Dr. Ouelet: We cling to memories as if they define us, but they don't. What we do is what defines us.

The Major: You are not defined by your past, but for your actions...

Aramaki: Don't send a rabbit to kill a fox.

The Major: Everyone around me, they feel connected to something. Connected to something, I'm not.

The Major: They created me. But they can not control me.

[repeated line]

The Major: I am Major Mira Killian and I give my consent.

Batou: [upgrades to his eyes] I guess I see like you now.

The Major: [flips the bird] How many fingers am I holding up?

The Major: Well, maybe next time you can design me better.

Kuze: They did not save your life. They stole it.

The Major: They created me. But they cannot control me. They took my life. I'll take my revenge.

The Major: This is Major. I'm on site.

Dr. Osmund: I'm human. I'm flawed. But I embrace change, and enhancement. Now there's nothing I can't do, nothing, nothing I can't know, nothing I can't be. I want you to listen to something.

child: child singing in French

Dr. Osmund: It's my 4 year old daughter. The time it took her to sing that lullaby she learned to speak fluent French.

Dr. Ouelet: Hello Mira. I'm Dr. Ouelet. Do you remember anything about the attack?

The Major: What happened? I was... I was drowning. There was water.

Dr. Ouelet: That's right. You were on a boat, a refugee boat. It was sunk by terrorists.

The Major: Why can't I feel my body?

Dr. Ouelet: Mira, your body was damaged. We could not save that. Only your brain survived. We made you a new body. A synthetic shell. But your mind, your soul... your ghost. It's still in there.

Aramaki: You are more than just a weapon. You have a soul, a ghost. When we see our uniqueness as a virtue, only then will we find peace.

Cutter: She was supposed to have a clean brain. I order you to terminate.

Kuze: Everything they told you was a lie. You had a family. Remember that.

Dr. Ouelet: There was an attack. You were dying. We saved you and now you save others. You are the first of your kind, but you are not invulnerable.

The Major: Maybe next time you can design me better.

The Major: For someone who doesn't like people, how come you care about dogs so much?

Batou: I don't know. I like just strays and they like me.

The Major: They like you because you feed them.

Batou: You got no heart.