The Cabin in the Woods : Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity

Sex & Nudity: 3.5/10 Nothing too much. A girl's breasts are shown for a short amount of time. A couple makes out.

Violence & Gore

Violence & Gore: 8/10 The movie is gory and violent and the graphic scenes are realistic. A zombie like creature stabs a girl in the hand. ( blood is seen for a few seconds.) A girl is decapitated. ( the scene cuts off right before the girl's head is ripped off. Nothing graphic but disturbing.) A guy is stabbed with a bear trap in the back and he is pulled with it. ( Not graphic and gory at all but we see the bear trap on his back.) We see the main characters covered in blood. A guy jumps from a cliff with a motorcycle but crashes into a huge invisible barrier. ( Nothing graphic, no blood.) A guy is stabbed through the seat of the car by one of the zombie like creatures. His blood spalshes into a girl's face. ( Graphic and bloody.) A guy is stabbed in the back with a knife and we see him being pulled over by one of the zombie like creatures. ( We hear sounds of him getting stabbed multiple times but the scene cuts off.) Another guy is stabbed in the back with a bear trap and he is pulled up by the creature. A girl stabs a zombie like creature multiple times and blood comes out of it. A girl is beaten by one of the zombie like creatures. She pukes blood. ( We don't see it clearly, we just see it through a camera.) Numerous monsters come out of seperate elevators and they kill all the men in the room. ( The room gets covered in blood.) Numerous people are killed in gruesome ways. A guy is attacked by a group of monsters. ( We see some blood.) A guy is attacked by a monster called Merman. ( The monster sprays blood from a hole on it's body.) A woman is stabbed in the head with an axe. A girl is attacked by a werewolf. ( Bloody )


Only 10-15 uses of Fuck. Also uses of God and Hell bitch, and damn


Overall: 15 A character seems to be high through the entire film, as he is a parody of the "stoner" archetype of horror films. His marijuana use is referenced constantly throughout the film in a mostly comical light. - 12A/15

Frightening/Intense Scenes

The entire film is creepy and frightening. Many bloody deaths and scary-looking creatures. MPAA (USA) - Rated R for strong bloody horror violence and gore, language, drug use and some sexuality/nudity. BBFC (UK) - Rated 15 (strong gore, bloody violence, language, soft drug use).