Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone : Parents Guide

Violence & Gore

A ghost pulls it's own head off and shows guts. A giant troll attacks a girl in a bathroom. Bathroom stalls are smashed with a giant club. The girl hides under a sink and the troll tries to hit her, but misses her and hits a sink. A man is shown drinking blood.


7 uses of bloody, 1 use of bugger, 1 use of damn, 1 use of arse, 1 use of bloody hell.


one person is briefly shown smoking a pipe.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

You can see a black hooded figure moving about in a forest. The figure is about to attack a boy but is stopped. The scene of Hagrid explaining to Harry about the night his parents were murdered has a brief flashback of the occurrence. The depiction of Harry's mother screaming in terror would probably frighten some viewers. A man takes his head piece off, an evil wizard's face comes to life on the back of his head. The evil wizard then screams at the man to kill the boy and the man leaps at him and attempts to strangle him. The evil wizard turns to dust after he attempts to strangle Harry. You see the wizards hands, head then entire body crumble then blow away. BBFC - (PG): mild scary scenes, violence, language.