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The film's moral? Turn off the TV, young 'uns, and go outside and play! And avoid Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 matinees while you're at it.
Sheri Linden The Hollywood Reporter
The sequel retains not only the same gimmicky premise as the original but its preference for cliche-ridden dialogue and flat-footed comedy as well.
Angel Cohn TV Guide Magazine
Entirely too convoluted for kids and implausible even by the standards set by the original concept.
Mike Clark USA Today
Here's a late-August dog-days atrocity from the "aren't farts funny?" school of filmmaking.
Jami Bernard New York Daily News
Features even more toddlers acting in a way only collectors of velvet paintings will consider irresistible.
L.A. Weekly
As for anyone else who may experience a sudden need for therapy after sitting through this, you're on your own.
Falls short on nearly every level, from production values to an inexplicable cameo by Whoopi Goldberg.
Michael O'Sullivan Washington Post
So bad that I predict there will be drinking games set around viewing it someday.
Jean Oppenheimer Dallas Observer
The first Baby Geniuses, released in 1999, was one of the most inane, humorless, ill-conceived, poorly acted comedies of the year. As difficult as it is to imagine, the sequel is even worse, earning an F.
Dave Kehr The New York Times
Villainy toward the infant class now comes from Jon Voight, descending to the depths of his 37-year-career.

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