chemistry between them and stupid dialogue (no one in the film or watching it knows why this film is here). Moreover, there are some nice costumes and sets. Still not a good movie, not far away from being one of the worst ever.
  • moonspinner5518 March 2017
    Reflections on a turbulent life
    Stylish, perceptive and violent crime drama from director Sergio Leone, an epic-scaled adaptation of the book "The Hoods" by Herschel Goldberg (aka Harry Grey) about the lives of four gangsters in the years 1921, 1933 and 1968. Former street kids from the Jewish ghettos of Manhattan's lower East Side graduate from petty crimes and bootlegging to robbery and rape, to providing muscle for a union boss. Initially crippled by the film company's decision to hack the U.S. release print down to 2 hours and 15 minutes (the current extended director's cut runs 4 hours and 18 minutes), "Once Upon a Time in America" took many years to garner its now-sterling reputation among admirers of the gangster genre. Still, even in its mammoth original state, the wan subplots involving the ladies (Elizabeth McGovern as an actress and Tuesday Weld as a lascivious moll)--and a penchant for vulgarity and the exploitation of women in general--lessens the overall impact of the tale. The art direction, the score (from Ennio Morricone), the cinematography (by Tonino Delli Colli) and Leone's rhythm are each florid and outstanding in their individual respects, while the performances by Robert De Niro and James Woods (and, in a smaller dimension, Joe Pesci) are dynamic. **1/2 from ****
  • rooak16 March 2017
    Get a move on Serge
    A dawdling and self-indulgent effort from Leone. So patchy: some appalling performances and some good ones, dreadful writing and some great lines. Consistently great cinematography and loved the music (thanks Ennio).

    Overall an unpleasant and unsatisfying story—the historical side was quite interesting, but the characterisation lacked any convicting power. Blood and sex was used in entirely exploitative ways. Could have been a great movie but ended up being very disappointing.
  • Livio Perrotta (TEVENISSE)27 February 2017
    The best film of my life
    This film is a a "fullframe" of artist's instinct. It's out of any standard rule: long times, confused flash back instants, long telephone rings, obsession, friendship, love, sex, money, death, instinct. The soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks of the movie story. Ennio Morricone found amazing sounds in their simplicity. And what is incredible is that this long story could be only an illusion, a dream: in fact the film starts smoking and finishes smoking. I personally miss Sergio Leone. Masterpiece.
  • Pippyx19 February 2017
    Beautifully filmed but painfully long.
    I cannot fault the cinematic's of this film, stunning shots and flows beautifully from scene to scene, however this is where the praise ends.

    This was recommended as amazing, you will want to pause when leaving the room...err no It was 3 hours 49 mins of utter indulgence with a small amount of good story line thrown into the mix. 3 hours 49 mins (plus pauses) of my life I will never get back! EVER!

    I have to say those who will praise and glorify this film will be either pretentious or film students or are simply afraid to say what they really feel. To be honest I totally get why they would rate it. If you want to watch a great mafia story that recaps on someones life but are not willing to watch pointless 5 to 10 minute scenes of someone answering a phone then this is not the story for you, Goodfellas is more your cup of tea, it has all the narration and scenes to give you a good insight to the inner workings of the mafia without dragging each moment out for an eternity.

    I suppose I was being a little insulting to all those who like it, I really do understand why they do, but it is not for me I don't need to see many drawn out scenes that do not add gravitas to the film many of them could have been cut or explained in rapid fashion without detracting from the story line. I strongly believe this entire story could have been cut to one hour long, two, tops, to added some weighty scenes but no more.
  • Glen F29 January 2017
    Horrible. It is the exact opposite of Godfather I and II and Goodfellas
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'll just add to what other people said. One. I didn't like the use of Yesterday by the Beatles but sung by someone else because unlike Scorsese, the producers were to cheap to pay to use the actual song. In a movie like this, original music would have been better. Number two, the James Woods' character fakes his death and reinvents himself as a politician and none of his old friends from the neighborhood recognized him as his original person. Also, as great as DeNiro is, he portrayed a Jewish gangster better in Casino but will always look like who he is which is Italian. I can go on and on but I'll happily re-watch the film and add to how not to make an epic movie or you can just watch the Godfather or Goodfellas.
  • yowisy26 January 2017
    Leone ended his film making career with this prohibition era mafia movie.It is sometimes compared to The Godfather, but despite the similarities Once upon a time in America is a movie about a life and nostalgia. This epic is long (if you watch the right version, do NOT watch the short one) but it pays off. In a sense this film is more like Boyhood, you watch the characters grow up and grow old in a very poetic way. Leone directs masterfully with some of the best editing I've ever seen and great performances from the leads. Morricone provides a beautiful score too. Overlooked by both the Oscars and the box office, Once upon a time in America remains an underrated classic and one of the best films of all time.
  • Matt Forbes26 December 2016
    Almost 4 hours of my life I won't get back
    My only merits for this film are for the principles of camera work, general acting and basic cinematics, besides that, this is almost 4 hours of my life I won't get back, this film drags on so much that by the first hour I felt like I'd spent a full day watching it and on top of that I still had very little connection to the characters and their story hadn't even started. Second hour hit, still nothing, I was almost asleep. Third hour, I might as well have been asleep, the story was still stagnant. As a cinematic story, yes, this is amazing. But as a film, it's like watching paint dry, it just doesn't get going. If you have the time to spare and have nothing better to do or watch then by all means, watch this film, but if you have something better do with your time then please, avoid this film. The length of the film doesn't justify the lack of story or the cinematic prowess, this could very easily have been an hour and a half film.
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