• tlloydesq12 June 2014
    C- could do better
    Roy Clarke has an excellent comedy reputation however "Mann's Best Friends" does not further it. Two completely opposite characters meet up: Fulton Mackay takes some of his Porridge role to play a bossy former manager. Barry Stanton plays an animal loving landlord who needs someone bossy to tighten up his house. The trouble is neither of them are leading actors. They are fine bouncing their roles of someone more adept to the limelight.

    We get a couple of 80's comedy basics - Bernard Bresslaw as the friendly bovver boy and good time girl Patricia Brake. So a number of decent actors but the script and setting are not up to scratch. You get the feeling this was pushed through without much thought being applied. Could it have been better? Re-arrange the actors and let Mackay play off a more dominant lead. Play around with the script to let the cast play around with the words. The Bresslaw/Brake characters were the strongest so why weren't they more prominent.

    While this isn't the best sitcom of all time, I sat through the entire series and there are plenty where I haven't got that far. So still worth watching.