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  • jrthawk8618 February 2018
    Is Diana just the Amazon equivalent of a teenager?
    I was looking forward to a badass female lead superhero movie. For the most part that's what I got. Unfortunately for most of the movie it felt like Diana was just acting like a stubborn teenager that knows better than everyone else, ignoring even seemingly simple requests by her supposed partner in action. I get that some of this may have been on purpose to show her naivety to how this world behaves or her vigor to help make a positive difference or the idea that I don't need a man to tell me what to do, or maybe just played for comedic effect to some extent. I don't know. But it just put me off a little. Like this guy is clearly trying to help, can you just listen to him for one second? Also really played up the romance angle more than I expected for what I thought was supposed to showcase the strong independent woman. By the end of the film she seems to have grown and hopefully will be less irritating in the future. Rant finished. Overall I thought it had good story, acting, action and effects.
  • sunchick116-872-58338317 February 2018
    What was the big deal?
    I admit when people rave about a movie, it usually means I'll hate it, but when my sister convinced me to see it because it was an origin story, I was like 'ok'. It was SO BORING. First of all, it was tooted as this big feminist film, which It was not. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm a hopeless romantic and this is not necessarily a bad thing. But if your intention is to empower women and the best thing about the film is the romance between steve and Diana, you went wrong somewhere. I had absolutely no interest in any of the plot and basically suffered through all the war scenes. The twist at the end was cool I guess, and it was cute to watch Diana navigate outside her element, but once was definitely enough for this movie.
  • uunetbill-5870916 February 2018
    A fun watch, but nothing groundbreaking here.
    Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see WW on HBOGo already, I was like, "Hey, I kinda wanted to see this!" But after watching it, I can see why it's out there already.

    I got a chuckle out of other reviews that keep talking about fighting Nazis...never mind that this movie was set in WW I, so no Nazis, people, sorry. Yeah, there were problems with the plot, and the acting could have been better, but my biggest problem with the film was the lack of character development and the historical inaccuracies. The vehicles (motorcycle especially) and aircraft, clothing, speech, everything - wouldn't even have passed muster for a WW II film, let alone one set in WW I.

    From the previews I had high hopes for this movie, and I really liked Gal Gadot as WW, but the movie overall was just 'meh'. I watched it and actually made it through to the end (unlike a few other reviewers) but I did find myself glancing at my watch more often than usual.

    So yeah, there have been better superhero movies, but there have sure been worse ones, too. I'd say this one is worth a watch if you can get past the somewhat flat acting and directing. But definitely not one to go out of you way to see.
  • simonkie16 February 2018
    Wonderfully Wonder 10/10
    Outstanding. Wonder Woman delivers in one of the most heart felt superhero movies ever. Great story telling starting Wonder Woman's journey as a child watching and learning from her fellow Amazonians on the beautiful Paradise Island to blossoming into the Amazonian warrior that makes her wonderful. There were many moments that pulled your heart strings in a way unlike any other superhero movie. Great action scenes accompany the movie but the emotional connection between the characters is what carries this film. Very surprising and well done to see a superhero movie excel because of the great acting from the entire cast and not because of any special effects. Wonder Woman is truly wonderful.
  • idesalterain16 February 2018
    Zionist propaganda with IMDB as accomplice
    How can a movie have so bad reviews almost all 1 stars...

    The movie IS crap... wrong in so many levels that can hardly satisfy anyone's expectations.

    But the ratings are so high around 8 stars for a year?

    Easy: IMDB si be part of and stand for the biggest appartheid of 21 century... Works as part of their military propaganda and social engeneering.

    They can lie openly to you about a movie user Voted Rating, But they can't lie to you about User Reviews.

    Every user is able to see his review in the list and show it to other users, so they need to be transparent about that.

    Free Palestine :)
  • gautam-7617614 February 2018
    What the hell is going on with the hate? Wonder Woman was good. Great Visual Effects and CGI. Face it, I saw this movie in Adelaide. It was not at all bad. I liked it so much.
  • JShaft3314 February 2018
    Completely unrealistic
    Warning: Spoilers
    One of the most far fetched and unrealistic movies I'd seen in a long time. The scenes of WW blocking bullets with her wrist bands get old rather quickly, yet they keep going back to it. Also the fact that Dr. Maru can keep her face mask on with no apparent adhesive, yet a little breeze can blow it off also seems unbelievable.

    I wish they focused more on Diana's transition to the modern world. That was the most interesting part of the entire movie.
  • davidspader14 February 2018
    Not a movie for the boys
    Interesting reading the comments for this movie. I would guess that most of the negative "reviews" are from males in the 18-to-28-year-old demographic who have been weaned on the vast catalogue of male-dominated action-hero films and the increasingly violent video games of the last couple of decades. I suspect also that these "reviewers" are not so much disappointed with the movie but more likely threatened by the idea of a woman - and an exceptionally attractive one at that - being the heroine.

    As a male in my 50s, and one who grew up with hundreds of comic books - Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, etc - this movie is far closer to my idea of how WW should be treated that certainly the 80s eye-candy that was the TV show. I mean, what do you boys want?!

    Aside from the odd movie like "Kill Bill" and "Lara Croft", I can't think of many others where a woman gets to play the hero centre-stage. Yes, there are many flaws with the movie - if you want to nit-pick every single stupid little thing - and guess what? This applies to practically every movie out there. But the fight sequences alone - the choreography and the fact that you can actually see the action (not close-in shots to mask the inadequacy of the actors/directors) - make the movie well worth it.

    The boys that rate this movie negatively would probably have been far happier with a male director (instead of female), one who perhaps wouldn't have given Gal Gadot as much breadth to threaten the male-dominated super-hero world.

    This movie is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly confusing and overdone series of super-hero universes. I would love to see a version with a script written by a woman.

    If you haven't seen this movie yet, and as with any movie anyway, ignore the negative criticism and make your own mind up. I have four daughters and they loved (most of) this movie, and actually found it inspirational. These days, and in this world, anything that inspires my girls gets my nod. Good job, Gal.
  • cochrandarin13 February 2018
    IMDB needs to be shutdown...but this movie is GREAT!
    So, I first go to Wikipedia and check out it's article on Wonder Woman and see the facts. First, this movie grossed over $800 world wide, against a budget about a buck and half mil. NOT bad! I go to the 'critical response' section and find that the first statement is that this movie received 'mostly positive' reviews from the critics, most claiming it's the best of the Marvel comics movies so far. Hmmm, not bad! I check out other websites like this one, and they gave it mostly a high % with positive reviews. They don't mention this one by the way...and now I'm figuring out why. I see the audience 'exit poll' results and the movie got mostly A and A+s from people leaving the theatre. Hmmm... Then I look at the awards and find it got the best Action Movie awards from the People's Choice Awards and Gal Gadot got best female lead award from the Actors Guild awards, among others. So l come over to this website and start with the reviews, and all I see is bunch of whining about how folks can't believe this movie was rated so high on here and why they think this website is rigged, etc. etc. etc. Then I figured it out; This website either exists in an alternate reality, or it has a bunch of angry, bitter, depressed people reviewing on it that can't stand the idea that people actually ENJOY sitting down with a bag of chips and dip with your family after a hard week at work, kicking your shoes off, building a fire in the fireplace, and watching a great action movie to enjoy themselves. Because...uh, that's what NORMAL people do! It's a pretty simple word we're working with here, it's called entertainment! I don't sit down with a pen and paper and start crucifying a movie because it's not Lord of the Rings or Citizen Kane. Is this the BEST movie I've ever seen? Do you have to suspend belief?...uh, don't you have to do that with every stinkin movie of this genre?..yes It's a great action movie with great Special Effects and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the acting! Chris Pine and Gal Gadot do just fine. The story is just fine. Everything about this movie is just fine. I keep thinking that I'm done coming to this website, but I felt I had to stand up for this movie against some of the garbage I've read folks spew about it. I'm beginning to think that this website exists in an alternate reality or something, or maybe it's just got a core of reviewers that review movies that are...well, different or something. I don't know... But do yourself a favor and ignore the negative reviews on here and enjoy this movie that the rest of the normal world thought was pretty good...including me.
  • qmtv12 February 2018
    It's good as a fun little movie. Not very intelligent. Best part is reading the reviews, WTF!
    Warning: Spoilers
    I guess the name game for modern film is to give people lots of spectacular imagery. But not spectacular story telling. That's what we have here. On the plus side we do not get lots of quick edits. The acting is fine. Not great. The writing just plain sucks. How about spending some of the budget on some creative writing. Would that be too much to ask.

    Rating is a 5, passable, entertaining while it's on the screen. Try to remember what the story is afterwards, very simple and stupid modern action film. 1 given as balance.

    Reading the review for WTF was a great bonus after watching the movie.
  • zillia2412 February 2018
    The lemmings liked this movie
    Over 230,000 people gave this film 8+ stars. It is a great movie. People have their opinions, sure. Most of us really liked this film and look forward to more Wonder Women movies. Enough said.....
  • azzatochristopher12 February 2018
    Really great movie.
    Wonder Woman is one of my favorite movies of all time. Gal Gadot did a fantastic job. She taught people that love and kindness triumphs over all.
  • Richie-67-48585212 February 2018
    I Wonder
    I like Wonder Woman because I grew up reading the comics and she could do no wrong plus pull her weight and it wasn't about her being a woman as much as just using her gifts, talents and abilities to do good and help others. This version tries to give it a feminist identity by emphasizing the female part instead of appreciating it. I also thought that the origin and development of her birth and rise would have been more dynamic and have more detail to it. This movie serves as a start-up for the subject but could have been so much more. I also didn't care for the supporting actors and their parts which were not plausible. I am willing to bend on Super-hero flicks to a point but not break. This one took its time getting started and by mid-way through the movie we are so glad to see some real good focused Wonder Woman action. The story lacks as does the final battle but whatever one thinks this ends up being the movie it is. Yes to watching it so you keep up. If those who story-tell would on put their hearts into it....
  • Icarus Alexander12 February 2018
    More Casablanca less CGI
    A fun and a times dark movie, a little uneven and too long. Chris Pine is a very good actor. Good chemistry with Gal Gadot also a good actress. I wanted a Wonder Woman who was more Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca and less Carrie-Anne Moss in Matrix slow motion action. All in all a good super hero movie that looks like it will have a long franchise.
  • classicsoncall11 February 2018
    "...your wrath upon this world is over."
    Warning: Spoilers
    It must be I'm becoming jaded watching super-hero movies because this film, given all the hype, left me mostly unimpressed. Sure it had colorful costumes and action galore, but don't they all? The film worked better for me as an origin story for Wonder Woman, but not so much when it moved to the World War I setting. With what's going on in the DC Comic movie universe, I thought the action would have been better placed in the present day. Gal Gadot does cut an impressive figure as Wonder Woman, but surprisingly, she seemed out of her league with the other female warriors on Themyiscira doing battle with the Germans. Maybe it was her youthful appearance beside Robin Wright's Antiope and Connie Nielsen's Hippolyta. The other distracting thing that kept intruding on my thoughts was how does a guy like Sir Patrick Morgan (David Thewlis) manage his role as a leader of the Allies while at the same time commanding the enemy as Ares, the God of War? You would think he'd be missed by one side or the other during strategic missions. Anyway, the picture left me with virtually no feelings about it all when it was over, and that's not a good thing for building and extending a franchise. I'm glad I stuck around for the end credits though, or I would not have come across the name of the actor who portrayed The Chief. It was Eugene Brave Rock - how cool a name is that?
  • kevintetreaultjr11 February 2018
    Loved it.
    From her original outfit down to the end was pretty much accurate. I don't think their could be any other actors for this movie. It's a breath of fresh air and a spin on women heros.
  • bshaef11 February 2018
    They Hired the Wrong CGI Crew
    Good acting, good story (David Thewlis and Gal were great) but the photography and CGI were so amateurish that it detracted from the movie. The fight sequences were particularly awful. I'm surprised they didn't fix them before the movie was released. The actors seemed to be out of step with the background. Otherwise I enjoyed the film but it was a tad too long.
  • jamied-3709710 February 2018
    Just Terrible
    I never write reviews for movies on here, but after suffering over 2 hours of this film I had to write a review.

    All of the negative reviews hit it just right. This film is boring, with a lame plot, unloveable characters and poor acting.

    I have nothing good to say about the film, The DC universe is a joke, the most boring and uninteresting films ever made.
  • Bilal Fl9 February 2018
    A waste of time
    This movie is a disgrace for 2017 films! A poor performance and a very lame storyline!

    I do not get how this movie got 7.5!!!! what a shame IMDB
  • syedmuzammilseraj5 February 2018
    Everything about this movie is a crap. How it can be 7.5, utter Manipulation of Rating.

    From Graphics to acting every inch of the movie is awful.
  • emre10261 February 2018
    Entente propaganda
    Warning: Spoilers
    "History is written by the victors." The worst movie in terms of historical accuracy, depicting Central Powers as evil by doing so beign racist against people from Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. I am sorry for going to movie theather and supporting this brainwashing company teaching young generations feminist and entente propaganda...
  • alexandregatineau30 January 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Why is it disappointing? Because people hyped this so much, it got so much attention and good reviews, I was expecting to be mind blown.

    Have you seen Captain America? Or like, any other super hero movie? Yes, that's another one. There's nothing original, just an origin story. How about "a hero with beyond human strength wearing american colors to fight germans under the influence of an evil force". Captain America or Wonder woman? Both. Oh I forgot they even went as far as having a suicide in a bomber in the end.

    I could have given this movie 7 stars but there's something I can't ignore: the CGI. Marvel movies, you like them or you hate them, your opinion. But you can't deny that, everything looks real. Iron man, the flying ship in the avengers etc etc, it looks real. This movie, what the hell, you can see everything is green background, they tried so hard making it look beautiful like the amazon island that it looks way too fake. Same for the fighting scenes. Big meh.

    I don't know if Gal Gadot is a good actress, but in this movie, she's been asked to be naïve and incredibly pretty, which she does.

    Music is okay, the main wonder woman theme we discovered in Batman V superman is there, but maybe not enough.

    Anyway, no, it's not different than your average origin movie. It's entertaining alright but way too predictable and the CGI isn't even close to what Marvel does. Small fact: my girlfriend found it pretty cringe worthy and was laughing all the way through the final fight because, for some reason, the villain speaks and screams as cliché as possible "I will destroy youuuu, hahaha, I'm evil". You get the idea.
  • themizzz29 January 2018
    its good to see pine and gal in one movie
    Acting was good but story nd direction awful And Chris pine was awesome plying the role
  • andy-392-49535228 January 2018
    Truly Awful
    Probably the worst movie I have ever seen and I have sat through some rubbish. In fact I don't mind watching shlock when it's super low budget and that's the expectation but WW was a multi-million dollar 'blockbuster' and on that basis it should be trounced.

    WW epitomises the worst aspects of modern film-making: paper-thin plots designed around set-pieces and action sequences with the laziest effort to make things hang together even for five minutes. There is 'suspending your disbelief' and then there's insulting the audiences intelligence. It might have worked well as a plot for a music video.

    It's so bad its hard to know where to start. It's not that the direction or cast are spectacularly bad though I bet they are all thanking the stars that WW didn't make it through to any serious film-awards as this will be one they will want to forget. David Thewlis particularly feels a sad waste for such a film. Pine was built for these kind of roles as one can never take him seriously anyway (I think he's perfect as Shatner's Kirk).

    Gadot is bearable but I'd only give her hammy over-acting a pass as she is trying to demonstrate the naivety of the character. This could have been handled much more subtley to better effect. If anything the praise should go to her stunt doubles and the editors for making her appear the slightest bit athletic.

    Whilst Snyder is the writer it feels like he proxy-directed the whole thing as it has all his hallmarks. Its not that he doesn't have his moments it's just he comes across as a one-trick pony rather than a seasoned director capable of delivering what the story needs. On that basis I'm not sure what Patty Jenkins achieved herself with this. Definitely a huge step backwards from Monster (but then not much else in the last 14 years?).

    The setting as world war one was a terrible mistake and contradiction. I could understand a really simple-stupid movie aimed at kids but it clearly isn't. Mixing candy-floss nonsense with the dark ravages of war just to make a protracted point (men are evil). Deaths are frequent and all too easy which often feels like poor taste.

    The characters are all stereotypes, paperthin and cliched - nothing original at all which adds to the boredom as you genuinely feel you have seen everything before.

    The pacing is poor and again this is poor storytelling and scripting. There have been very many successful films which have told a back story interweaved through the experiences of the main character as an alternative to dragging through an hour just to reach the main acts of the film. You can wander off and make a cup of tea several times and you won't really miss anything of subtance either.

    Even the action is awful.. typically over-used Snyder-esque slow-mo sequences. Used sparingly this can be a great technique to emphasise a moment (as employed within the Matrix) but use it as the main effect and it drags the pace of everything down and loses that natural excitement of keeping up with fast complex action. You never reach the end of a point and think 'wow', what did I just see.

    CGI generally has come good over the last 10 years, really good, but this is back to some of the cheesiest effects you will see on film. And the more they throw at you the more your brain goes 'meh'. Its like making a 2hr film just composed of CGI explosions - after 2 minutes you'll be bored to tears.

    Some will like it - probably those types who can't sit in a cinema for more than a minute without opening another bag of crisps or checking their phone. For them the film will work well as those kind of interruptions won't spoil anything. But if you've got anything else to do with your life today, do that instead.
  • wooderice25 January 2018
    A Great Surprise from Struggling DC
    Warning: Spoilers
    Given how disastrous things had been going for DC prior to this film's release, with abysmal films such as Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, expectations here were rock bottom. Imagine the surprise when the critics began raving over this one. I can honestly say this was one of the best surprises of 2017 in movies. While in the previous films Superman was turned into an emo and Batman into a murderer, Wonder Woman is exactly what we'd like out of a movie hero; determined, powerful, but always still learning. Gal Gadot's performance was great, establishing herself as one of the breakthrough stars of the year. The other performances by Robin Wright and Chris Pine were pretty good as well. One of the most surprising things was how it managed to be dark without going overboard. It's darker than most comic book movies, dealing with things like mass murder of civilians, but it doesn't try too hard like BvS did. Now, there are some downsides. If you know your comic book movies, you'll see that the climax and ending were ripped straight out of Captain America: First Avenger. They are essentially the same scenes. While Ares is definitely an improvement over Eisenberg's Luthor and Leto's Joker, DC still hasn't gotten the villains down yet. The idea behind him is cool, but the way he acts toward Wonder Woman is quite similar to how Joker acted toward Batman in The Dark Knight. Still, this is by far the best DCEU film so far, and one of the most surprising movies of the year. It also set plenty of records for women in filmmaking, including highest grossing movie directed by a woman. That's especially good because the more records that get taken away from 50 Shades of Gray, the better. In all seriousness, this was a massive step in the right direction for DC, and one of the best comic book movies in recent years.
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