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David Edelstein New York Magazine (Vulture)
For all its portentousness, this is the best Harry Potter picture yet. In some ways, it improves on J.K. Rowling’s novel, which is punishingly protracted and builds to a climactic wand-off better seen than read.
New York Daily News
It's action-packed, darker, more epic and thankfully schmaltz-free. And it's the best "Harry Potter" film yet.
Richard Corliss Time
Not just a ripping yarn but a powerful, poignant coming-of-age story.
Peter Travers Rolling Stone
It will hook you good and keep you riveted.
William Arnold Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Yet, as good as it is in so many ways, there's no getting around the fact that this briefest Harry and first directed by an unknown filmmaker (David Yates) is the least substantial of the bunch.
It won't win new fans, but as Potter movies go, this is the most filmic of the lot, suspenseful and action-packed.
Todd McCarthy Variety
Considerably grimmer and grittier than the previous pictures.
Kirk Honeycutt The Hollywood Reporter
"Phoenix" might go down as the problematic film, full of plot but little fun.
David Ansen Newsweek
The storytelling seems occasionally disjointed, but more important, for all the special-effects wizardry, that touch of film magic never surfaces.
Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle
Taken as a motion picture, the new "Harry" comes up short. But taken as a visual aid to the experience of reading a book, the new "Harry" does its job.

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