The Cabin in the Woods : Critic Reviews

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Jamie Graham Total Film
A super-entertaining, super-slick love/hate letter to horror with a final 20 minutes that's stunningly bonkers.
Joshua Rothkopf Time Out New York
Charmingly, like a throwback to the pre-Twitter age, here's a horror film that's been made with no reasonable way to discuss it beforehand.
David Edelstein New York Magazine (Vulture)
Is it scary? Not especially. But there are enough gory surprises around every bend to keep you laughing/screaming/cringing.
Dan Jolin Empire
Part "Evil Dead," part "The Truman Show," part "Arthur Christmas"... For horror hounds who love a larf, and those of us who always wondered exactly what that dry-ice stuff that rises out of the forest-floor moss is. A fun ride - but not quite a "Scream."
Rex Reed New York Observer
A creepfest so stupid it makes trashy slash-and-burn epics like "Humans Versus Zombies" and "I Spit on Your Grave" seem like Molière and Proust.

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