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  • qball_823 August 2005
    I found The Island to be highly enjoyable - a great Summer blockbuster that isn't quite mindless. It raises a number of very interesting questions...

    Plenty of eye candy in every form, the two leads, the scenery, explosions, action sequences, the cinematography, everything you would expect from Michael Bay and Co.

    The pacing to begin with is somewhat slow as the premise is set up (though disappointingly the trailers give it all away), but once it launches into the first action sequence it doesn't let up for some time. Yes the story has a number of plot holes but you can easily overlook them and get swept away in the fun. I've never seen Johansson on film until now and WOW, now I know what all the fuss is about. Her and McGregor display enough chemistry to make their relationship believable but only just. I'm sure this will only propel them onto bigger and better things.

    My one and only gripe was with the ending scene complete with cheesy choral accompaniment - blech! Maybe Bay just couldn't help himself. I suppose no film is perfect..

    7 out of 10, solid, fun entertainment, what more can you ask for?
  • Kristine30 January 2006
    Why were the critics so harsh on the film?
    I thought "The Island" was fantastic and just was a movie worth watching. Ewan and Scarlett were just great together in this on the seat thriller, the story was just very exciting. Especially since cloning is such a huge debate right now, I know that it is going to get more intense in the future. That's the story's main plot, cloning and wither it's right or wrong of playing God.

    The story itself just keeps you guessing and thinking with some very great effects. I would without a doubt recommend "The Island" for your viewing pleasure. It's a lot of fun, it's got excitement, romance, action, and a plot that actually worked coming from Michael Bay. :D My only complaint is the ending, which I choose not to give away, but it leaves some room for questioning. Other than that, enjoy!

  • Claudio Carvalho10 December 2005
    Original, Intriguing and Scary View of Science, Ethic and Future Society
    In 2019, Lincoln Six Echo (Ewan McGregor) and Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett Johansson) are best friends in a repressive and intriguing society, where everybody expects to win the lottery. The prize is to move to a paradisiacal island outside the domes that protect the dwellers against the contaminated environment. Jordan wins the lottery, and Lincoln accidentally finds the scary truth behind the utopist award.

    "The Island" is an original, intriguing and scary view of science, ethic and society in a near future. Using elements of "Logan's Run", "Matrix", "Gattaca" and "The Thirteenth Floor", among other sci-fi movies, and non-stop action, it is a surprisingly great film. I liked very much the amoral behavior of Dr. Merrick (Sean Bean), with a total lack of ethic, and the possibility of replacement parts raised in the story. Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor shows a good chemistry, and watching this sci-fi / action movie is worthwhile, even to think how cloning process shall be discussed by the society and controlled through well-studied laws. My vote is eight.

    Title (Brazil): "A Ilha" ("The Island")
  • MovieManMenzel24 July 2005
    The Popcorn Action Sci-Fi Thriller for summer 2005
    I worked at Eworks when I first saw the trailer for "The Island." I wasn't blown away by the trailer and neither was anyone I worked with, mainly because we couldn't figure out what the hell the movie was about. Several trailers and TV spots later, I still felt the same way about it. The only thing about the film that interested me was the cast. I really like Scarlett Johansson, Ewan McGregor, and Steve Buscemi. So considering that there was nothing else out this weekend I decided to give "The Island" a chance.

    "The Island" is basically about the end of the human race or so we think. The movie's basic storyline for the film is this: the human race gets contaminated and there is this compound that rescues people and decontaminates them. So all of the world's survivors live in this compound with the ultimate goal of going to the Island, where everyone can live a safe and happy life. However, Lincoln (Ewan McGregor) finds that this compound doesn't make much sense and begins to question the whole idea of the island. It isn't long before Lincoln finds out the truth behind the island but just when he does his best friend Jordan (Scarlett Johansson) gets selected to go to the island. It is now up to Lincoln to save Jordan and the rest of the people in the compound from going to the island and ultimately finding out the truth of their existence. An intense and action packed film ensuesÂ…

    Like I said earlier this film never really interested me but since this summer is really lacking in films, I gave it a chance and I am glad I did. This movie may actually be Michael Bay's move from all action to action and story. While there are still some plot holes in the film and the script could use a little fixing up, the majority of the film was well done especially for someone like Michael Bay. The story was very interesting and seemed pretty realistic. Sure it had a few far-fetched action scenes but what's a summer action movie without them? But on the whole it was action packed, entertaining, interesting, and thought provoking film(wow who would believe that one day I could say that about a Michael Bay movie).

    I also never thought I would see Scarlett Johansson play in a Hollywood action/thriller and from her scenes in the trailer it looked like I never wanted to either. However I was pleasantly surprised by how she pulled it off. She seemed to fit the role and was very good at it. But if you ask me would I rather see her in big budget popcorn flicks or independent films, I would still pick the independent films. Ewan McGregor was actually good as well, and again I never thought I would see him pull off a role like this but I guess that proves that both McGregor and Johansson are good actors. It's was also fun to have Ewan and Scarlett giving the film a few chuckles here and there. Steve Buscemi is our comedic relief guy as well as the guy who basically explains the whole island thing to us. He was good but I felt was cut out of the film awfully fast.

    Bottom line is that I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of "The Island." It was a lot better then "War of the Worlds" which basically had all action and no story. This film doesn't have a perfect story, but it still has one and has an interesting concept at that. This film isn't going to win best picture any time soon but it's a good summer blockbuster. The basic premise of the film to me seems very believable in the near future. I just suggest buying the biggest popcorn and soda at the theater and enjoy! MovieManMenzel's final rating for "The Island" is a 7/10
  • BigHardcoreRed4 August 2005
    The Island Is A Mighty Fine Movie.
    Warning: Spoilers
    The Island is about the possibility, in the not too distant future, of a clone farm, for lack of a better term. When dealing with clones, especially in the movies, problems usually arise due to the lack of knowledge in the area. In this particular movie, it does not give away that they are clones too soon (unless you saw the preview). We are eased into their predicament slowly, although something is quite different and not right. At the beginning, I got sort of a Truman Show kind of feel to the movie, as they are always being watched, either by computers or cameras, and their lives are controlled in just about every detail.

    The clones are told that the outer world is contaminated and that the only safe place left is "the island". The only way to get to the island is through random lotteries where the lucky winner is whisked away to their new paradise.

    Lincoln Six Echo (Ewan McGregor) is the first of the "harvested beings", as they put it, to start asking questions and even has distinct memories that were not embedded by the corporation. While wandering around, he soon discovers they have all been lied to. Meanwhile, one of his closest friends, Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett Johansson), has just won the lottery! Just as she is getting ready to leave, Lincoln grabs her away and starts running.

    The rest of the movie is pretty much a chase scene. One scene in particular closely resembles the one from Bad Boys II. That is not a bad thing, as it was still unique and fun watching the mass destruction.

    Both Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson did a fine job in their roles. Somehow, I do not remember Scarlett being as hot as she was in this film but maybe that is just the movie magic. Either way, she has a new fan. Also, Djimon Hounsou, Michael Clarke Duncan, Steve Buscemi and Sean Bean did fine jobs with their roles. Duncan's role was pretty small but his performance was very strong and relevant to the story.

    I was reminded of many movies while watching this one. One scene, while showing the harvesting, was closely resembling The Matrix. Also, one of the reasons I liked this movie so much was the ingenuity involved with inventions of the future. From innovated trains to literal desktop computers (that was awesome) to cars and even to an X-Box, those little things sprinkled all through the movie kept my eyes on the screen. Similar to I, Robot.

    Although I would not have considered myself a fan of Michael Bay, after seeing this movie and realizing what other movies he is also responsible for (minus Pearl Harbor), I can say that I like his work and am looking forward to his upcoming Transformers project. 8.5/10
  • kmahaffey2 December 2006
    I, and also my whole family, found this movie extremely enjoyable and very underrated. I have to admit that I had't even heard of this movie and almost passed it by, as soon as it started, I was glad that I didn't.

    Because of the content of a lot of movies (ie. graphic sex and/or violence) it can sometimes be hard to find a movie that the whole family can enjoy without feeling uncomfortable (or falling asleep). I found that "The Island" has everything I want in a movie, action, adventure, comedy, and an extremely well written plot line, without an overabundance of sex or violence.

    I feel that this movie is well worth watching and highly recommend it.
  • brian-olsen31 October 2006
    From K-Tel Films: 35 Years Of Classic Sci-Fi All On One DVD!
    Warning: Spoilers
    Are you sick and tired of buying all those science fiction movies, cluttering up all the available space in your pre-defined entertainment area, when all you want is that cool scene so you can watch over and over? Well, you don't have to worry anymore! Because, you can get all of the coolest, the hippest, the most thought-provoking and the most original of scenes you want to relive again and again in The Island!

    Imagine not having to sit through all those BORING exposition scenes that are used to develop a story. No more!

    Remember THX, and the heart-pumping action of a man trying to reach 'paradise'! It's in the Island! Or Logan's Run and the stunning ending? It's there too! Remember how you were moved intellectually in Blade Runner? The Island has that! Or what about that action packed hover bike scene in the Return of the Jedi? It's all there. And you can't forget the classic Clonus Horror, the one you snickered at while watching Mike and the Robots on MST3K! And, hey dude, do you, like, remember how cool the Matrix was? Well, don't you worry, you don't have to subject yourself to that plank of wood called an actor ... you get to see some hot chick instead!

    All this, and more. So throw away that whole collection of DVDs just wasting room. With our simple DVD navigation, you can get to those action packed scenes right away. All this and more, in The Island!

    Order now! Sorry, No C.O.D.s
  • terminator69022 August 2005
    Mediocrity - A lost opportunity
    Warning: Spoilers
    In Summary:

    Appallingly overt product placements. More of a commercial than a movie.

    Brilliant premise - but let down by lack of any character or plot development.

    The plot is treated purely as a device for standard action scenes - a bit like the plot in a seventies porn movie

    Wasted the talents of a fine cast. This is down to poor direction, and script.

    Far too many implausible stunts - even for a Hollywood Summer blockbuster.

    As thought-provoking as Dumb and Dumberer.
  • tararau31 July 2005
    loved it
    The Island is the first Michael Bay movie I have seen and I really enjoyed it. Far more entertaining than War Of The Worlds for example, which I found quite boring.

    The story is pretty standard issue Sci Fi. Fine by me (I wasn't expecting Bladerunner). It's a story of cloning and bad scientists up to no good. It's a quest movie and a chase movie. It looks fabulous, some nice toys to enjoy. The chase scenes maybe improbable but who cares? It's not Hotel Ruanda (great by the way - love Don Cheedle!!).

    You know, I actually found it quite touching and was definitely invested in the well being of the main characters

    Ewan McGregor is excellent, he is really fun to watch, he takes the movie seriously and it works. He's a really good actor, why haven't I noticed that before? Easy one the eye too which is always good.

    Scarlet Johanson is also good, she is lovely to behold and she also turns in a good performance (though never with out lip gloss no matter what) darned makeup people!.

    Djimon Hounsou doesn't have as much to do as the above (they are on screen pretty much the whole movie), however,he holds our attention when he is on screen, another fine actor.

    If you want some fun, nothing too deep, that looks good and acting that is entirely entertaining. If you enjoy the adrenalin rush of a good chase and some epic destruction (like I do) this is your movie. Go. 10/10 for FUN.
  • mstomaso20 March 2007
    Just a little better than pretty good, but also just a little unoriginal
    Michael Bay has had his directoral ups and downs, but here in the big budget action realm, the director of the excellent The Rock seems right at home. This time, Bay welds the action to a solid, if somewhat unoriginal sci fi plot - which blends elements of Logan's Run, THX-1138 and Gattaca.

    Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johanson are an attractive couple living in a completely medically regulated community designed to repopulate a world decimated by a mass extinction. Ethan Phillips, Djimon Hounsou and Sean Beam all provide excellent support. Beam is miraculously transformed into his clever, arrogant and suspect character. Phillips is also particularly memorable as their slightly unhinged pal.

    Life in an enclosed, sterile environment, with all of their needs taken careof - including neatly arranged and identical uniforms, jobs, and three square can be a great bore, so - once a week or so - the sponsoring corporation gives away a one way ticket to the only place in the outside world which isn't lethal - The Island.

    McGregor's Licoln Six Echo and a number of his cohorts are becoming increasingly agitated and curious about their home. All the while, his platonic relationship with Jordan Two Delta (Johanson) grows. But then, she wins her ticket to the island.

    I have described the basic set up, and sci-fi fans will probably understand that this film actually sits among Logan's Run, gattaca, THX-1138 and other intelligent dystopian sci films. What may be a little harder to visualize is how stylistically indebted to Gattaca and THX-1138 this film is. Ewan McGregor doesn't really look like Ethan Hawke, and Scarlett Johanson is certainly not easily mistaken for Uma Thurmond, but between the cinematography, the themes, and the overall prettiness of the cast, the homage is obvious. The camera work is excellent, and the pace is spot-on, though it does become a little breathless toward the end.

    Nevertheless, The Island stands on its own as a nice example of big budget sci fi which does not insult its audience's intelligence and uses its budget to tell an interesting story - not just to show off a lot of special effects and highly improbable action (though there is quite a lot of both here anyway). Recommended for serious and semi-serious sci fi fans.
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