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  • TheBigSick12 February 2018
    Just speechless
    The movie "Walle" is arguably the greatest animated film of all time, stuns us in every possible way, and simply proves that only the sky is the limit for Pixar's imagination. Visually astonishing and narratively satisfying, deeply heartfelt and profoundly thought-provoking, the film serves both as a touching romance between two robots and also as a cautionary sci-fi set in the future. It has been and will be relevant and significant by straightforwardly reminding us of humanity and love.
  • gregoryranky10 February 2018
    A fitting tribute to classic sci-fi that adds its own touch
    Warning: Spoilers
    'WALL-E' is on the surface, a spiritual sequel to classic sci-fi films such as '2001: A Space Odyssey', 'Silent Running' and 'E.T.', in its aesthetic, tone and subject matter. It's critical of mass consumerism, environmental damage, and human negligence. It's also about 2 robots falling in love against the backdrop of a garbage-covered future Earth, a sterile cruise spaceship and the cold vastness between the stars, all in magnificent animated splendor.

    Several hundred years into the future, humanity has gone on an extended cruise in space whilst teams of garbage collection robots clean up Earth. At our story's beginning, only 1 of these-the titular WALL-E-is still functioning, replacing and repairing himself with spare parts from his rusted comrades. His life of compacting and scrounging humanity's detritus is interrupted one day by EVE, a trigger-happy scout robot sent by the Axiom, the largest starliner containing the descendants of humanity. When her mission is done, WALL-E stows away aboard her vessel, reaching the Axiom, where centuries of slothful living have turned humanity into immobile, childish simpletons. From here on out the story focuses on Wall-E and EVE's relationship, and their journey to return humanity to Earth.

    Pixar has always managed to distinguish itself from Disney with style and tone (more melancholic), even now that the latter studio makes CG animated films of its own. They've stated that each film they make has a specific technical challenge to overcome, such as under the ocean for 'Finding Nemo', or foliage and hair for 'Brave'. 'WALL-E' challenged them with dust and debris on Earth, and scores of robots in the Axiom's halls. The soundtrack conveys a suitably epic scale, and never fails to give us the tender and heartwarming moments needed for a love story. Perhaps most impressive is the reliance on body language and vocal tone with a highly limited vocabulary for the vast majority of the cast, making this in many ways closer to a silent film.

    'WALL-E' was my favorite Pixar film up until 2015's 'Inside Out', primarily as it's a rare positive portrayal of robots from a US creator, not just in it's leading duo, but in the vast array of maintenance robots that staff the Axiom, doing their jobs with care. Even the primary 'antagonist' here is primarily a set of ideas or an institution than a single being, one which whilst well-meaning, is ultimately flawed and in dire need of replacement. Most western animated films-and a good number of live-action films-make their antagonists exaggerated, one-note characters, and it's both refreshing and highly necessary to portray the film's message with the intelligence and realism that it does.

    'WALL-E' comes recommended for Pixar fans, animation fans, robot fans, comedy fans, love story this film, you won't be disappointed!
  • emnadreamdiscover28 January 2018
    one of the best animation <3
    An excellent animated movie,excellent plot yet so simple just a robot in love ....i am in LOVE with this character
  • yellowpvision24 January 2018
    robotic emotions
    The movie could get boring in the first half part. I wish they had taken more care of the comedian side of the movie, and it lacks important and fate-deciding events. The thing that I liked the most about it was the idea, it was new. And the movie was well directed and well executed. For me it was a romance, that all family members of all ages would enjoy especially the ladies.
  • aleksandarglisic11 January 2018
    Best Disney movie
    One of the best Disney movies One of the best Disney movies One of the best Disney movies One of the best Disney movies
  • datautisticgamer-748538 January 2018
    The correct way to make "environmental" films and still offer more
    Warning: Spoilers
    While flying back from Los Angeles, I had the chance to view this movie on the American Airlines in-flight entertainment. It was the one Pixar movie before their post-TS3 Dark Age that I had yet to view. So why is this my favorite Pixar film?

    I appreciated the simplicity of the dialogue, which while not that creative, is executed differently than other sci-fi by focusing more on the robots. The setting is my personal favorite when it comes to Pixar films, as it reminded me slightly of my Ratchet and Clank-infused childhood; futuristic but indeed realistic, with so many different robots that have spoiled the human race. The humor works and the action is highly intense; for most of them I was just sitting there in awe. As for the environmentalism, it's highly subtle, but it does dawn eventually that we need to take more action to stunt the development of such a dystopia. Many other environmental movies like Norm of The North and FernGully fail because they end up becoming too preachy and pandering with the same overall message. For the characters, AUTO isn't my favorite Pixar villain, but it does encapsulate the dangers of surrendering common tasks to robots (as many other parts of the AXIOM scenes depict). The chemistry between WALL-E and EVE was delightfully complex, given how they have different and not usually overlapping directives, and how a lot of the stages allowed for a G-rated movie play out differently in this setting. Even 10 years later, the animation is nothing short of glorious, even for Pixar's standards at the time. The character designs and effects continue to resonate in an era where we have studios continuing to push out much simpler designs for characters and objects.

    Some people who don't appreciate environmentalism may not like this movie, but I can recommend this to just about any curious viewer. It's safe for families (if a bit loud sometimes) and is, all in all, my favorite Pixar film so far. It's just one of those movies that we look back upon and say "Really? How on Earth did we create this 10 years ago?"
  • cinemajesty4 January 2018
    Robot Love Memories
    Movie Review: "WALL·E" (2008)

    The most original script coming out of Pixar Animation Studios since the initial computer-generated animation prime-time filling feature "Toy Story" directed by John Lasseter of year 1995, gets its succession with all-too-cute trash disposal robot tenderly-called "WALL·E" (for Waste Allocation Load Lifter, Earth Class), who has become last robot standing on man-abandoned Planet Earth changing over-polution for ultra-high-tech spaceship extravaganzas of physically inmobil human beings transported by hover-crafted clean-energy-charged flying chairs within a perfect synthetic environment.

    The storyline of the character "WALL·E" finally finding his robot friend from constantly indulging nostalgia of old world items gathering needlessly lighters, electronics and the robot's all-time favorite movie tape of motion-picture-history-homaging musical "Hello, Dolly" directed by legendary on-screen Hollywood dancer Gene Kelly (1912-1996) before white-gloss female drone "EVE" hits Earth for a patrol flight over the premises to search for surviving vegetation of any kind. Director Andrew Stanton uses the co-writing screenplay with also-turned Pixar director Pete Docter, known for "Up" (2009), in order to keep pace in extraordinary-captured animated cinematography by Jeremy Lasky, who utilizes an industry-standard technique of digital intermediate supervised by cinematographer Roger Deakins, where the animated locked picture gets re-captured by a 35mm film camera to get additionally color corrected as refocused with shallow depth-of-field, creating a unique look for any conceived digital animated feature to this day.

    This Pixar feature, which marks to be one of the best in the company's library, delivers with creative beats by the minute from holding-hand robots over heartbreaking care-takings of a befriended last surviving insect in shapes of an adorable Disney-certified cockroach runnning through metal-rusty claws of "WALL·E" to an accelerated space adventure ride toward the humans' spaceliner, where the stark contrast to super-hygiene seeking service robots share laughs, before the, from head-to-toe roundly-shaped, captain needs to confront an "2001: A Space Odyssey" -homaging all-knowing super-computer "HAL-9000" with the obligatory red-eye-lid in order to bring crew and starliner guests back to Earth for possible new-beginnings of Earth-inhabitation.

    © 2018 Felix Alexander Dausend (Cinemajesty Entertainments LLC)
  • Sasuke1 January 2018
    nice animated movie
    I watched this cartoon few days ago and i think its pretty crazy how older cartoons are better than the new ones. I recomend this cartoon to everyone no matter the age :)
  • SmileyAnimation28 December 2017
    WALL-E E E
    WALL-E was a great movie, the movie was perfect! i think Pixar did a amazing job! I recommend this.
  • farhadworldmodification19 December 2017
    Today is the day
    Looking back at the story and the small details mentioned in it was just out of our mind, however today, we look at it in our daily life.
  • sahadat-5313818 December 2017
    The story of this movie is very good
    I liked this movie very well. Hope everyone can watch this movie and feel good.
  • fmmagazineeditor3 December 2017
    Easily the worst of the Pixar movies
    If you have an agenda that the world is being ruined by humanity, you will love this movie because it propagates that very agenda. However, if you want to go watch a good story line, this isn't it.

    I literally almost fell asleep watching this with my kids.

    One thing I can say about this movie is that robots are smarter than people, and that includes the writers of this snooze fest.
  • huggibear16 November 2017
    Definitely Disney/PIXAR quality animation! Very strong 7 Stars from me!
    Well, how cute is this movie? To begin with, Disney might have gotten Sony Pictures approval for their mimic of one of my favorite movies' character "Number 5" in the movie called 'Short Circuit'. Well, I loved this animated movie because of the character "Wall-E" and "Eva". Very well done animation and voices. The concept or movie plot was silly, but it worked for me. Simple, yet sweet. I'm not sure if it's an 8 Star, but it could be close. It would have had to have a way better plot or a sweeter lesson for today's youth which are the adults of our future. We need to emphasize more health in our movies and not mimic the current state/route of our countries' population in terms of obesity. I wish the movie industry well-being! Watch this movie at least once if you can.
  • mugeshmugee11 November 2017
    Best ever
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is the best animation movie of all time. Wall e is best example for never give up. Hats of director and his team. Good animation and lighting. Excellent team work. Every one must watch this movie before die. Scenes, The unknown friends is helping to wall e. Romance between robots is new and different
  • srcornfreaks18 October 2017
    The best animated movie ever!
    Warning: Spoilers
    Synopsis: Wall.E revolves around the story of a trash compactor robot whose responsibility is to clean earth. He falls in love with an advanced probe named EVE who is sent by the humans for signs of life on earth. Together, they set out in journey that will change the fate of mankind.

    Review: Love stories can't get better than this. Andrew Stanton brings out another intriguing movie in the likes of Finding Nemo, Toy Story. The movie has wonderful CG.c The characters are meaningful and strong. Wall.E stands out from the rest of the crew. In fact, Wall.E became my favorite robot character. The movie gives out quite a strong message about the fate of the earth(which is scary!. Wall.E's attempt at impressing EVE makes some of the funniest and most innocent moments in the movie. One can watch this movie a million times and still not get bored by it. I would call it the "Best Sci-Fi Anime" flick ever.
  • XxXMinecraftPVPGodXxX17 October 2017
    Big ol' humans
    Warning: Spoilers
    Wall-e, is perhaps one of the greatest movies ever released by Pixar. The movie begins with a small, rusty robot named Wall-e. He is a trash compactor for a future earth, abandoned by humans because of all of its filth. But, one day Wall-e meets a robot named Eva. This robot was sent by the human race in order to find plant life to prove that earth was again livable. Eventually, Eva does find plant life and is called back to her ship. Wall-e follows her and makes it on to the ship. As Wall-e boards the ship, he sees, for probably the first time, what time has done to the human race. Humans are all insanely fat wasting their time away drinking food, sitting in transportation chairs, and using their futuristic screens. Although most remain captivated by their technology, there are many small scenes inserted into the movie in which humans rediscover parts of life they have forgotten. Wall-e, a wonderfully crafted Pixar movie, shows the small joys of life that humanity often takes for granted.

    One of the first things that this movie shows us, is that we take being able to move around for granted. Have you ever thought about how cool it is that you could walk, because I know I haven't. In the movie Wall-e, people are pretty much contained to wherever their chair can go. In one scene, a man is knocked out of a chair by our beloved robot and is left to flounder around helplessly calling for help. Although Wall-e does eventually gets him back into his seat, the movie goer knows that humans are essentially helpless by themselves. Imagine what kind of life we would live without being able to move. There would be no beach going, no water parks, no rollercoasters. Life would be terrible without being able to move. Wall-e shows not only movement is taken for granted, but also lack of technology.

    When I write technology I mean everything whether it be phones, tablets, or even roads. Sometimes we just need to take a break from everything and look away. I am fairly certain that no one ever really thinks about how lucky they are that they are not completely surrounded by technology. This is what is awful about life in Wall-e. People are so caught up in their video conversations and what not that they don't pay attention to the what surrounds them. In one scene of Wall-e, Wall-e accidentally bumps into a women on her space chair. When he accidentally stops her video screen, she looks away and is almost paralyzed by awe at the gigantic ship surrounding her. But, because almost all of the humans in the movie are always lost in their screens, they almost forget where they are. Hopefully, we never take for granted the wonderful world we live in and have our earth end up like Wall-e's. Although we should never take these two things for granted, they are both not even close to being as important as living.

    "I don't want to survive, I want to live". This was said by the captain of the ship towards the end of the movie and I feel like it sums up the entire point of this film. Humans are so lost video chatting, eating, or whatever when they should be living life. This can be shown by the two of the main human characters John and Mary. These were the two people that Wall-e bumped into earlier. Not only do they stop living wired to their screens, but they end up falling in love. They stare into space and take trips to the pool with each other while others are completely oblivious. Humans should never forget about this. Sometimes it's better to go and live your life rather than just play it by the book.

    In conclusion, Wall-e shows us many things that we take for granted. These abnormally large humans prove that some of the little things that we have in life aren't treasured as much as they should be. Humans should always be aware of their gifts whether it be living, being away from technology, or just moving. Thank you Wall-e.
  • kowatsan26 September 2017
    succeeds on every front
    Warning: Spoilers
    this movie succeeds on every front! I am not going to get into spoilers or specific plot aspects, but I will say that I am almost definitely going to see this one again in the theater..and it will be worth every dime. Come Friday, be in line to see Wall-E. You don't want to miss it!succeeds on every front this movie succeeds on every front! I am not going to get into spoilers or specific plot aspects, but I will say that I am almost definitely going to see this one again in the theater.
  • muvi-fan-7316 September 2017
    Best Pixar movie besides ratatouille!
    Warning: Spoilers
    When it comes to animated movies, the movies I like most are the ones which appeal to children as well as adults equally. This is second pixar movie I liked the most besides ratatouille. I liked the romantic take between two robots. I also liked the take where future human don't just want to survive but live.

    Direction, Screenplay, Cinematography: A robot surviving after apocalypse fulfilling his directive. The barren earth, the garbage of satellites around planet earth, the space, the space ship, robot design as per function, etcetera have been crafted very well.

    Tone: The romantic take between two robots has been developed nicely. Along with romance the story is developed where humans return planet earth after 700 years. The struggle to take over space ship from automatic control. Everything goes well with the tone.

    Music: Music is average.

    Final verdict: It is worth saving in your DVD collection.
  • lucie-711507 September 2017
    Good movie for all
    This film is a reward in itself. Take the time to watch it as a family and have a good time. This movie tells us how lucky we are to have our planet. It makes us realize many things.He is part of the great family of PIXAR films. They all have a unique morality that helps us to become aware of moral values.
  • ElMaruecan8220 August 2017
    Not the emotional torrent I expected, should I apologize?
    "Wall-E" elicited such a strong emotional response I feel almost guilty not to have been overwhelmed the way I expected.

    Right now, it is still occupying the same spot it conquered on IMDb's Top 250, along with with "The Dark Knight" (although a bit lower). Those were the two cinematic events of the year and they seem to have stand the test of time and proved that they were more than timely phenomena. And yes, you can't help but praise the technological achievement "Wall-E" represents, and how complex it must have been to create such a unique character. But whether one character (or two) makes a movie is another matter.

    Indeed, I have nothing against slow-pacing but "Finding Nemo" took you right into the relationship between Marlin and his son through a powerful five-minute opening sequence, "Wall-E" demands more patience and I'm fine with that but the more you wait, the more emotionally rewarding you expect the outcome to be. Well, "Wall-E" starts as a cute character and ends having a cute relationship; it's not exactly the most fascinating character's arc of Disney history. That's all right because there's a genuine likability in this character but he's too one-dimensional to carry an eighty-minute film, that's how I felt at least.

    I guess I had the same reaction than with the movie "Up" (I saw both movies twice to make sure it wasn't just something I'd miss at first viewing). I liked the film, I can see why some moments garnered such universal critical acclaim, with "Wall-E", Pixar studios made quite a creation, cute as a button, with his mechanical 'body' language, the way he moves his binocular eyes, whizzes the name 'Eve' (that 'Eeee-vah' turned me on for some reason) and use his shovel arms, he manages to be both RD-D2 and Charlie Chaplin. And through Wall-E, Pixar have achieved something remarkable, another remarkable stunt, making a silent romance, made only of squeaking, buzzing and rolling and various object sounds.

    They also made an environmentalist movie with a prophetic message about the future that awaits our Planet, Wall-E being the only robot to have developed sentience (thanks Wikipedia, I just learned a new word) and is capable to have feelings and reactions to his environment. Of course, you got to wonder how his feeling capability made him immortal and how he's supposed to be a 'he', do machines have gender or what? But these are the kind of contrivances we accept in the name of suspension of disbelief. The level of realism reached in the first act, believe it or not, makes the whole thing plausible. Because I would be believe Earth would end up like a human-less gigantic dump. Where the animals are is another question the film doesn't answer but there's a nice little character named Hal the cockroach who provides company to Wall-E, until Eve arrives and then the story takes off (for some reason, Hal doesn't seem to care about meeting a female cockroach, or is he the 'Omega' cockroach as well?)

    But I'm digressing here, let's get back to the "Up" parallel. The sci-fi sequence felt like the zeppelin part in "Up", it came at a time where the movie needed an antagonist to advance the plot, and while there's nothing much to criticize about the part; it doesn't hit the same sensitive chord than the first act. What is the most memorable part in "Up"? Yes, the romantic montage. So it's like "Up" and "Wall-E" are great concept movies, but it's like they rely on that simple principle defined by Howard Hawks (it's been a while since I didn't quote him) which is that a good movie if made of three good scenes and no bad scenes. If you stretch the notion of scene to sequences, you have a winner in "Wall-E", the encounter with Eve, the kiss in space and any other scene involving the humans. But that there aren't many bad scenes doesn't mean there's something to enjoy apart from the three memorable moments.

    This takes me to the initial point: does the character make the film? Is "Wall-E" so cute and adorable that we need to follow him for almost twenty minutes, it dragged on for so long that even when EVE came, I wasn't really enthusiastic, I was more like "God, we had the Wall-E alone, we'll have the Wall-E trying to make up with her". Maybe I expected too much but I had just watched "Finding Nemo" again and the film proved that you can mix up heart with action with great visuals without trying to pull a "2001" and make something mature, especially when the film ends with the cartoonish representation of obese humans living in a star-liner. I liked that twist but I was wondering if the characters really belonged to the same movies, the paradox of "Wall-E" is that the robots are given more realism, depth and substance than the humans.

    So I'm wondering if "Wall-E" wasn't actually a short film material, and the whole plot with the vessel and the mission could have been used for another movie. Maybe not but then I can't really say I enjoyed every bit, not as I would expect from such a universally praised film. Just because it deals with environmentalist issues and sends a powerful message about the way we treat Earth doesn't make it superior to any Miyazaki movie for that matter. Yes, I admire the feat of the creation of "Wall-E", but I don't think he was able to carry the film with his frail shovel hands.

    And believe me, it's not that I didn't care, when the film ended, I put on the DVD bonus features and the part with the sound recording and sound design had me literally glued to the screen, it's very telling when you enjoy the making of the film, more than the film itself.
  • Jarko9 August 2017
    A great western animated film
    Western animated films often don't put much effort towards creating a true film with important messages that are displayed appropriately. In Wall-E there is a very very important message and it is given to you unsubtly and truthfully. Wall-E delivers an amazing story for everyone and is lovable and inventive. Along side Ratatouille this is Disney's best animated film.
  • Weiming Sheng27 July 2017
    Splendid movie!
    Warning: Spoilers
    Wall-E is absolutely a wonderful film. My only problem with it is its resolution. Everything goes back to perfect, and the ending is just too happy. I would personally love it more if somehow Wall-E does not recover his memories, and\or humans' interactions with the earth be more serious and severe. This, however, is almost just nitpicking because how great the movie is. There are just too many good things to say, so I will just talking about the music and the sound design. They are just just awesome. When the final conflict occurs at the end of the third act, the score chosen just keeps reminding me of 2001: Space Odyssey, and it is so well-used that the entire movie is boosted to another level. This is of course also a masterpiece of sound designs. Every movement feels real, and the entire world is left with countless imagination to our ears.
  • stormhawk201824 July 2017
    A robots romance
    Forget great Pixar film, this is just a great science-fiction film period. The title character and Eve make for a cute duo. Kids will enjoy the charmingly funny antics while adults will be taken in by the film's surprisingly dark and biting social commentary (obesity, commercialism, environmentalism). Every scene from the desolate Earth to the vastness of space bursts with some of the most beautiful animation committed to film. The robot characters are well-designed and manage to be endearing with very little dialogue. 'Wall-E' is a heartwarming love story combined with a great sci-fi tale and it remains a testament to why Pixar is one of the best things to ever happen to cinema.
  • Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg)12 July 2017
    Disney just upped the bar
    First I have to admit that I'm pretty sure I enjoyed this movie more than my kids did! It was that good! Amazing writing for a truly touching next-level animation story. WALL-E was just so enjoyable and touched all of your senses with laughter and tears. Disney just upped the bar in animation with this little gem. This is a must see and one that needs to be in everyone's DVD collection. It's a 9/10 from me and my kids.
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