• uds34 January 2003
    Yeah? so who WAS the Best James Bond?
    The answer is simple - the one you liked best. I find it hard to believe that no-one has ever commented on this particular Bond doco.. has no one seen it?

    Hosted by who was originally Ian Fleming's personal choice as Bond - Roger "The Saint" Moore, this is fun stuff from beginning to end. All the gang's here - a generation of Bond people all espousing their own theories. The entertainment comes from seeing them all together in the one show...albeit twenty to thirty years later in some cases.

    If you call yourself a Bond connoisseur - you have to see this film!
  • Courtney Scott Chiasson23 January 2005
    Best Ever?
    Okay, I'll admit it: I'm a sucker for James Bond--the films and the minutiae which it took to create them. Granted, I am not particularly unique; that's why in a few short years we'll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of "Dr. No"'s release. Anyway, I've watched "Best Ever Bond" a couple of times now, and I'm recommending it even though the premise feels a bit forced--a bit like the plot of "Never Say Never Again". Why the necessity to do a top 10 list? I enjoyed the comments of the actors who've played Bond, along with the people whom you never hear from--like Sarah Donohue, who piloted the boat that Bond chases around London at the opening of "The World is Not Enough". If the producers of "Best Ever Bond" would have given us a bit more of the people who made the films and less of the "What's next in our countdown?" superficiality, then they could have created a must-have addition to any Bond fan's collection. As it is, it's still an enjoyable, above-average piece of work.