The hobgoblin puppets were operated by a woman who had just been released from a mental hospital.

Rick Sloane didn't see the puppets for the hobgoblins until the night before the first day of shooting.

Rick Sloane initially planned on making a sequel in 1990 and had even written a screenplay for it, but nothing ever came of it.

John Carradine was approached to play the old man who owns the movie studio, but his agent asked for too much money.

Filmed on a budget of $15,000.

The character of Daphne was specifically written with Kelley Palmer in mind to play her, because Rick Sloane went to high school with Palmer.

Steven Boggs wore his own pink shorts in the movie.

The location for the film studio was a parking lot that was deserted at night.

Rick Sloane claims to have written the first draft of the script prior to Gremlins (1984).

This film was shot without permits.

The studio parking lot location was right next to a crack house.

Tamara Clatterbuck had to pee behind a bush because there was no money in the budget to afford a Porta Potty at the location for Reputation Road.

This film was shot in a single week.

Only the eyes for the hobgoblins were going to be seen in an earlier draft of the script.

Angelyne and Sybil Danning were both considered for the role of Fantazia. Angelyne wasn't cast because she refused to memorize dialogue, and only wanted to play herself. Rick Sloane had to pass on Danning due to the fact that there wasn't enough money in the budget to afford her.

The Club Scum M.C. was originally a smaller part, but Rick Sloane was so impressed by Daran Norris's reading that Norris did in a number of different cartoon voices that he wrote more scenes for that particular character.

A pit bull's growl was used for the voice of the hobgoblins.

McCreedy's gun was actually a cap pistol that was purchased from a toy store for five dollars.

A bank vault was used as the film vault that the hobgoblins are imprisoned in. The door of the bank vault was so heavy that several crew members off camera had to help the actors open it.

Hobgoblins has been riffed by both Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Elvira.

The character of Nick wasn't in earlier drafts of the script. Moreover, Nick was specifically added to the script because the distributors wanted more action in the film.

Shot on short ends.

The location used for Club Scum was a club in West Los Angeles called The Music Machine.

Duane Whitaker was the only actor who read for the part of Roadrash.

Rick Sloane specifically wrote the role of McCreedy for Jeffrey Culver.

Film debut of Daran Norris.

Kari French originally auditioned for the role of Amy.

In the scene where the older security guard meets the hobgoblins, he's reading a magazine called The Visatants, the name of one of director Rick Sloane's earlier movie.