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  • Stibbert27 September 2005
    Fast, thrilling and good looking!
    Prison Break is one of the best new series. It's got personality, style, thrills and action. Michael Scofield robs a bank only to be caught and jailed. With him behind the bars he brings a plan to get himself and his brother, who is sentenced to death, out. What few people knows is that Michael is the architect of the prison and so he knows his way around.

    The characters are really good. You really get to know them, but just so good that they're still unpredictable. You get to know some of their history and what kind of person they are. The actors does a great job in portraying these characters. I've only seen Dominic Purcell in John Doe, a performance I didn't find that good. However, in Prison Break his potential in shown. He portrays Lincoln Burrows very good. Wentworth Miller also does a great job as Lincoln's brother, Michael Scofield.

    The story may seem a little incredible and some facts may be wrong, but never the less it's made quite believable. You believe the locations and the characters and how they behave and react. The story is well written and detailed and it all seems possible. They've managed to give this series kind of it's own style and personality. The basic idea of escaping a prison is old and so you might not wanna call this show original. On the other hand you don't know what else to call it. It is a new twist to an old idea (and a good one I might add) and it is not filled with clichés. It gives a realistic image of what could very well be. At the same time you got the old hero who's out to save the innocent. Yet, Michael is not treated like a hero. He leans more towards being a anti-hero.

    The cinematography is great. This is one of those series with it's own unique look. The mood, style and action is well captured in really good looking shots followed by really nice music.

    If you should start to watch one new series this year, it should be Prison Break.
  • Eagles40930 August 2005
    Fantastic New Show on Fox
    I wasn't sure how this show was going to be, it didn't look that interesting to me. I thought it looked more like a made for TV movie than an actual series. I decided to give it a chance and watched the premier last night. Let me just say that I'm addicted to the show after the 2 hour premier. This show was great, the acting, the characters, the setting, everything was done top notch. The show is filmed in and around Chicago, the prison they use for the setting was just closed a couple of years ago, it gives it a very authentic look. If you thought like I did(how can you make an entire series out of one prison break?), give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Besides, Fox made an entire season out of a 24 hour period.
  • fairydun6 October 2005
    I was surprised
    After seeing the commercial I did not strike me as something I wanted to see, but My husband convinced me to sit down and watch the pilot. OH MY GOD, I was so surprised. After seeing that one episode I am hooked. On Monday nights no one in my house can make a sound while Prison Break is on. We absolutely love it, you immediately love the brothers and want them to succeed. You feel that their failure would be your failure, you want to cry with them, laugh with them.. I hope this show stays around for a while. I know that I would never miss an episode. Any one who has not started watching this show, do so now, you will not regret it in the least. You will fall in love with Wentworth Miller, he is a gem.
  • Heidi Shanklin12 September 2005
    Great Show
    Excellent acting and well written. One of those shows that you can't wait until the next episode and even more credible than "24" which, I have to say, this past year got a little out there. It's great and well worth your time.

    Wentworth Miller brings a stoic dignity to the role, earnest and steadfast. Dominic Purcell is wonderful as his brother on the cusp of needing to believe his brother will help him. Peter Stormare is creepy as only he can be. And Stacy Keech is refreshing as an atypically concerned prison warden. Nick Santora and Paul Scheuring's writing is spot on and intriguing, leaving you wishing that this was a novel so that the pages could be turned faster. I would encourage any who have the fortitude to watch this show. Pure gold.
  • ToddlerChaser019 May 2006
    Prison Break is Awesome
    I have really enjoyed watching Prison Break. This show is Adventureous, Romantic, and a little humor all in one. I do not have many favorite shows, but this one goes right at the top of my list. I am hoping Prison Break will continue airing for quite awhile. Monday nights are always exciting, just waiting to see what comes next, has me on the edge of my seat. The actors and actresses are awesome to watch. The series also has great writers. So I tip my hat to those hard workers that make this show one of the best shows on T.V. Keep up the good work guys and remember you have so many fans that love what you are doing. As I said before, Keep up the good work!!
  • SonicStuart29 August 2005
    This looks like a show that will be a hit!
    I have been seeing so many advertisements for this show and I decided to check it out and it's surprisingly good! The acting is well done and everything else. The show is about a guy named Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) who gets arrested and framed for a crime that he didn't commit and now his brother, Michael (Wennworth Miller) installs himself in prison for one reason, to get his brother out of jail! FOX had better not cancel this one! Because I'm tired of the FOX network canceling all these other good shows that have potential and they put them on nights where they can't win and they have way too many reality shows! Plus all the good shows that FOX cancels last for 1 or 2 seasons like "Tru Calling", "Dark Angel", "Fastlane" just to name a few. But hopefully this show might last with all the good reviews from all the newspapers and magazines.

    User Rating: 10/10

  • paodelatorre22 November 2005
    Some people say this show is for 24 fans... I'm not a 24 fan... As a matter of fact I don't like 24 at all!... But I so love this show... I mean, 1 hour is not enough... Gosh, if you watch one episode you'll be attached to the show... It's great!... It keeps you wandering what's gonna happen... and most of the time you THINK you know what's gonna happen but the twists are so cool!!! You could never imagine that coming... The characters: they have this established personality, they're unique, they're not like the typical criminal, the typical good girl and bad boy... they're completely different... The story lines are awesome too... This show is well written, directed and produced...So I really recommend this show... I love it!
  • buck-11121 February 2007
    One could have never thought that you could make a show about breaking out of jail so entertaining, or could one?
    Prison Break is now on its third successful season and shows no sign of this wonderful drama ending. Prison Break has everything from petty crooks to government conspiracy to crooked cops. One could have never thought that you could make a show about breaking out of jail so entertaining, or could one? This show reminds me a lot of the ShawShank Redemption. I wonder if that movie inspired the writers at all? Even though they could have been inspired, this show is definitely unique. It all starts because Linc (Dominic Purcell) was falsely accused of killing the vice presidents brother, and is now sitting on death row. Linc's brother Michael (Wentworth Miller) robbed a bank so he could land himself in prison to help break his brother out. To do this Michael has the blueprints of his escape secretly tattooed all over his body.

    Now Michael has some pretty good luck, what are the odds that he was sent to the same prison that his older brother is at? I would have to agree with Gillian Flynn from Entertainment Weekly When he states, "Let's pause, laugh, and salute this series for being so well shot and acted that these little dragonflies of illogic buzz us only briefly. (But seriously, how lucky for Michael that he was sent to this particular prison — otherwise we'd be watching him in Leavenworth hitting his head and muttering ''Stupidstupidstupid!'' for five years.)" It is very convenient that he helped design this particular prison. What would he have done if his brother got transferred or if Michael was sent to a different prison, I bet he would have felt pretty stupid. I am also very impressed that not only does his full body tattoo look good, but it is a map of their escape. Another pretty amazing thing is that he can actually remember what everything means. I don't know about you but I think I might get some things mixed up.

    Putting aside the unlikely elements of this entire show, it is actually rather entertaining. It is very suspenseful and you never know what is going to happen next. Also people can somewhat relate with this show seeing how it is not exactly science fiction. Everybody knows that there are innocent people that are sent to prison, and even put on death row just like Linc in this show. So except for the "government conspiracy" for some people this show might hit at home, making it very entertaining.

    The acting in this show is done very well. I have not once said to myself wow he sucked. From the main characters all the way to the extras the acting has been superb especially on Michaels part. I think his best acting episode had to of been when he was pretending to be insane. I could have sworn that he was not faking his mental illness. Another character that stands out in my head that is a very good actor is Haywire. If I did not know better I would honestly believe that he was mentally insane. He plays this part perfectly and makes his scenes very entertaining.

    The graphics and the special effects in this show are not bad as well. From Michael being burned to Linc getting in the accident, it all looked pretty real. I never saw anything that looked really fake. I did see some things that were rather unlikely though. Like when T-Bag got his hand cut off and sewed back on. He was about to get caught so he ripped his hand off to get away. To me I think I might have passed out or at least have to go to a hospital afterwards, which he never did. He just put a fake hand on his arm like it was not going to get infected. Now even though this is a little for fetched it does make this wonderful drama a lot more exciting.

    One thing I noticed when I was watching this show is that there is no narrator. There is nobody telling you anything about the show. I think that this makes the show more exciting. It is like it adds more suspense to it. When you have a narrator he/she tells you wants going on and what to think. Two examples of dramas like this are Grey's Anatomy and Desperate House Wives. When you do not have one you have to think for yourself. Therefore your mind is racing with ideas of what is going to happen next.

    Even though this show has a few things that are very unlikely to happen, it has a lot of things that are very likely to happen. It has a lot of good qualities to it. It has good acting, graphics, and special effects. It has all the elements of a very entertaining television drama. I would have to say that this is a very good show and that I will continue to watch it.
  • jasonandchristine200230 August 2005
    what an awesome show! for the first time since 24, a show has lived up to its hype! the entire plot, actors, everything was great.

    i know some people will bash anything, but not this. this was awesome.

    i cant wait until next Monday.

    the scene where Michael took off his shirt to reveal his tattoos, had my entire living room jumping.

    my phone was ringing off the hook because everyone i told to watch was doing so, and was reacting the way i did.

    if the rest of the season is just 10% of the first night, it will be better than advertised!

    fox hit a home run right out of the ballpark with this show. finally a show that is in the same class as 24!
  • saumya1458816 February 2009
    Prison Break when it started...but now, give me a break
    Warning: Spoilers
    The series is undoubtedly one of the best in terms of storyline, acting and cinematography. A lot of the positives however have already been mentioned by other people here, so I'd mention some of the flaws I've observed.

    1) Michael plans everything out, except for disguising himself and his brother after they break out. They occasionally walk around with caps and shades, but honestly he could have at least come up with wigs, beards or colored contact lenses.

    2) Teabag seems to be invincible. You chop his hand off, and he manages to carry it all night to a vet and get it reattached without even taking anesthetics! With that kind of a blood loss and pain, i dunno if anyone can keep conscious for more than a few hours. You torture him, ripping his stitches n all, and he manages to actually detach his hand off n escape!Pin his hand to the floor with a knife, or beat him black and blue, he is healed and active in no time...way to go.

    3) US prison guards are one heck of a trained unit! A guy with a severed hand manages to stumble to freedom under their noses when they had cordoned off the area and had sniffer dogs hounding the countryside( the smell of his dripping blood should have had dogs tearing after him). A bunch of exhausted outlaws manage to outrun them, after they had missed their plane and were just a couple of hundred meters ahead of them! Next, Bellick can't even take a shot at Michael, who was hanging from a train and was not more than 10 meters away.

    4) The Panamanian general was so stupid as to go arresting organized criminals with a couple of lazy soldiers? How can Whistler live in a wall in a smelly sewer, eating raw rats for weeks n still emerge out looking so normal? Most people would have been driven insane, looked underfed and would be riddled with diseases...but he looked in prime health. Some stamina, mate! 5)Mahone, with all his wit n cunning, could not have faked the encounter of that 'baseball card thief' any worse. I mean, he was wicked enough with Abruzzi and the retarded guy, so how come he shot the kid in a manner even a school boy would not take be genuine? 6)The manner in which Mahone n Schofield managed to go in and retrieve the computer guy's device from a high security premise was laughable...What kind of professionals fall for the age old trick of false alarm n all abandoning of posts to check it out? 7) How can a MNC like Gate not have photo record of one of it's employee?If Teabag can pose as an award winning salesman in US where his posters r all over the place , then its really a cause of worry for homeland security, huh!
  • cavillasenorl20 February 2015
    If you can, only watch the first 2 seasons
    Warning: Spoilers
    Prison break has a very good 1st season about a guy named Michael Schofield (Wentworth Miller) who decides to break his brother, Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell), who is sentenced to death out of jail, almost everything has a reason to be, the very elaborated tattoo, the structure of the plan is good, you get interested in what is going to happen, still some things don't make sense but you think that it may happen, T-Bag (Robert Knepper) and John Abruzzi (Peter Stormare) are very good characters with strong actors, I really don't know who was in charge of the cast but Kellerman had an actor out of place, Paul Adelstein looks like a comic actor. Rating 9.

    2nd season gets interesting with the addition of Alex Mahone William Fichtner), a guy who seems to be almost all the time a step above Michael who is trying to escape, of course he has his own story and Brad Bellick joins the hunt to make still a good season, again Robert Knepper has a great acting. Rating 8.

    3rd season is where the writers destroy the show, again in jail for a really bad reason, actors are the same but Bellick and Mahone are simply another characters, there is no plan to scape just luck, then the addition of Gretchen Morgan (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) who has stunning eyes but that's it, she tries to play a Nikita roll but it just doesn't feel real, by this season the show is destroyed. Rating 4.

    4th season... do you remember the sow about some guys who were trying to be free and to establish in Panama... gone! they switched to a police, James Bond, betrayal, revival (because of the un-dead persons) that you just don't believe, I finished the show really wanting Michael to die so they couldn't make another season, bad, bad, bad, everything out of place, unbelievable, unreasoned, scylla?. Rating 3.

    Final break? another jail? really? out so easy? really? Rating 2.

    I gave them a 6 because season 1 was very good, Robert Knepper did a really good acting keeping his role the entire show, the guy in charge of the casting for The company agents did a really bad guy, Kellerman looks like a comic, Morgan is not a sexy Nikita woman and the last guy looked like a big young high school guy.
  • mail-460126 January 2008
    Lost the Plot in Series 3
    This show has lost the plot that Lost.

    Series 1 was great entertainment & series 2 was good too.

    Series 3 on the other hand is a shadow of the other series. While the acting was never very good at least the plots if unrealistic keep you guessing. In series all the flaws of the first two series are exposed badly - acting is shockingly bad, plot is non-existent, Soma was supposed to be hell on earth but look like day spa. If someone is getting paid to write series 3 they can stay on strike! Series 3 has all the look of blatant attempt to cut costs & squeeze some more money out of what started as good idea.

    I gave up half way through series as not worthy of my time any more.
  • ltco4630 August 2005
    All good except.........
    Warning: Spoilers
    I am a 14 year veteran in a maximum security facility that maintains custody of death row offenders. This movie is great. I find myself like others calling it a movie forgetting it is a TV show, but it is really that good. My only problem with the show is that when the brothers are talking they are free of restraints. I have not visited all death rows across the nation but I don't know of any state that allows death row offenders to walk around without leg restraints, hand restraints and usually a belly chain/belt. But this by far does not take away from the movie. It is very similar to how some facilities really carry on in real life. Thumbs up to FOX cause it is nice to see a show that lives up to the hype given by the previews. Can't wait for the next episode.
  • GUENOT PHILIPPE16 March 2016
    Crap, crap, crap
    I won't be too long. Just one advice, to really appreciate this piece of sh...don't watch OZ series before. OZ, the ultimate series or simply best piece of material about prison world. The animal factory. The most realistic, violent, brutal. The most insane picture about what the jail really is. How the hell can any of you compare OZ with this garbage Junk series where the lead characters look like top models? Do you really think that so handsome, good looking fellows could be big shots in the can? Can you believe this? So handsome guys could NOT survive in prison, unless they do the cleaning, the ironing, the dishes...See what I mean? Unless they behave as pussies... Forget this crap at all costs. I could not watch it beyond the first season. I am not strong enough.
  • Ben H23 April 2017
    Why such a high rating you ask? The simple answer is Nostalgia pie!
    To answer all the people who are wondering why this presently has such a high rating... It's because the series is a classic and this "resurrection" has brought back all the loved characters and the same feel that it ended with so many years ago. It is not often nostalgia is satisfied when it comes to a forgotten TV series. I don't blame people one bit for getting carried away, after all isn't that the underlying purpose for watching anything.. Sit back and enjoy the ride down memory lane my friends!
  • mnorton202014 October 2014
    A series which sadly devolves into complete ridiculousness
    The overall premise of this series appealed to me so I began watching, and enjoyed Season 1. While I understand TV and movie entertainment often has to take liberties with a plausible reality, by the fourth season this series became moment after moment of unbelievable, unrealistic, and preposterous events. We've become accustomed to the hero showing up just in the nick of time to save the day, but with Prison Break it is over and over again - the bad guys showing up just at the wrong time. Watching season 4 in particular, it was nothing but a continued string of "how is that possible" and "what a coincidence", or "why did they do that?". Perhaps the series just drove me to a pessimistic and overly critical nature. One example - Lincoln is about to get shot by a sniper (why was he even there? They didn't know Lincoln was going back to the restaurant? Was he just permanently posted there?), then Don shows up just in time, with a pair of binoculars (where did he get those? Why did he have those?) to scan the rooftops and spot the sniper. It was moments like those over and over again that just left me shaking my head. Season 4 is a completely different show than Season 1. Not to mention the whole ridiculousness of Scylla - how it was "protected" before it was stolen, exposed circuit boards for a multi-billion dollar asset, and overly complex looking for something that seemed to be little more than an external hard drive. While the show has a certain level of entertainment value, if you're going to watch all four seasons, be prepared to suspend any belief and expectation in practical, predictable human behavior and events.
  • Sara Nasser28 May 2017
    First of all I'm a big fan of Prison Break, I consider it as one of my favorite TV shows, specially 1st and 2nd seasons.

    OK when I heard it's coming back I was existed and wonder what will happen because Michael is dead, but after I knew the events going to be in Yemen I lost my interest and my hopes.

    But whatever I decided to watch it for the "nostalgia" with my sister - we used to watch it together - it was alright and promising for the 2 first episodes except the geographic mistakes we laughed at it, then it went awful really awful they ruined my favorite TV show, I don't know what happened to the characters?!

    They became so stupid specially Sara they made her so naive which is annoyed me so much! For Michael they made him an easily giving up person, and some characters doesn't need to be in this season, they barely did something Like T-Bag and Fernando, for Lincoln he has the most cheesiest romantic story ever!

    let's not forget how fast the story going on, it doesn't makes sense at all and predictable! I think FOX used Prison Break popularity to gain audience for rating, the writers didn't bothered themselves to write a good story with a strong development of characters and events, I feel really ashamed and sad for what happening, finally I think the rating is high just because of PB fans they rate it with their emotion not their mind.
  • cabaeterno20 May 2017
    A let down
    Warning: Spoilers
    Prison Break has been my second favourite TV show of all times ever since it first aired. I have always defended it, even when it came to its infamous season 3 and season 4, which I think were still good (even though they don't compare to the masterpiece that the two first seasons are).

    As a massive fan, I was completely against the idea of a renewal. We got a closure at the end of season 4; Michael died a hero, and that was it (as heartbreaking as it was, it made sense and had an impact on the audience).

    Fast forward to 2017. "What a great idea it would be to bring PB back to life! Let's make Michael come back from the dead and lock him up somewhere in a prison!". As I unfortunately thought so, it went wrong. The show, and its characters, took a massive hit (and so did the acting performances...). The first episode of this new season was a very sad disappointment. Everything moved way, WAY too fast, did not make much sense, and just felt wrong altogether. This is not the Prison Break that I used to know. I've been waiting a while before writing a review, as I wanted to give the show a chance to maybe prove me wrong. I am now up to episode 7, and I just feel sorry for the old show's memory. There are some good things, don't get me wrong, but the execution is a massive let down.

    T-Bag (and its fantastic actor Robert Knepper) is a show saver, but there just isn't enough of him. The decision not to bring Mahone back was also a major mistake, in my opinion.

    The plot is just very cheap, the characters (including Michael) seem to have just become shallow and dumb over the years (stupid decisions, suspense killer, too predictable).

    It is just very sad. That being said though, I am still and always will be a major fan and admirer of the original series, which was a masterpiece. Please, just don't let it get renewed for a sixth season.
  • kylek-892379 May 2017
    Don't listen to the haters
    Here's the thing. What captured me about prison break was not the action, violence, or the fact the characters are always on the run. What is so intriguing is the mind of Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller). Of course the action is great. A lot of people are bashing the acting but it's a fact that Wentworth Miller is acting better in this one than he did in the prior four seasons. The first four seasons, tears, emotion, etc, were kept at bay. That could have been on purpose because usually people with high intelligence are less emotional. But he has definitely improved and his acting has gotten better. The other actors are doing fine as well. Linc is just the same as before. A little tougher, rougher, bit still Linc. Critics are just that. Critics. Take everything said, good or bad, with a grain of salt. But I'm highly enjoying the show. and I think most fans of this show, even the ones who are digging it, will still probably finish it out because...Well... Where has Michael Scofield been these past 7 years. We have missed him...
  • Negative Reviews2 November 2007
    Season 1 = absolute perfection; Season 3 = ABYSMAL FAILURE
    Season 1 was the single greatest thing I have seen with my eyes. I don't mean just TV or movies, I mean just anything in general with my eyes. I literally could not wait until the next nano-second of this exciting show, LET ALONE the next episode. Season 2 was almost just as good up until EXACTLY episode 19, that's where it all went down hill. Then came Season 3...

    Let's just say this, me, of all people, actually STOPPED WATCHING THE SHOW. I literally used to turn off my cell phone, and NOT ANSWER THE DOOR whenever Prison Break was on. I've also rewatched Season 1's DVD a double digit number of times (and also Season 2, at least until it stopped being good). That's how much of a fan I was. I bought the magazine, had the wallpaper, and even made my own custom Prison Break RINGTONE.

    And now I don't even watch this show...

    Here's how they ruined it for whatever reason: Beginning with episode 19 of Season 2, it was becoming clear that everything that had been so meticulously crafted by the writers in the previous episodes and season, was becoming completely UNDERMINED by the new direction of this show at this stage. Everything that had been built up was being carelessly written away in exchange for overextending the plot. So things that were once key (the money, the president's brother, the tape recording, the F'n PRESIDENT) was just completely wiped out of existence, and this disenfranchised many people.

    We had been on this great roller coaster ride, seeing the character arcs of people coming to a climax, as well as the story, where everything that had been invested could finally have its exciting, explosive payoff. What did they do? Well, instead of writing the ENDING to the great BEGINNING and middle that they had carefully written, here's what they did, here's an analogy:

    Let's say there was a painter who had been working on this great painting over the course of several weeks. Each time he made progress, he invited the public to come see his latest version of his painting, and the crowd would love it and go home happy, they were also anticipating how this great painting would turn out. Then comes a day when he finally announces that he's now put the FINAL TOUCHES to his grand masterpiece of perfection, and will unveil the finished product to public. All the adoring fans show up and can't wait to see it. He then says: "Oh by the way, look at this great new painting I started!"

    Audience: "That looks pretty good, but can we see the finished version of your other painting, you know, the one we've been coming to see for weeks now, some of us traveling distant miles?"

    Painter: "Oh, about that, I actually went ahead and started my new painting on the SAME CANVAS as my old painting, so I kinda painted OVER it."

    Audience: (*grabs shotgun*)

    That painter should've finished the damn painting he started, not undermine his work in exchange for the cheap ploy of beginning a new project in hopes of keeping the admirers coming back. Now you're left with nothing; the masterpiece that you once had is now covered up by this total piece of bullsh**.

    Random complaining points:

    --Remember what they said about Season 3 before it started? Remember how they said Sona would be such a terrifyingly creepy place, a place that would resemble a pit of eternal doom? That place is a F'n joke.

    --Remember how in the off season they were saying things like "the show will be completely reinvented, it will take on a very very new tone and direction that we haven't seen before." Right, that's why Scofield's back in prison and trying to break out AGAIN.

    --Every single character this season is PAPER THIN. Remember the once great characters of the past, who were realistic, living, breathing people with motivations (Westmoreland, Abruzzi, Tweener). Remember when people like Sucre, T-Bag, Mahone, and Bellick were actually INTERESTING? Now they're nothing more than shallow caricatures of their past, who serve absolutely NO PURPOSE.

    --C-Note is the only character in this show that had an extended story and still had a proper character arc and closing (so the people that died are excluded, because as much was we hated to see them go, that was in fact their closing, and it left a profound effect). With this same idea in mind, T-Bag could've gone down as an all-time favorite had he 1) got killed after his storyline with the Hollanders, 2) got arrested after his storyline with the Hollanders, or 3) had a semi-redeeming moment as a bit of a sympathetic character after his storyline with... the Hollanders. There's nothing wrong with *keeping a character in and of itself, it's when you keep a character, where the plot calls for them to have no USE, that's when you start to tarnish who they are. Now these once great characters are desaturated, diluted, hollow shadows of their former selves. It's really really sad to see.

    --This is the single biggest disappointing moment of 2007 for me, with Spider-Man 3 and the 2nd season Heroes being right behind.

    Season 1 = 10/10. Season 2 up until episode 19 = 9. Season 2 after episode 19 = 4. Season 3 = 0.
  • amirams20 September 2008
    Season 4 - a pale shade of "24"
    Warning: Spoilers
    (This voting is just for season 4, or actually the 4 episodes that aired so far. My rating is much higher for the three previous seasons).

    As long as Prison Break was about breaking out of a "regular" prison (season 1), trying to stay out of prison (season 2) and once again breaking out of an eerie prison (season 3) - it was an interesting and well-executed show, albeit a rather unrealistic and thus less convincing (for example, I was always amused by the speed in which our heroes got cured from very severe injuries as well as by the speed they traveled from one place to another).

    But season 4 is different. To begin with, it's based on a basic and boring story of "there are some bad guys trying to harm our country, and some good guys trying to stop them, and the bad guys try to kill the good guys". The name Prison Braek has become irrelevant, as have most of the regulars and especially the new characters introduced in this season.

    You see, the shows that we appreciate the most are those that create what's called "believable improbability". Harry Potter, or Lost, or "24". The situation cannot take place in reality, yet once we accept a few basic rules - everything makes sense. The opposite is "unbelievable probability", where a realistic situation has so many flaws and loopholes that we stop believing in it, and unfortunately season 4 of Prison Break falls within this definition.

    The story is clumsy and boring. Conflicts and inconsistencies are ignored or dealt with in an amateurish manner, or in some cases without any reference or explanation whatsoever.

    And the bad story seems to influence the actors. Brilliant performers from previous seasons have turned into flimsy puppets. And the new characters simply do not exist. After three seasons of effective "Company" and law-enforcement people, the new actors in this season barely move a muscle in their faces or a bone in their bodies. They are simply a bore to look at.

    Rather than wait in suspense for the next turn or turmoil, I find myself waiting for the next inconsistency or improbability or bad acting. And I don't have to wait that much.

    Prison Break should have concentrated on being a story about breaking out of prison, and if this story is exhausted - it should have found a compelling sequel. Unfortunately it has failed to do so, and it has become a bad joke, a (very) pale shade of "24". What a shame.
  • Vasilis Kapetsonis11 July 2017
    It's good to see all the old characters come back but this is not enough.a lot of mistakes where made here,very easy solutions and they didn't give enough attention in the details. I watch the hole 9 episodes but sometimes I cought my self wanted the episode to just finish. They had all these years to make something wonderful but the result was poor. Sorry but this is my opinion.
  • croxxman10 June 2017
    It is not "Prison Break"
    8.4? I think it is overrated. The old Prison break season 1 is awesome, the rest of the seasons are OK. This new "Prison Break" story line is awful & implausible. There is no soul in this "Prison Break". And the charm of Michael Scofield is gone. I am Prison Break fan, but this one totally let me down.
  • Joe15 May 2017
    just when i thought seasons 3 and 4 were really bad..
    Warning: Spoilers
    season 5 came, and it really is what i expected! the worst season of Prison Break yet. I really hope that its going to be the LAST, really LAST season.

    the story is stupid, another prison? and in Yemen? come on... you could at least let the natives speak their own language, it sounds stupid when they talk to each other in English. in the show, ISIL is pretty merciful but mostly, weak.. which is, ya know, not true.. C-Note has converted to Islam, and suddenly, he can do and get anything he wants in countries that share his own religion, funny isn't it? oh, and T-Bag is outta jail, yeah, that psycho-murderer does not need to escape jail, they've just released him..

    The acting is awful, Wentworth Miller (Michael) is just a terrible actor, sometimes I lough of how ridiculous the acting really is, well, except for T-Bag, he's pretty good.

    I'm still watching the show only because its hard for me to stop watching something I've already started..

    this season is a disaster, season 1 was the only really good season.
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