• Marcello (MarcelloDL)16 January 2004
    Minimal, extreme, stylish.
    What? a Ren and Stimpy rip-off? isn't that cute... BUT IT'S WRONG!

    If at all, this is a *parody* of that kind of cartoons and it appeals to a different (and probably smaller) audience. This is obvious in "Cartoon canines" episode: the two dogs learn how to be "funny", Ren and Stimpy way, in an army camp (Drill Sergeant: "No cutesy in my corp, only funny cartoons! You know, lots of butt jokes!").

    If i recall correctly, at one time the dogs even morph into something very close to Ren and Stimpy! From the drawing style i suspect this is one of the first episodes to be conceived, even if it was aired later.

    2 stupid dogs was made with a deceptively innocent animation style: smooth shapes, reassuring colors, attention to detail. The jazzy soundtrack is perfect, and the sound effects are purposefully unrelated to the action they try to describe.

    The stories are not silly, but minimal (some episodes can be narrated in one sentence) with exaggerated particulars. They can be poetic, satyric, just plain silly and, parents beware, with some extremely sick or revolting details. Usually i can't stand revolting stuff that I usually perceive as a cheap way to make things interesting by tickling istinct, but here it's just the authors' fantasy running amok. I enjoy every single episode. Nobody dare to miss the one in black and white!

    Little Dog is the best characterization of a little dog i have ever seen. Big Dog, my personal fave, seems just a lazy glutton, but when he decides to talk... listen to him as a foreign ambassador ("Drop all cares about politics, business, and the foreign situation. You will be astonished to find the world will manage to struggle on, somehow.") The big man and Red are awesome too! gee... better i stop writing this and watch a Two stupid dogs videotape for the hundredth time.

    Vote: 10/10
  • Francisco Huerta4 July 2000
    Excellent cartoon!
    I discovered today a hidden gem in my collection, which reminded me of one of my favorite Cartoon Network shows: it was the "Stupid Bowl", a 2-hour marathon of 2 Stupid Dogs.

    This cartoon is still amazingly fresh to my eyes, and the humour is fast and furious. This one was the father of the World Premiere Toons, and thus, the What a Cartoon! series. It sets the example that Dexter´s Lab, PowerPuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Dumb and Dumber and other cartoons would soon follow.

    The only bad thing this series had was its length; I think that 2 hours of them is all that was made, judging from the re-runs on Cartoon Network. Still, those two hours are classic. There are some episodes which stand out, such as the "Red" trilogy and the Brady Bunch rip-off (which have been mentioned before), but worthy of mention are "Hollywood's Ark" (a take-off on Noah's Ark, which explains why unicorns are extinct), "Love" (starring Kenny Fowler, a kid that would appear in a couple more cartoons), and "Bone" which might just be the most surreal cartoon I've ever seen.

    Actually, this cartoon has philosophical high points too. Listening to the Big Dog telling Kenny that "Love is the only chance you will ever have for happiness in this life, and if you are going to let a little thing like rejection stand in your way, you just might as well stay on the ground, because people will walk all over you for the rest of your life" is uplifting, to say the least.
  • kynoceph29 May 2005
    absurdly addictive
    One of the earliest productions that Cartoon Network ever made for themselves and in my view one of the most successful. Genndy Tartakovsky worked on this before coming up with "Dexter's Laboratory," and his offbeat art style and sense of humor are evident here. The show is also notable for the fact that Big Dog was voiced by Brad Garrett (later to become Robert Barrone on "Everybody Loves Raymond"). John Kricfalusi, creator of Ren and Stimpy, guested on several episodes and is credited with "tidbits of poor taste."

    The characters basically consist of Big Dog and Little Dog, with a few recurring characters like Red (Little Red Riding Hood), the nerdish Kenny, and Hollywood (whose trademark line is, "Isn't that cute...BUT IT'S WRONG!!!"). The art style is deceptively simple and the plot lines are as well. However, little hidden surprises come when you least expect it, particularly in the form of Big Dog's utterly unexpected words of wisdom in various episodes, particularly in "The Rise & Fall of Big Dog," where Big Dog is somehow mistaken for an ambassador, and "Love Doctors," where Big Dog dispenses advice to the lovelorn Kenny.

    Several of the episodes are classic in my opinion. My favorite has to be Vegas Buffet, in which Big Dog and Little Dog venture forth looking for the "Super Cheap Economy Style One Pound Hot Dog Buffet" and get caught up in gambling craziness, but almost all the episodes have something going for them. Some of the best satire and parody that CN cartoons has ever done is found here, especially in "Cartoon Canines," "Hobo Hounds," and "Let's Make a Right Price," as well as "Family Values." The comparisons to Ren and Stimpy are not quite justified, I think, simply because 2 Stupid Dogs is more low-key. The dementia of Ren & Stimpy is in your face, whereas 2 Stupid Dogs is, overall, gentler and more surrealistic.

    Personally I think that this is one of the "lost classics" of 90's children's TV, right up there with Nick's "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" and "Rocko's Modern Life." A DVD of the collected "2 Stupid Dogs" is long overdue.
  • m0rpher20 July 2003
    Awesome show!
    I could never get enough of watching 2 stupid dogs. One of my favourite eps was the one about the boots (which was mentioned earlier). The small one finds this can, and he loses it. The can rolls down some road, towards a supermarket, and ends up, inside the supermarket, right in front of the entrance, which was one of those automatic doors. (See that other post someone made about the boots episode to read what happened after what I just said.)

    I love this show. I give it 5 stars!!
  • SonicStuart13 June 2004
    A Cartoon Network 1990's Classic!
    2 Stupid Dogs is another one of the best cartoons on Cartoon Network. I thought it was funny that the Little Dog is scared of the cat and every time when the Little Dog backs off, the Big Dog comes in and just barks once and then the cat drops to the ground with fear! Plus also on this show we also got to have some new episodes of Super Secret Squirrel and like wise his sidekick, Morocco Mole. Plus I thought all the episodes were funny and all of 2 Stupid Dogs and some of the new episodes Hanna-Barbera made of Secret Squirrel. Hanna-Barbera still knows how to make good cartoons and never fails to entertain me. This was also one of my favorite cartoons from the 1990's.
  • Aizyk21 June 2000
    Completely different than Ren and Stimpy, and better
    First of all, I find 2 Stupid Dogs to be much more visually enjoyable than Ren and Stimpy, funnier, and definitely cuter, but likeably, not annoyingly so. If one wants to succumb to making Ren and Stimpy comparisons, Cow and Chicken is a lot more similar (and is also better than Ren and Stimpy as well). The lunacy-prone personalities on that show have more in common with R&S than the 2 Stupid Dogs, who are much more easygoing, ordinary, and laid-back (except when they freak out). The scenarios are usually more innocent on 2 Stupid Dogs as well, and the humor isn't as crude. The visual style is also totally different from R&S, and looks very clean, simple, and stylish. The situations and adventures they get into are entertaining, but I'm not sure if many young children will understand some of the ironic references, like the darkly humorous name of a hair salon they visit printed on a wall sign in the background ("Curl Up and Dye").

    Another thing about this show which I happen to love is the episodes featuring the updated Secret Squirrel, who used to have his own cartoons back in the 60's--you can look it up here on imdb.com. (As far as I know, reruns of those shows are also played on the Cartoon Network, but the new Secret Squirrel is a major improvement over the old one, in my opinion, and after watching a few episodes of the old one, I had no interest in watching any others.) Although I like the 2 Stupid Dogs a lot, Secret Squirrel is my favorite part. I think Morocco Mole is my favorite character--he wears a little fez and black round glasses, and he's adorably and hilariously slow-witted ("Do you remember where we first met, Morocco?" "Ummm... the gelatin store?"). The characters on the Secret Squirrel episodes are rich, numerous, and diverse, (characters they don't list in the credits for the show here are SS's female crimefighting friend whose name I don't remember, the assorted villians, and the chief may have a beautiful secretary as well, I'm not positive... but don't they usually?) and there seems to be more action and drama going on in them than on the regular 2 Stupid Dogs episodes. It's disappointing that they didn't develop it into its own series, because it would have been great.

    I highly recommend this show. It's one of my favorites on the Cartoon Network, along with Cow and Chicken, and Dexter's Laboratory, the latter of which is in the same type of visual style as 2 Stupid Dogs. (Johnny Bravo and The Powerpuff Girls also share this style.)
  • iamweasel_19999 March 2000
    Isn't that Cute....BUT IT'S WRONG!
    2 Stupid Dogs is a great cartoon. It is one of the first cartoons to be made that was directly influenced by the style of Ren and Stimpy without being a clone of it like so many that came out in this era. It was Hanna Barberra's first cartoon that was creator driven in 30 years and it was the show that began HB's current animation craze with Dexter's Lab, Cow and Chicken, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls, and others. Created by Donavan Cook, this is a very funny and at times rude show. The best episodes are the 3 involving "Red", 3 episodes mocking and mixing up old the old fairy tales the 3 Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretle. These episodes were written by a former writer for Ren and Stimpy, Richard Pursel, and R&S creator John Kricfalusi is credited with "tidbits of bad taste". I would recommend this show to anyone who likes funny cartoons. It is a very influential show because as I stated earlier, it began Hanna Barberra's drive back to creator driven shows. And of course it's worth watching for the show's famous tag line....Isn't that cute....BUT IT'S WRONG!!!!!
  • chester-gray1 April 2003
    Very funny cartoon....
    I never could decide which of the charcters I liked better, I would have to say the dacshund, or what ever breed the small dog is. These two airheads argue over and ponder the dumbest things, like who will get possession of a broken toilet seat, and how to open an automatic door. They figure out that perhaps the boots on people's feet are what opens the door, so they run around stealing shoes and boots from people. I really cannot believe that Teletoon has stopped running this show for the sake of stupid programs like "Billy the Cat".
  • smetin4 May 2017
    Who's A Good Boy??
    As part of my entry into my late 20's I got scared. I'm getting older. Part of my pre- mid-life crisis has meant that I have gone back and started watching numerous cartoons from my childhood. Many of these are Hanna-Barbera classics and they have not disappointed thus far. I decided to take on the DVD boxset for 2 Stupid Dogs and watch the odd episode after a hard days work.

    Before I started this crusade to watch all the Hanna-Barbera shows of my youth I was concerned that the shows would be a letdown compared to my memories of them. However, as with the other series, 2 Stupid Dogs did not disappoint. Sure, the animation was rudimentary, the jokes were silly and the overriding themes of some episodes were questionable, but 2 Stupid Dogs represents a time when producers had more freedom to produce cartoons.

    The two dogs themselves had very contrasting personalities. Whilst the small dog was excitable, jumpy and slightly more stupid, the larger dog was pretty chilled out and mellow. Every episode centred around the dogs being in unlikely situations, which could only be imagined by one's inner child. I guess this is why I found these episodes so entertaining. They tickled the inner child in me that had been repressed by many years of working hard in university and having to overcome many hardships that come with adulthood.

    One thing that I now notice is that many of the episodes had adult humour that would be invisible to any child watching it. A classic example is the episode "At the Drive-In" where you can see the cars going up and down in the drive-in theatre. I wonder what they were doing?? These little nods made me appreciate these episodes more. The only reason why I had to knock off one point out of the ten is that some of the episodes did send out a bad message, whether it be gambling or lying. I just did not see it as being suitable for children to watch.

    However, when taken together I have to say that I loved going back and watching these episodes. The adult humour made it all the more worth watching! If you are like me and getting worried about ageing, 2 Stupid Dogs could lighten the mood.
  • GravityLoudHouseLover213 September 2015
    "2 Stupid Dogs" was a very funny show i watch as a kid on Cartoon Network.
    Hey Guys I'm RegularShow1 here again and today I'm going to talk about a cartoon I use to watch on Cartoon Network as a Kid called "2 Stupid Dogs". This show is about "2 Stupid Dogs" named "Big Dog" and "Little Dog" who are not very intelligent and their everyday Mis-adventures. The other characters include Mr.Hollywood who always says "Aww, isn't that cute? BUT IT'S WORNG. Then there "Little Red Ridding Hood" who often runs into the dogs. Anyway I remember watch as a kid on Cartoon Network and I Loved it. The show was originally aired on TBS from September 5,1993-May 15,1995 but it become popular when Cartoon Network aired reruns from 1995 to 2003 and again in 2011. Anyway I really Liked "2 Stupid Dogs" and giving it 10 out 10 stars. Anyway I'm RegualrShow1 and have nice day. BYE.
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