The Fires of Pompeii : Quotes

Donna Noble: [she and the Doctor have returned to find the TARDIS missing] You're kidding. You're not telling me the TARDIS is gone?
The Doctor: Ok.
Donna Noble: Where is it?
The Doctor: You... told me not to tell you.
Donna Noble: Don't get clever in Latin.
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Donna Noble: You fought her off with a water pistol. I bloody love you!
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[the Doctor and Donna think they're in Rome]
Donna Noble: Have you been here before, then?
The Doctor: Mmh, ages ago. Before you ask, that fire had nothing to do with me. Well, a little bit.
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Caecillius: Who are you?
The Doctor: I am... Spartacus.
Donna Noble: And so am I.
Caecillius: Mr. and Mrs. Spartacus?
The Doctor: Oh, no no no, we're not married.
Donna Noble: [overlapping the Doctor] We're not together.
Caecillius: Oh, brother and sister? Yes, of course, you look very much alike.
The Doctor/Donna Noble: [looking at each other; surprised and a bit disgruntled] Really?
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Lucius: Is that so? Man from Gallifrey.
The Doctor: What?
Lucius: The strangest of images; your home is lost in fire, is it not?
Donna Noble: Doctor, what are they doing?
Lucius: And you, daughter of... London!
Donna Noble: How does he know that?
Lucius: It is the gift of Pompeii, every single oracle tells the truth.
Donna Noble: But that's impossible.
Lucius: Doctor, she is returning.
The Doctor: Who is? Who's she?
Lucius: And you, daughter of London, there is something on your back.
Donna Noble: What's that mean?
Evelina: Even the word Doctor is false. Your real name is hidden, it burns in the stars, in the cascade of Medusa herself. You are a Lord, sir. A Lord of Time.
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Caecillius: [seeing the volcanic eruption] The great god Vulcan must be enraged! It's so volcanic! It's like some sort of... volcano! All those people!
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Donna Noble: Hold on a minute.
[points at a sign]
Donna Noble: That sign over there is in English. Are you having me on? Are we in Epcot?
The Doctor: No, no, no, no. It's the TARDIS translation circuits, makes it look like English. Speech as well. You're talking Latin right now.
Donna Noble: Seriously?
The Doctor: Uh-huh.
Donna Noble: I just said seriously in Latin?
The Doctor: Oh yeah.
[she laughs]
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Donna Noble: What time does Vesuvius erupt? When's it due?
The Doctor: It's 79 A.D. 23rd of August; which makes Volcano day-tomorrow.
Donna Noble: Plenty of time. We can get everyone out, easy.
The Doctor: Yeah, except we're not going to.
Donna Noble: But that's what you do. You're the Doctor. You save people.
The Doctor: Not this time. Pompeii is a fixed point in history. What happens, happens. There's no stopping it.
Donna Noble: Says who?
The Doctor: Says me.
Donna Noble: What, and you're in charge?
The Doctor: TARDIS, Time Lord-yeah!
Donna Noble: Donna, Human-no! I don't need your permission. I'll tell them myself.
The Doctor: If you stand in the market place, announce the end of the world they're just gonna think you're a mad ol' Soothsayer. Now come on; TARDIS, we're getting out of here.
[takes off down the road]
Donna Noble: Well, I just might have
[shouts after him]
Donna Noble: something to say about that, Spaceman!
The Doctor: [shouts back] Oh, I bet you will!
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Lucius: The prophecies of women are limited and dull. Only the men folk have the capacity for true perception.
Donna Noble: [partly to herself] I'll tell you where the wind's blowing right now, mate.
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[as Donna lays tied to a sacrificial alter]
Spurrina: The false prophet will surrender both her blood... and her breath.
Donna Noble: I'll surrender you in a minute. Don't you dare!
Spurrina: You will be silent!
Donna Noble: Listen, Sister. You may have eyes on the back of your hands; but you'll have eyes on the back of your head by the time I'm finished with you! Let me GO!
Spurrina: This prattling voice will cease, forever!
[raises her knife to finish it]
The Doctor: [sardonically] Oh, that'll be the day.
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Donna Noble: Where are we going now?
The Doctor: Into the volcano.
Donna Noble: No way!
The Doctor: Yes, way.
[spins water pistol around finger]
The Doctor: Have it your way.
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Donna Noble: [after the Doctor goes back to save Caecillius & his family] Thank You.
The Doctor: Yeah.
[pause, he works with dials on the TARDIS; finally looks at her]
The Doctor: You were right. Sometimes I need someone.
The Doctor: Welcome aboard.
Donna Noble: Yeah.
[both smile at each other]
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Donna Noble: What if I said something in actual Latin? Like, "Veni, vidi, vici"? My dad said that when he came back from football. If I said, "Veni, vidi, vici," to that lot, what would it sound like?
The Doctor: I'm not sure. You have to think up difficult questions, don't you?
Donna Noble: [excited] I'm gonna try it!
Stallholder: A'ernoon, sweetheart. What can I get ya, my love?
Donna Noble: Um, "Veni, vidi, vici."
Stallholder: Huh? Sorry?
Stallholder: [slowly and loudly] Me no a-speak Celtic. No can do, missy.
Donna Noble: [sarcastically] Yeah!
Donna Noble: [to The Doctor] How's he mean, Celtic?
The Doctor: Welsh. You sound Welsh. There we are. Learnt something.
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[When The Doctor or Donna talk to the Pompeiians, foreign phrases are not being translated into Latin]
Caecillius: [discussing a prior earthquake] After the great earthquake 17 years ago... An awful lot of damage, but we rebuilt.
The Doctor: Didn't you think of moving away? On, no, then again, San Francisco.
Caecillius: That's a new restaurant in Naples, isn't it?
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Donna: I'm here.In Rome.Donna Noble in Rome.This is just weird!I mean, everyone here's dead.
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The Doctor: Cavaet emptor.
Caecillius: Oh, you're Celtic.
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The Doctor: [moving stone tablets] Put this one... there. *This* one... there. Uh, keep that one upside down. What have you got?
Lucius: Enlighten me.
The Doctor: What, the soothsayer doesn't know?
Lucius: A seed may float on the breeze in any direction.
The Doctor: Yea, I knew you were gonna say that. But- it's an energy converter!
Lucius: An energy converter of what?
The Doctor: I don't know! Isn't that brilliant? I love not knowing! Keeps me on me toes. It must be awful being a prophet, waking up every morning, "Is it raining? Yes, it is. I said so." Takes all the fun out of life.
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Spurrina: No man is allowed to enter the Temple of Sybil!
[Sybil was a soothsayer]
The Doctor: Oh that's all right.
The Doctor: Just us girls. You know, I met Sybil once. Hell of a woman! Blimey, she could dance a tarantella! Nice teeth... Truth be told, I think she had a bit of a thing for me. I said it would never last, she said "I know." Well, she would.
[to Donna, who is tied to an altar]
The Doctor: You all right there?
Donna Noble: [sarcastic] Oh, never better.
The Doctor: I like the toga.
Donna Noble: Thank you. And the ropes?
The Doctor: Eh, not so much.
[cuts her free]
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Donna Noble: But I'm history, too. You saved me in 2008, saved all of us. Why is that different?
The Doctor: Some things are fixed, some things are in flux. Pompeii is fixed.
Donna Noble: How do you know which is which?
The Doctor: Because that's how I see the universe. Every waking second, I can see what is, what was, what could be, what must not... That's the burden of the Timelord, Donna. And I'm the only one left.
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The Doctor: But who designed this, Lucius, hm? Who gave you these instructions?
Lucius: I think you've babbled enough.
The Doctor: Lucius, really, tell me. Honestly, I'm on your side. I can help.
Lucius: You insult the Gods! There can be only one sentence.
Lucius: [to soldiers] At arms!
[soldiers pull their swords on the Doctor, who backs away]
The Doctor: Oh. Morituri te salutant.
Lucius: Celtic prayers won't help you now.
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The Doctor: But, the soothsayers, they all consume the vapors, yeah?
Caecillius: That's how they see.
The Doctor: [putting on glasses and leaning into the hypocaust] Ipso facto.
Caecillius: [looking over behind the Doctor] Look, you...
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Lucius: There is nowhere to run, Doctor, and Daughter of London!
The Doctor: Now then, Lucius, my Lord Pyrovillian, don't get yourselves in a lava.
The Doctor: [to Donna, on "lather" pun] "In a lava"? No?
Donna Noble: [Donna gives a disdainful look] No.
The Doctor: No. But if I might beg the wisdom of the gods, *before* we perish: once this new race of creatures is complete, then what?
Lucius: My masters will follow the example of Rome itself! An almighty empire, bestriding the whole of civilization!
Donna Noble: But if you've crashed, and you've got all this technology, why don't you just go home!
Lucius: The heaven of Pyrovillia is gone.
The Doctor: What do you mean, "gone"? Where's it gone?
Lucius: It was *taken*! Pyrovillia is lost. But there is heat enough in this world for a new species to rise.
The Doctor: Yeah, I should warn you, it's 70% water out there.
Lucius: [contemptuous] Water can boil! And everything will burn, Doctor!
The Doctor: Then... the whole planet *is* at stake. Thank you. That's all I needed to know. Donna?
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Donna Noble: [outraged] You can't just *leave* them!
The Doctor: [bitter] Don't you think I've done enough? History's back in place and everyone *dies*.
Donna Noble: You've got to go back! Doctor, I am telling you, take this thing *back*!
[the Doctor pulls a control and the TARDIS shudders]
Donna Noble: [softly] It's not fair.
The Doctor: [softly] No, it's not.
Donna Noble: [crying] But your own planet, it burned.
The Doctor: That's just it. Don't you see, Donna? Can't you understand? If I could go back and save them, then I would, but I can't!
The Doctor: [pauses] I can *never* go back. I can't. I just can't. I can't.
Donna Noble: Just someone. Please.
Donna Noble: [sobbing] Not the whole town. Just save someone.
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Caecillius: [to Quintus] So, where were you last night, down the Thermopolium I bet, cavorting with Etrusci, Christians and all sorts?
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