• wombat_16 May 2002
    Good idea for a movie, but it went terribly wrong
    Well, few surprises in this movie. Alien invasion, or is it? A smart scientist figures it out, sinister gummint organization, nuclear weapon launched, abort sent, etc, etc.

    The characters - almost every one of them was over acted. The hero, with his Clint Eastwood breathy voice. His wife, the beautiful doctor with always-perfect hair and makeup who works in a public hospital: puh-lease. The slavering general. Cardboard cutouts, every one of them. Grace Phillips in her braless strappy top (and to her credit she looks OK in it) gives some idea of where one of the target demographics of this movie was. The female mud-wrestler type cast as a security guard could be another clue. And almost all the other women, who for some strange reason had short skirts and very high heel shoes, might be yet another.

    Special effects were reasonable, although the multiple alien spacecraft sitting in the crater, each one an obvious copy/paste of each other... at first, I thought it was a computer wallpaper. And the stories with the nitrogen inhalers - please, give us nerdy audience types at least a tiny sliver of background knowledge.

    I think that the worst sin this movie committed was that it couldn't make up its mind as to what combination of seriousness and comedy it was going to be. But again to be fair, if you set your expectations low enough you might well be entertained.
  • DP-725 May 2002
    Capable plot that would have benefitted from a bigger budget
    This has all the hallmarks of a 'made for TV' production, complete with cheap actors, locations and other low production values. It would seem to be a first feature for a high percentage of the cast and this alone will always knock a film back. However, we found it to be more than just 'watchable'. The plot is full of double crosses, misdirections etc that kept it interesting without the need to cry out in frustration at the plot holes. In fact, if the plot had been given the hollywood big budget treatment, a script-massage and a recasting, it would have probably been a good performer in the cinema. Shame.
  • bros20 August 2000
    More plot twists than ten movies!
    In charge of alien threats, Bill Templer appears to be fighting the establishment to protect the public against an alien invasion. But wait, is he honest? It appears that to protect the existence of his agency, he has manufactured an alien invasion and launched an offensive attack to protect Earth. But wait, it appears that there actually are aliens, but they don't want to invade, that the unprovoked attack will actually drive them to invade. But wait, it appears that Bill Templer is himself an alien trying to provoke his own peaceful race to attack Earth. But wait, the unprovoked attack has really made the aliens mad and they are actually going to invade the Earth. But wait, in a last second rescue, the good guys off Bill, destroy the missile aimed at the aliens and save both the aliens, and the Earth, which is already under an attack which is immediately withdrawn. This movie, performed with a sense of humor, holds the record for twists and turns and is worth experiencing for that reason alone.

    But wait, did the aliens really call off their invasion......
  • Maree31 January 2002
    No aliens, no fury, no invasion... just achingly slow count-down.
    This movie was so bad that it more resembled a very tired TV series than a movie. There was no action, the acting, writing, and directing were abysmal, and it wasn't even decently filmed. I will give it credit for having suspense, though it was the half-hearted, stressful kind of suspense you get when you are in denial about the fact that you are sitting through a numbingly pathetic excuse for a movie and you are clinging to a futile hope that in a couple of minutes it might get interesting. This isn't an alien thriller... it had no aliens, or convincing alien technology, and there was no sense of imminent threat (beyond the very real possibility you are having 2 hours sucked from your lifespan by some hack film maker.) The story (Department of defense cover up about alien invasion) might have been good if an actual writer took the idea and built a script around it, but the way this was done, it shouldn't have been more than a half hour long. Don't waste your time... and don't listen to the votes... this isn't better than a 2...
  • calgarian34327 April 2005
    Absurd plots twisting
    This is the most pathetic "thriller" ever. The plot goes one way, then changes 180 degrees. It flips back dozen ties. The rate of plot twists actually increases to the point of utter silliness.

    Now sci-fi can get away with no good plot, *if* the effects are worthy. Nothing like is here. It's a pretty cheap film. Chyna is a horrible actress. They tried to use her fame from wrestling, but it doesn't work. There's a reason her film career has flopped.

    Another big failing of this movie is one has no concern for any of the characters. The acting is so fake and forced, I couldn't care less. Again, a great sci-fi can get away with this, if there are effects. None were here. I couldn't care less if there were aliens, or if aliens took over the world, or what happened.
  • Claudio Carvalho4 August 2004
    The Story Is So Absurd and Ridiculous That Becomes Funny
    In San Diego, the powerful Bill Templer (Dale Midkiff) leads a governmental defense agency, and after the explosion of an expensive satellite, the government intends to shut-down his agency. He frauds the government and the population with images showing the danger of an alien attack to justify the explosion of the equipment. The aliens were in the hidden side of the moon ready for attacking Earth. Templer convinces American government to send a nuclear weapon and blows the alien force up before the invasion of Earth. Detective Kevin Anjanette (Dondré T. Whitfield) finds that the images used by Bill Templer are forged and threatens his plans to regain power. This story is so absurd and ridiculous that becomes funny. `Alien Fury' hooked my attention until the last scene to check the capacity of a writer and a director to make such an unbelievable mess. My vote is four.

    Title (Brazil): `Fúria Alienígena' (`Alien Fury')
  • Leofwine_draca22 May 2015
    Junky waste of time
    Another junky, waste-of-time, sci-fi TV movie that should never have been put into production to begin with. ALIEN FURY: COUNTDOWN TO INVASION has a great title which makes it sound like an exciting movie, but in reality it's anything but. Like a lot of low budget extraterrestrial flicks, the major villains in this film are humans themselves, with an alien fleet putting in only a few brief appearances during the running time.

    The plot is relatively complex for a film of this type and seems to have been written in answer to the usual X-FILES government conspiracy stuff. A group of officials are busy fooling the public into thinking an alien race is ready to attack the Earth, but then it's the boy who cried wolf time when an alien race really DOES show up and an attack is imminent. The usual wooden heroes have to save the day, and the cast incorporates the typically stiff Dale Midkiff (PET SEMATARY) alongside such familiar character actors as Stephen Tobolowsky. There are some very poor CGI effects here to match the poverty of the storyline.
  • tennreb10 June 2002
    I love it
    I love the ending!!! Could we possibly have a sequel--an even better idea--another alien show! Without x files now it would be nice to have a new idea floating around out there. Some of the long running shows are starting to become a little boring and tedious.
  • JBall754876 March 2002
    Don't waste your time.
    A fatuous plot, wooden acting, stereotyped characters, dialogue noteworthy only for its predictability, littered with set-piece cliches, this film combines all these defects into a unique representation of cinematic dysfunction which is symptomatic of the dearth of film making talent in contemporary cinema. This one makes the typical 1930's Three Stooges offerings look like epics ! My advice to prospective viewers is 'Don't waste your time (and money) on this insult to the intelligence.
  • Silverblade176 September 2002
    Unexpectedly good
    I watched this film because there was nothing better on and found that it was actually quite good. The acting isn't bad, the plot is a little shacky but it's better than some films I've watched. I didn't except to see former WWE superstar Chyna in this film but she had a good role. It has a solid ending with a pretty good twist.
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