Eddie Edwards: Any tips then?

Bronson Peary: Don't die?

Terry: You name me one, one British ski-jumper!

Eddie Edwards: Me. Eddie Edwards. I'm gonna be the squad.

Bjørn the Norwegian Coach: Baron de Coubertin's words "the most important thing is not the victory but the struggle"

Eddie Edwards: I've been kicked off every team before I even got a chance to prove myself.

Eddie Edwards: [in the sauna, when asked if he has been jumping a lot] Since yesterday afternoon.

Eddie Edwards: [Walks into the sauna] I'm Eddie and I'm... my god nude!

Janette: 90 metres, what is that in feet?

Terry: Well, about 300


Terry: ... No, actually it's about 295


Terry: .

Janette: Oh my God.

Janette: He's gonna break his neck.

Terry: Oh, I'm gonna break his neck.