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  • anoushkabarua22 January 2018
    An amazing view inside a child's world
    Beautiful thought behind the story..that everyone can grow up to their maximum potentiality and capability if they are motivated with best of intentions. second strongest point is the way the animated n creative world which is conceived inside a child's mind has been depicted in this movie..the train around Ishaan's head..the birds..the numbers playing inside within his mind in a flying saucer..the way he sees fishes inside a small puddle...beautiful animation in those scenes.. Third strongest point is the use of music to show what is exactly going on in terms of emotions inside Ishaan's heart and soul..the pain he is going through because his mum n dad didnt tried to understand his disability of not recognizing particular alphabets..the pain of being alone in a new school with new people and friends all of a sudden without any thought given to his adaptibility with new situations..also strong attention to minute details like poor motor skills and restlessness..being lost in his own world..which we associate with Dyslexic.. Fourth strongest point is it shows a beautiful character development within a span of maybe a semester when Ishan develops from a strong to weak to again a much better version of himself where he feels finally like himself.. Fifth strong point..Tisca Chopra..the way she emotes through her eyes where she dosnt have to speak but she gets it that her child does have this problem when Aamir comes to meet them..she finally is able to see the way her son must be feeling.. Beautiful bond between a mother and a child..a bond between two brothers..a new yet trustable bond between a teacher n student..a typical day which goes in every Indian home..overambitious parents..yup..this movie showed so many things and taught us how we treat our kids to fulfill our ambitions..yet we forget that they are beautiful beings wihtin their own rights n abilities.. its an inspiring movie
  • bardo10022 January 2018
    Melodramatic and unrealistic, but with some good elements
    Warning: Spoilers
    After seeing other Aamir Khan movies I expected a lot less. But to be honest, this an ok movie (but nothing more). Don't think the movie is very different from other ones starring Aamir Khan though: - Again basic ethical problems and ideas are the basis for the subject of the movie. In here also lies a cultural difference, what might be accepted and understood in the west isn't allways in poor and underdeveloped countries like India.
    • Again it show how terrible everyone is dealing with people they don't understand, how they are misjudged and forsaken and not appreciated enough.
    • And again Aamir Khan's personage is the gooder that shows everyone how we should accept and treat people that don't precizely fit in our general picture of being a normal. Where would India be without it's saint Aamir Khan...

    Some of the elements I liked were the animated intermezzo's in the first hour of the movie where you get to know the inner world of Ishaan, (most of) the effects were nicely done and brought something extra, the fact that you really get to feel some sympathy for the boy and the acting is actually quite good.

    The songs in this movie weren't all that bothersome (except maybe the one where Aamir joins the movie, extremely over the top) and some actually add something to the movie, camerawork was fine.

    What I didn't like is the length of the movie. Some scenes are way too long and unnecessary. It's sometimes overdone, way too melodramatic, unrealistic. The characters are too stereotypical. I wasn't fond of the sudden change of perpective when Aamir joins the show (from the point of view of the little boy to that of the teacher). I would have liked the perspective of 'the boy that gets help from a teacher' instead of 'the teacher that helps a boy'. Even though Mr. Khan didn't show up until 75 minutes into the movie, it seems he's not thát modest to keep the focus on the boy instead of taking over the lead role.

    It's probably obvious that I really dislike the way Aamir Khan presents himself in his movies time and time again. Though I don't deny the good that the life lessons that are so important in his movies might do in a country like India, I can't help but feeling that it's all to maintain an image instead of genuinity. It would be nice to see someone else playing the role of gooder in one of his movies for a change.

    And sure, every child is special. But why must this be shown by an dyslectic kid doing something great? Everyone has his or her flaws and strengths, but most (at least 99%) of all dyslectic kids never achieve something like what is shown in the movie (just like at least 99% of all non-dyslectic kids) and are nevertheless special and deserve to be appreciated for their strengths. Off course the idea is that parents and teachers must never stop trying to find a childs true potential, but with this the movie contradicts it's own preaching: that someone doesn't have to be the best in anything to be loved, understood and appreciated.
  • mervekydb25 December 2017
    Taare Zameen Par
    This movie is one of the most touching and emotional movie I have ever watched. I was quite impressed with the topic. Ishaan, who has dyslexia, face up to a lot of problem but when he met his art teacher, his life changes. His art teacher is lead actor -Aamir Khan- my favourite actor. I watched nearly all of his movies but I think he is more suitable for dramatic movies like in this movie. He has also entertaining personality but emotional side of him is more dominant to me. Anyway, I'm sure you will be hooked with this gripping movie. Enjoy the movie ! :)
  • lazarknezevic9124 December 2017
    Like Stars on Earth: life lessons (!)
    Like Stars on Earth gives us several strong life lessons for the often disrespected job of a teacher through different aspects, such as: the importance of the teacher and student relationship, the teacher applying different styles in his class, the teacher who approaches all of his students individually, forming bonds with them, about the teacher who lives for his job, and not for the benefit of earning a salary. On the other hand, the whole plot seems not so convicing: although musical parts were incorporated in a way that they are not at the expense of the plot, but mostly unconvincing performances (it is as if they are all gonna laugh in a sec)...
  • anangmulia23 December 2017
    Must Watch Movie For All Student In The Entire World
    This movie is about education.What a Student feel when he's at school.What it feel when you're got stample as stupid.This Movie Have A Good Plot,I mean its drag us to follow the main character (Ishan) Life Slowly.So we know what kind of kid the main character is.what is his world,what is his hobbies.So when he got the problems of his life.we feel like he feel when he got his problem.So its drag you to his life.All Students in the world must watch this movie,especially if you're stupid.But i hate to say that bicause There's no stupid kid.
  • classicsoncall16 November 2017
    "The letters are dancing."
    Warning: Spoilers
    Over the last few weeks I've watched about a half dozen Indian movies and almost all of them star Aamir Khan and offer extended scenes of colorful song and dance numbers. Being a new film experience for me, I thought those details were worth noting, as I don't know how far that stereotype goes.

    The story here, though a good one for it's subject material, I thought was almost too simplistic and straightforward, as one could pretty easily figure out what the outcome would be. The learning disability that young Ishaan (Darsheel Sagary) had wasn't some big mystery, but a simple case of dyslexia. For that reason, I couldn't understand why he wasn't taken more seriously when he made the statement in my summary line above during one of his classroom experiences. It seems a perceptive teacher should have picked up on that hint long before Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Khan) came along.

    There's a part of me that always wants to caution about the way a certain type of message is conveyed about children. The saying that 'every child is special' bothers me somewhat, in as much as if we elevate every child to that level, then we've simply redefined what's normal. So that winds up saying that if every child is special then no child is. The better way to phrase such a concept to my mind is that every child is special to someone, and that all children have the right to every opportunity life can afford them. I don't want to give the wrong impression here. I have four grandchildren and they're all special to me, even if they're not going to be world class athletes or the next Einstein. Or maybe one of them will, who knows?

    With that out of the way, I have to comment on the young actor portraying Ishaan. Darsheel Safary is more talented than a lot of adult actors I've seen, and ran through an amazing arc of emotions that I simply found incredible. I really can't imagine how he pulled off some of the scenes he was required to carry. Quite amazing to my mind, enough so that I would state that in this case, he was pretty special.
  • sarmahanimesh24 September 2017
    Tare Zameen Par
    According to 'Wikipedia', this film is known as "LITTLE STARS ON EARTH" and the title is exactly portrayed in this film. I don't usually watch Bollywood much, but I have watched this film more than 20 times though I am somewhat late to review this film. If I have to describe this film in a single word I would love to say it as an "INSPIRATION". This film gives motivation to the children who are talented in another field(s) rather than in the field of education. I would sincerely like to express my gratitude towards Amole Gupte, Script Writer of 'TARE ZAMEEN PAR' for composing such a sensitive story. In this film Ishaan Nandkishore Awasthi an 8-years old boy, whose parents weren't aware that they had a dyslexic son. Much to their ignorance, Ishaan was a talented artist whose talents weren't recognized by his parents nor his teachers at his school. Once "Nikumbh Sir (Aamir Khan)" went to visit Ishaan's parents on an off day. When he visited Ishaan's room and went through his notepad he was surprised to find that Ishaan perceives the world in a different way and his notepad clearly uncovered his talents. When Nikumbh Sir asked his parents about the reason behind sending Ishaan to the boarding school, they whined about his failure in the third standard and compared him with his elder brother Yuhan but they never attempted to investigate the matter of his failure instead they bound him to go to the boarding school. Nikumbh Sir tried to explain Ishaan's father about his ailment as well as his talent, yet they refused to hear anything such, instead they give him an excuse of the competitive world awaited outside and they also categorized Ishaan as a mentally retarded child, hearing this Nikumbh Sir criticized them adding that Ishaan is a child of above average who can process differently. This scene of the film excited my outraged toward Ishaan's parents, they could have affectionately asked Ishaan about his failure instead of scolding or sending him to the boarding school, and by doing this they would have found that Ishaan doesn't have any enthusiasm for studies rather he is keen on Art, and they ought to have sent him to an art school instead sending him to a school where he can't work with his talents. Just Ishaan had understood how he experienced a terrible stage living apart from his mother, and the lyrics of the song "Kho Naa Jaaye Yeh / Taare Zameen Par" played in the background still leave me moist-eyed. After Nikumbh Sir returned from Ishaan's house, he started his next class by handing Ishaan Ishaan's notepad which he brought from Ishaan's house. Ishaan was stunned to see his notebook before him, as he never expected that Nikumbh Sir would visit his house. Probably Nikumbh Sir planned this class for Ishaan in order to inspire him. He started giving examples of some great personalities around the globe who suffered from Dyslexia among them Albert Einstein was one. I think, what Nikumbh Sir had done in his class was a motivation for Ishaan and too for the other children whoever watched this film. The climax of the film proved that everyone has a unique talent which is not the same as other, as in the art competition the other faculty members and a few student couldn't paint appropriately like Nikumbh Sir or Ishaan had done, however, this doesn't imply that they don't have any talent, or they can't-do anything in their life, they might be talented in some other fields.
  • ubibik19 August 2017
    Exceptional and emotional. Educational and interesting
    On rare occasions are movies and stories written to enlighten the audience about the challenges that 'special' (physically or mentally challenged) kids face. This movie gives a detailed, an emotional appealing insight and journey into education as well as solutions to challenges these kids face. It's a great movie
  • s-850421 August 2017
    This movie is absolutely heart-wrenching and emotionally compelling. The fact that the movie addresses a major problem seen in India increases it's relatability to viewers. The acting is great, and is one of Aamir Khan's best films. Darsheel Safary, child actor and the main character Ishaan, did a very good job and his acting is very emotional. All in all, an amazing film
  • aaronbir15 July 2017
    This movie was so good and entertaining and it's really amazing somehow What a wonderful storyline brilliant direction by Aamir khan Aamir khan does well and darsheel is superb as the protagonist other were superb Great songs and this movie very entertaining screenplay good editing fine Overall 9/10
  • Thomas Drufke27 June 2017
    Every Child is Special
    I'm not always a fan of the Bollywood style of filmmaking: overrun with musical montages and exaggerated dialogue and acting. But 'Like Stars on Earth' is a magical film about the magnificent abilities that children have, even when all the odds are against them. With a story as powerful as this one, it doesn't matter where or how the story is told.

    Luckily, most of the Bollywood clichés actually enhance the film experience. Being such an integral part of the story, the soundtrack and score complement the film wonderfully. Each song aligning nicely with the film's dramatic but hopeful tone. Admittedly, having a rap song play over Ishaan's family getting dressed and ready for the day is a bit jarring, but the songs that play after Aamir Khan appear are nothing short of enchanting.

    This film is about a dyslexic child who has basically given up on school as no one seems to think he's worth anything. His father beats him for goofing off and all of his teachers scold him for not being able to do the simplest of tasks. So, Ishaan finds his way to a boarding school where he meets Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan) who may change his life forever. Everybody had that teacher who changed the way you approached school and perhaps even life itself, which is why I thought this movie was so effective. There's nothing more gratifying than watching someone struggling to find their way, only to have one uniquely suited person put them back on track.

    It seems so simple but coming from a teaching background, I'll be the first person to say that it can be nearly impossible to connect with someone who doesn't want any help. However, when and if that connection is made, it's possibly the most fulfilling thing a person can do. Aamir Khan captures these emotions perfectly near the end of Like Stars on Earth. I don't think I'll ever get the image of Ishaan's father breaking down into tears out of my head. There's some really powerful stuff here.

  • Randi20 June 2017
    Child abuse
    Warning: Spoilers
    Good movie and I strongly recommend to see, but be forewarned that you will have to watch a child be severely emotionally abused for what feels like an hour. You will cry so have a box of tissue ready. However, it leaves a lasting impression, truly teaching and creating awareness regarding the behaviors, sufferings and intelligence of children with dyslexia. It's nice, for a change, to have an inspiring example of someone (the art teacher) who not only cares but takes action to help. This movie will surely influence change in society. I give it 8 rather than 10 because it was a bit overdone, contrived.
  • priyalsharma23 April 2017
    Amazing Work. Keep it up!!
    I wish I could describe how incredibly amazing this movie is.I have always admired Amir's work. Everything from songs to acting was simply outstanding. Its hard to put in words how i felt after watching the movie. It's good that bollywood still hasn't lost its charm. excellent work. Loved it.
  • mujahidalikhan27 January 2017
    All in all, I'd say go and watch the film.
    any times has there been a movie you could really relate to? How many times has it happened that you've seen a character on the screen that reminds of something that you've been through in your life? As I saw Ishan (Darsheel Safary) today, I felt, somewhere deep within that that's me.

    Notwithstanding the slight retard nature, dyslexia and bad academic performance, the character of Ishan really made me remember my childhood today. I remember I was something like him as a child.—creative and imaginative. And my imagination always went unappreciated. I used to curate gibberish – just like he did. I painted, I dreamed and I fantasized about different things. So I feel writer Amol Gupte and director Aamir Khan (what a wonderful debut!) have picked an incredibly moving story. Frankly, I am not easily moved by movies. Not even the greatest tearjerkers have managed to "move" me, but for a moment I was stunned. Is this really happening to me? Am I trying to cry? In fact, the scene where Ram (Aamir Khan) walks into Ishan's room and discovers a score of sketches and drawings, it made me feel like somebody had in fact, opened my closet and discovered my secret childhood fantasies (Believe me, I still have them.) This movie will surely engage all those who have had similar incidents in their lives. That's for sure. I am moved. I love this film. I don't know and I don't care how this film does in the box office but let me tell you don't watch this film if you're looking for regular boy meets girl story. Don't even skip this film thinking it's children's movie – no it isn't. In fact, Taare Zameen Par is a movie potentially targeted towards parents. But if you think you too have undergone similar childhood conflicts and lived a life where the people around you refuse to appreciate your fantasies, then definitely go for it. TZP mirrors many of those people's lives that looks just plain and simple but those who compromised their dreams for the sake of the earthly existence.

    Okay, enough of fantasies. Technically, writer Amol Gupte delivers an A Grade script. Aamir Khan shows his talent not just as an actor but a very versatile and intelligent. Oscar Wilde, Leonardo day Vinci and Sally Gardner were hardly ever heard of in Hindi cinema before this. The writer just does not deliver a well written script but also his knowledge of research (which other filmmakers hardly ever do!) Musically, it's two-thumbs up for Shanker Ehsaan Loy. The title song is fascinating. Maa and Jame Raho combine talents in all respects- music, words and voice. The production design is superb. Not for a moment you feel anything is fake. They even managed to squeeze in some quick visual effects and animated scenes. They're there to add another dimension to great story telling. The casting is good and well justified. Little Darsheel steals the show.
  • Takethispunch18 December 2016
    must for all parents
    Warning: Spoilers
    The film explores the life and imagination of Ishaan, an 8-year-old dyslexic child. Although he excels in art, his poor academic performance leads his parents to send him to a boarding school. Ishaan's new art teacher suspects that he is dyslexic and helps him to overcome his disability. The film made its theatrical debut in India on 21 December 2007, and UTV Home Entertainment released a DVD for Indian audiences in 2008. Disney's later release of the international edition DVD marked the first purchase of distribution rights for an Indian film by a global company.

    Taare Zameen Par has received numerous awards, including the Filmfare Best Film Award for 2008 and the 2008 National Film Award for Best Film on Family Welfare. It was India's official entry for the 2009 Academy Awards Best Foreign Film, but did not progress to the short-list.
  • Aashrit Parvangada8 November 2016
    An Emotional Film, but High Repetition
    The film had some very sympathetic characters and others completely unsympathetic. While the emotional impact of the film was wonderful, I think that it danced around the same beats over and over again. After a point, I was thinking "I get it, let's move on with the story." One important note to mention is that it only repeated the same beats ever so slightly, making up for it with its emotional connections from characters. I also felt like many of the film's villains were painted to be completely cardboard baddies, including Ishaan's dad and many of the teachers, who I expected to have more depth of character. If the first act had been shortened down a lot and if the second act had condensed the forces of antagonism into a character who we could explore more, the film would definitely be the better for it.
  • maher-835588 August 2016
    All about children's life
    "Taare Zameen Par" is impressive and emotional movie from "Aamir Khan" & his team. It was creative, beautiful, and intelligent. This film is about childhood, dreams, love, about the joy of small things.This is film that will make you cry,make you laugh and make you love every moment of it.

    "Taare Zameen Par" is a movie about the lives of children and their parents' expectations. In this movie, a eight- year old child Ishaan wants to live in a world full of happiness and dreams that no one else seems to appreciate. Nowadays, adults are much more interested in competition in academics, sports etc. Ishan, however is least interested.He does not seem to get anything right and has failed twice in third class itself. When his parents consider that he is now getting out of control, he is admitted to a Bording School where he would learn to be disciplined. But, this however makes the situation, even worse.One day, a new art teacher Nikumbh is recruited who inspires the students and fills them with joy and optimism. He tries to change the rules of school and helps the students by learning them to think, dream and imagine. Nikumbh soon realizes that Ishaan is not comfortable. He meets Ishaan and believes that he has a solution that can change his life. He sets out to discover the reason behind the condition of Ishan . With time, patience and care, he ultimately helps Ishaan to find himself.

    This movie has done an excellent job for all those who are creative but not good in academics and other conventional fields. "Taare Zameen Par" -is the most beautiful movie that I have ever seen. It is a film about love, childhood, dreams, emotions, creativity and enjoying life.This movie is about the reality of parents' expectation. This movie really hits you in the heart. Most Parents, especially in India, want to make his/her child to either a doctor or an engineer. According to them, this is what a child's' life is all about. It delivers a great message and has opened eyes of millions of parents around the world. Aamir Khan does an amazing job as the teacher. He is truly a great actor. Also, a nice performance by the eight year old would make you fall in love with him. He turns out to be such an amazing actor that one feels the same emotion that the character, the child feels.
  • jameslinton-752522 May 2016
    Not amazing, but still a good film
    I've only seen a few Bollywood films in my time, but I wouldn't rate this as one of the better ones. It's a good film, don't get me wrong, but it isn't great. It engages with sensitive issues and is very touching. I loved the visual style of the film-I thought it was really creative and perfectly portrayed the mindset of the dyslexic protagonist Ishaan. But I didn't like all of the song numbers. I found them cheesy and unengaging. They hurt the viewing experience of the film for me, which is a shame, as otherwise I really did enjoy Stars on Earth.

    Read my full review here:
  • skyisthelimit9254 March 2016
    Inspiring and a must-watch for pretty much anybody
    If there would be a top 3 list for Bollywood films, i would definitely give a place for this movie in that. Not only it inspires not giving up and everybody being special, the screenplay goes on fluidly and it's really well-executed. Darsheel Safary almost single handedly carries the movie and plays his role perfectly.

    The musics are absolutely perfect. They won't address to everyone as they might sound a little bit weird but i think they are perfectly created.

    Some scenes are too dramatic as it is so hard not to drop one or two teardrops but i guess it's not that big of a problem.

    A cut out film for those who don't believe in themselves.
  • MisterWhiplash2 March 2016
    has its heart squarely in the right place and some very good dramatic scenes... until it doesn't
    First off, Aamir Khan deserves credit for trying to shed light on what I'm sure is a problem in India. As it was when I saw 3 Idiots and had to take the movie's word for it about the problems with suicides, I had to also take it that in this case, Like Stars on Earth, there's no real perception from teachers about dyslexia and other cognitive disorders (the young boy in this story, Ishaan, played by Safary, is this kid, and I have to wonder if he also had un-diagnosed ADD and/or aspergers, the latter being more about social awkwardness which Ishaan also is). In the United States its something that gets tackled when kids are very young in schools - and, of course, even in the lamest public schools there's a guidance counselor of some sort, which seems to be a deficiency in the schools depicted here - so I can understand why it would be something to shine a light on. And, as a first time director, Khan is very good at drawing out (mostly) strong performances from his actors, even if they only have a few minutes of screen time.

    I know you're waiting for the 'but' with all this (hence why it's a 6/10 and not higher, as I was hoping for), however I'll give some praise before I get to that. The first hour or so of this movie is actually quite compelling; there's only one or maybe two musical sequences, though they don't really POP out the way that other Bollywood movies seem to (there's one sequence, where we follow Ishaan as he wanders the city in a daze as he cuts classes, unsure what to do with himself, and it is actually very interesting just in the little details of what he comes across are striking). There's melodrama, but it unfolds as a character study first and foremost.

    It's a simple enough set-up, and I think the idea is that many in the audience could or will be able to actually identify with Ishaan: he's the day-dreamer, staring out the window in class, and not necessarily always fitting in with what's expected. He doesn't have what US kids might have like, say, Ritalin or other drugs to pump up for attention. His imagination is much freer than that, and the child actor playing him is a joy to watch, whether he's being cheeky or angry or glaring or really having to pull out the water-works, which is what happens especially when he is sent off by his (to say the least) uptight father to boarding school.

    Where the movie kind of gets into being not as strong is ironically with the (first time) director and other star: Aamir Khan. He is wonderful as far as the writing lets him be, which is kind of like as the perfect, super-open-minded type of teacher and bursts into the film almost like some wild and crazy clown for his students. It's also the one truly obnoxious Bollywood-musical type of number, though made somewhat interesting by Ishaan being quiet/depressed at his desk. It's from here that Like Stars on Earth hits its message home like a sledgehammer - which is frustrating since Khan is still delivering very well as an actor, and it's kind of heartwarming to see a kid really start to learn and grow (which is not unexpected, you can see the plot a mile away).

    But there's a lot of moralizing and preaching in the second half that, while always with the best of intentions, drowns out some of the stronger, simpler drama that was unfolding in the first hour/sort of the first half of the movie, where we also got to see more variety in Safary's performance. After a certain point he just becomes a sobbing/catatonic mess, or a cheerful-happy sort of guy, and worst is his father who is so one-note until he grows one other note and sticks with that (the Parent-Who-Won't-Understand-Until-It's-Jammed-Down-His-Throat cliché, which exists I'm sure).

    Some of the music varies between tolerable (the guitar stuff as the giant, climactic painting event at the school is decent) and not so tolerable (you'll know it when you hear it). And lastly, I thought the reveal of Ishaan being a genius painter came slightly out of nowhere; we see a flip-book at one point, but not much else. It would be one thing if Khan showed the kid painting and no one recognizing it, but the first half is so front-loaded with the pain of not-recognizing letters and numbers that the art element comes as a surprise come midway through the movie.

    I wrestled with what I would give the movie, and in a way I give it a very slight recommendation, and if you know you love "feel-good" movies that ultimately deliver a strong, heart-felt message, have at it. But it's too long by at least half an hour/45 minutes for my own taste (and I know I might not "get" Bollywood, but this wasn't really as wild and crazy as a lot of them so the length wasn't as justified for the excessive musical numbers and so on), and there's wasted potential with what is deep down a very powerful message about education and understanding disabilities in a rational way.
  • esteban_dm230 December 2015
    Brilliant, unique and very emotional experience
    Wow, my debut in Bollywood couldn't have been more auspicious: I met Ishan, a very lovable young boy whose inner world we learn to know and appreciate within the extension of the movie. And what can I say about that art teacher that we all wanted to have? A marvelous character, overflowing with love as we can see. Besides these great characters, there's a super enjoyable soundtrack, with songs whose lyrics are perfect for the moment depicted in screen. More than one will defy you not to spill a tear.

    This film offers also a beautiful message of empathy, of seeing the other person's point of view, his perspective of things, his hardships and flaws, so we can understand his behavior and failures.

    Each one of us is talented in a very different way, so the same treatment to us all sometimes simply don't work. That's a reflection of my own I owe to this delightful movie, this rare jewel named TAARE ZAMEEN PAR.
  • Mike Garcia8 December 2015
    A small masterpiece
    Two years before Aamir Khan starred the masterpiece "Three Idiots" , he produced, directed and starred this other masterpiece that as "Three Idiots" covered the topic of education but in a deeper and touching way telling the story of Ishaan, a dyslexic eight year old kid, who his teachers and family are unable to understand until he meets a new teacher ( Aamir Khan) who will help him with his dyslexia problem and also will help him to develop his talented skills for painting...

    The film is simply perfect, it has some musical moments and just one musical number but is AWESOME and fits perfectly with the film, the kid who plays the leading role is fantastic and Aamir Khan is brilliant as always... The movie is almost three hours long but time passes so fast while watching it that you don't even notice...

    the touching story contains a very deep inner message , tells that education is not indoctrination and every child is special in its own way...Is sad to see how our educational system don't find for efficiency over results and leave out to those students who in some way don't blindly follow the established norms....

    Aamir Khan was the man who made me feel interested and love the Hindi cinema when I first watched "Three idiots" and this film just made me admire him even more...He is an awesome artist...

  • muvi-fan-7328 September 2015
    Portrays every human special, meant to bloom some or other day!
    Warning: Spoilers
    Taare zameen par is a story about a child played by Darsheel Safari who suffers from dyslexia. As a result of which he is unable to cope with daily life, during his early childhood. Improvement in his life is made by teacher played by aamir khan, who explains the problem to darsheel's parents and gradually puts in efforts himself to improve life of that poor child.

    Story is very emotional. Everybody associated with the movie has done a terrific job. Hats off to aamir khan for his direction and acting.. executing perfection as always. Darsheel is tremendous.. he shines because of the direction given to him.

    The story conveys message that we are humans meant to live like humans and not some bred animals. Every human being is different, grows at his own pace. To force someone into this competitive world to live upto others expectation is wrong. everybody deserves a proper environment as per his own needs and its duty of guardians to provide them something nearing that if not something which can be called as perfection.

    Yes I strongly recommend this film to everyone!
  • Mark Evison27 August 2015
    Fantastic Film
    This film is a very touching portrayal of the power of love and attention, one whose morality would help any parent and teacher live a little more happily and content should they watch it; That there's more to life than chasing dollars, and that everyone can excel at something, not necessarily the same thing.

    Superb casting and acting, especially from the young boy Ishaan, but overall it's the emotion, motivation and inspiration that shine through.

    First half could have been condensed somewhat, but overall a great film. Highly recommended. Again, Mr Khan is a real idol, one to whom the poseurs in Hollywood can only aspire. Top man
  • akm-5733027 August 2015
    A Little star on earth
    Warning: Spoilers
    TARE ZAMEEN PER This is a very beautiful,sensible movie made to teach all types

    of audience across the society. Almost every one's heart is

    touch by this movie.

    In This movie the main character is ISSAN AWASTI. He is a eight year old boy, who is struggling with his studies. But he is good at painting. Due to study problems his father decided to send him to a boarding school. As he is already struggling with studies so in school he feels very lonely and also then he stopped painting. In school he has gone bad to very bad condition. The reason that he is not good at studies is that he has a disease called 'Dyslexia' so he can't recognize the words in properly.

    The eight year old Darsheel Safary who is playing the character of Isshan is able to present the character excellently through perfect delivery of dialog, body language, expression and etc. The directors Aamir Khan, Amole Gupte, Ram Madhvani have putted scenes in very logic way. The work of all the casts is very good.
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